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Dangerous Shampoo

"Sodium Laureth Sulfate" has been banned by Dubai government. It is actually a floor cleaner. It is used so as to produce more foam.
The following shampoos contain this element:

  • Body Soap
  • L'Oreal
  • Paul Mitchell
  • Palmolive
  • Vo5

Banned Medicines

The following medicines are banned in "advanced" countries. But India is poor and corrupt country where human life is dirt cheap.

  • D Cold
  • Vicks Action- 500
  • Actifed
  • Coldarin
  • Cosome
  • Nice
  • Nimulid
  • Cetrizet-D

Diabetes Patients/Food habits

  • Beware of sugar-free products( like "Sugar Free", Sacralose etc) which act as replacement of sugar. They are all cancer causing ultimately. Only Stevia has no side affects since it is extracted from plants and South Americans have been using it for 1000 years.
  • If you eat Burger, Pizza or bread items then it is same as eating that much amount of sugar.

Are you buying RO filter(Boiled water is not same as RO water)?

  • There are no laws in India to regulate filter standards. It means all of the RO's available in India are not fully able to remove bacteria/virus in water. Beware with RO's or any filter as due to problems in the water filter you may be drinking impure water and you may not know unless it is thoroughly investigated. My Aquaguard RO malfunctioned two times and we were drinking impure water both the times. Once the water valve stopped working and next time drain water got pumped within filter drinking water itself. Recently a study was done by a government department which found no water filter passes minimum acceptable standard in India but it was later suppressed by political pressures.

Chinese Toys

Those having children, beware almost all cheap toys contain high amount of toxic heavy metals like lead etc which when ingested by children causes low IQ and many other problems in varying amount. Yes never buy any Chinese good for children who have habit of sucking.

Buying Insurance

Never buy insurance from private players. Private players are always ready to reject your insurance claims for one reason or the other. This is not with LIC. LIC pays almost 99% of claims while private players give to only around 75% of claims.

Buying Mediclaim

  • Always clearly mention all pre-existing diseases and problems before taking policy even though all pre-existing may be covered after 2,3,4 years of you policy.
  • It is common gimmick for mediclaim and medical insurance agents that since all your pre-existing are covered after 2,3,4 years of continuous renewal of policy you need not take pain of even mentioning you preexisting diseases in the application form. Horribly even some private company employees are also doing this openly. Never trust them. Your claim will be stopped right on time for falsifying application.
  • If you are 40+ or even 50+ take precaution that your policy does not get lapsed due to delay in renewal of your mediclaim. Do you know that if a person with age 50 forgets to renew policy on time, then it is like a lottery win for the mediclaim company since all through the young age this person paid the insurance premium when there was hardly any risk of hospitalization. And when the time of old age arrives and also time of claims then the policy is lapsed giving company tremendous profit from giving claims during old age.
  • Preferably buy mediclaim policy from PSU companies only and I like United Insurance's better than other state players.


Organic Food

  • Never buy "organic" food and vegetables in India. It'll contain even more pesticides than other food and vegetables. There is no law and time in India to punish people cheating this manner.
  • Try to buy cheap rice, wheat and vegetables as they will contain less of pesticides and high grade fertilizers and chemical. It means buy dull looking tomato than a shining tomato.

Refined Oils

I want to caution all those who buy refined oils like Saffola for better health but in the longer run (20 years) you'll be jeopardizing your health with these specially modified artificially generated oils.

Loans(Personal/Home/Vehicle/Gold etc)

Never take loan from private banks. Always take loan from PSU banks. I personally recommend SBI. PSU banks don't give home loan for risky properties but private banks do risking your own life long investment, in case you lose the land. PSU banks have full transparency and least greed in earning. I took personal loan from SBI @ 13% interest and paid back in full after 2 months without any prepayment penalty!

Credit Card

Try to go for a credit card which gives you 0 reward points. You save yourself from over-spending. Banks know very well that they will earn from reward points at the loss of over-spending by customer. Reject/close card above Rs. 30-50k credit limit. Try to use cash/debit card/netbanking for payments. If you must use it then try to use E-Card for online transaction. That is for using my HDFC credit card login I can create new credit card numbers for any denomination which I can use in internet. The unused sum automatically expires after a few days.

Another hidden secret is to lower you maximum credit limit to save you from frauds which sometimes are unavoidable. Write a letter to them saying that you've been fired from job and are in financial trouble and ask them to lower it. They'd happily oblige you

Beware that SBI Credit Card is managed by a private company and not by SBI itself. So taking SBI Card is not similar to availing other services from SBI.

Are you paying interest on Credit?

If you carry over your credit amount in your credit card, first of all it's worst proposition since it costs you around 24%/annum. I was having Citibank credit card and given my good credit history it offered me 1.5% per month instead of 2%/month.


You buy branded honey! Do you know in the current world honey-bees are subjected to high dose of antibiotics to generate more honey and keep them disease free?

