About Us

For some time I was planning to come out with a portal like this but it wasn’t fully clear, what will be it’s name, objective etc.

I’ve visited US too. I found that the consumer hassles in a country like it are very less. In India there are plenty. Especially in India, due to lack of education, awareness & media – companies take consumers granted. Even more lack of laws, corrupt police, lax judiciary - a case can take 20 years to get some justice, finally all take toll of common man like us. Those who have access to Internet - keep searching for government laws, government portal to find some justice & help. But there aren’t. Government portals are dead, they are live sites with dead material. Those whose relatives are politicians, IPS, IAS they only get quick service & refunds.

My recent brush with Indiatimes Domains service was the last straw. Hence this site.

Although there are already many sites on consumer complaints what’s the different with this? The aim is a place where all Indians who have been cheated/harassed can come & join to form groups and chase the company legally or other means. This site isn’t the target of those who don’t have non-serious complaints.

This isn’t a place to vent out your anger and grudge against a company. Yes it is a right place to help others, ask for help, raise noise about your complaints - not go beyond it.

If you’re in anyway helped by this site then please indicate your gesture by pressing Facebook-like/G+1 in the top. We’ll also expand this site and add more Indian languages so that a fellow Indian from every walk can use this site. This isn't a requirement at all. Feel free to use it. You’re welcome!