Packed Fruit Juices

Their place belong to dust bin. They are more harmful than useful. They are boiled at high temperature to kill bacteria/virus so that packed juice does not decompose. You're drinking boiled juice with added sugar to your take with added negligible vitamins so that the companies can write on juice pack and impress you. It'd be much better to extract fruit juice in your home, cook it in your cooker at 110 ° Celsius, add sugar and serve it chilled!

Microwave Pop Corn causes cancer

Just click on this link to see yourself. Also search in Google "Pop corn lung cancer" to believe it.


Complaint regarding deficiency in service at branch level


Shri M Rajeshwara Rao

Banking Ombudsman

Reserve Bank Of India Bulinding


Dear Sir,

Kindly reference to my SB A/c No. 05320101046461 at corporation bank at branch preet vihar delhi.

I have suffered a penalty at near about 2500 rupees due to reemergence of bank officer.

Detail in respect of it is enclosed herewith.

Cheque No. 514751, 514752, 514754

Xolo - Hangig , Heating & Auto restart problem

Dear XOLO Team, I Purchased Xolo Q600s mobile. At present it is under Warranty and under Repair in company. problem facing like hanging heating and calling time automatic switch off for the same problem previously it was in repair with seven time . Again for the same problem . IMEI no 911370850148094 /911370850148102 worksheet no 310001203742 xolo service centre code 1300502

Nor Received canceled Ticket Money

I Ashwani Kumar Presiding of District Gaya of Bihar had booked a Ticket for 3 persons of the Train 123211 HWH Mumbai mail at 10:00 PM from Howrah to Gaya on Dated 05/03/2015.My PNR No.of the ticket was 6138401000 & Transaction no was 100000178248747 Booking date was 23/02/2015.For late the train We could not journey of the ticket.Our Journey was next train 12307 HWH Jodhpur Ex. at 11:40 PM of same date.My New Ticket PNR No was 6738546755 dated 05/03/2015 at 10:02 PM.For Refund my old Ticket Price i have already a TDR File to IRCTC The TDR Reg.No was CCR110315W55846 Cancelling ID-100000037606511 TDR Filing Date and Time 06th Mar 2015 at 00:38:44Hrs But The Feedback of TDR is ( Reason for Repudiate TDR: As per chart, passenger has travelled). We Suffered from IRCTC for the result of TDR File because without journey how it was tell passenger has travelled. Now we request you see my matter and arrange refund my without travelling ticket price.I should be Thankful to you if you follow my matter as early as possible.

Thanking you,

Cheating by SHOPCLUES.COM, displayed one and delivered another

I have booked a pack of 3/4th shorts on 10.02.2015 vide order no.37588103, by paying Rs.450/- on COD basis. The website displayed the product is from JOHN PHILIP COTTON brand (link: but surprisingly i have recd a roadside selling understandard items on 24.02.2015? (link of image: I am very much disappointed. However i further tried to contact the SHOPCLUES.COM, but failed to find their contact numbers and logged into their website & applied for return of the above said product on 25.02.2015. After that till today no money has been refunded and no proper solutions are provided.
Till date they are simply pulling the days and not refund the amount. The company is selling used/ second hand items in the name & display of new/ branded items..!!!! I have taken video footage of opening of of the parcel cover. And i wanted to take necessary action on the SHOPCLUES.COM for the cheating in which they engaged to display a branded new item and delivering a second hand item to the customer on the value of Discounted/ big offer Price. also have written in its website that all products are genuine but i think our government shuld do something by which a website like cant make a fool to people by sending fake products.

Received a fake mobile and the sellers are denying to return

I ordered a Xiaomi Mi Touch Screen Android Phone in in Dec 2014 and I received the product on Dec 19th 2014. Later I realised that the mobile I received is a fake product and not of Xiaomi's. I tried to call the customer care
but they are not taking the complaint. Even the specs of the phone I received are not matching with those mentioned in the website. Now the battery is not getting charging. Since it is a fake mobile the service centers are not taking it for repair. So please consider this complaint and make the company take some proper action about this complaint.
K.Anil kumar.

0% Interest loan Against Insurance policy

Dear Sir,
I have received call from Noida He told me that his name Mr Deepak kumar working for Future Insurance this Insurance co providing loan against Policy company will not charge any Interest on loan amount but company keep your policy with them and all benefits of policy will kept by the company so that company will not charge any interest processing fees etc. to you and he told me that this is doing thorough NGO, such as club India, standard life, reliance etc. He ask for documents like Pan card, photo id, and address proof I send it through mail and they send me bank details to deposit Rs. 15000/- I need of money so i deposited money In there co. accounts they promise that within 7 working days loan amount will be transfer to your account as company name account and current a/c I deposited money to that a/c now there are asking for more money I think i under stand that i have been cheated I have deposited In A/c 235605500035 ICICI bank ( A/C Indian Club )IFSC code 0002356 New Delhi branch, Standard life care A/C 003705500477 IFSC code 000037 Icici Bank br. preet Vihar Pin.110092 I was speaking to Vipul Mehara, Abhshek Agrawal and others Giving here with Phone no on which i had conversation with these people
+91931265522,+919350360432,+918470043631,+9350360024 i have some mail documents, deposit receipt with me kindly help me out to recover this Money and to stop this type of cheating to people I can provide mail document send by them and deposit receipt for Investigation,
I hope you will help me out in this matter
Awaiting your Reply

Thanking you
Atamaram Phatak

Fake promise and cheating --MTS WIFI Data card

Data card No: 9150674612 Account ID: 2807234160 I have bought MTS wifi datacard 1 year back. The executives explained the speed(upto 21.1 mpbs) and futures and i was really impressed and bought it immediately. When i start using it i was really disappointed because speed never crossed 256 kpbs.i have raised no of complaints but no use. whenever i called customer care they replied that the problem will be resolved with in 22 hrs but they never responded after that. after some period of time they closed that without get confirmation from me. So i got irritated and stopped payment then they called me and asked me to pay. I explained everything then they promised me that now the line is deactivate mode so we can not do anything so please make the payment once the line comes to active mode we will resolve your problem within a day. I believed their words and made payment after some day i realised it is also fake. i called the concern person who promised me to collect money and asked him what happened? he replied that if you have any problem you have to contact customer care and raise complaint. He used abused word also. Complaint Nos: JUL/11324 AUG/7893, 11135, 2732, 2938, 3147, 6130 These complaints are closed without providing solution. Now the advocate threatening me that the case filed in Delhi court and i have to go there pay the bill amount so i decided to file complaint against MTS in Consumer court. please guide me

Not conditioned for New Hero Pleasure Scooter

I have purchesed the New Hero Pleasure scooter from Dyuthi Motors Pvt Ltd, JayalakshmiPuram, Hunsur Road, Mysore-570012, As on 21 Jul 2014. When i have purchesed the vehicle till times is a starting problem for the vehicle. Near about i am purchese the vehicle go to running 6 months, this period i will pushed the vehicle and taken go to the showroom and repaired for 12 times. After repaired 4 to 5 days running the vehicle correctly then after same as starting problem. When i will ask with technician no problem , we already repaired to your vehicle told him. But only for 3 to 4 running and then same problem coming to the vehicle. When i will purchesed the vehicle, many problem to me for a any time pushed the vehicle.
Please understand to my all problems and solve please.

Vehicle Details
No :KA 09 HB 3622
Chassis no : MBLJF16EHEGF09847
Engine No : JF16ECEGFO7245
Type of Vehicle : Hero Pleasure Motor Cycle
Colour : CSV

My Address
Mariswamy M, 2nd Cross, DoorNo 11/2, Vinayakanagar, Mysore-570012

Mob No : 9964933472, and 9538019177

no work proper broadband

i had no internet connection last 10 days.its a reliance brodband line problem.modem no show adsl and not ladline tones.and i call your excusitve and technician but they are not proper responding.last 5 days they ingore my call per call and taxt.
your jaipur zonal head mrs.pooja agrawal(9509099992)and rajasthan head navneet tiwari(7877270030) and mr saket (9782869187)and parbhu singh (81044599998) they replied me that they can"t solve this problem.and now they are black listed my no and some igoner my each call.

please solve out my problem.


Ram niwas Yadav
B-23 L.S Nagar naya khera vidhyadhar nagar

Faulty Mobile Handset-Samsung S3

amsung Galaxy S3 - Faulty Mobile Handset

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User BijuN on Sep 9, 2014
Dear sir/Madam I purchased a Galaxy S3 mobile phone on last january 12th 2013. The handset shows the problem of long duration of charging in the first week it self. Service center people do many things such as soft ware upgrade, repairing etc. On my next visit they replaced the battery charger. it has no problem for charging for a month It becomes faulty again.Also it has screen hanging and data net work problem.During this period I wrote 3 letters to samsung customer care. They informed me that Samsung escalation team will contact.I was waiting for a week.No one contact me. After some effort I got the samsung Kochi office phone number and cell no of Service Manager. Another 4/5 days of continues attempt I got Samsung Service Engineer(Mr. manu) and communicate. I understand that he all ready have details of my interactions with samsung customer care . He promised a call back within minutes.No one call me. I tried him many times on his mobile and office no. Again after 1-2 months same problem repeated.( Battery charging issue, Data net work problen etc)This time service manager of Samsung Service center manager asked me to meet BSM of Samsung in Kochi (He informed me that there is a chance of getting refunded because of repeated complaints). I went the Samsung office(Kochi) and met him (Mr.Bijoy) I explained the complaints and issue history. His reaction was very bad.He seems hesitated to hear. And he try to pretend that he could not understand what i say. Also he argued that time duration for charging the battery is not a problem.(It takes 7- 9 hours in switch off mode).He shouted me. Why all this happened in Samsung.Why the company encourage such irresponsible approach of your Franchisee service centers, company branch manager.Experience care center. It is quite natural that any device becomes faulty during its functioning. But this is repeated complaints. i have lot of experience with other LG, Nokia and Sony.But the approach from Samsung is very strange. Please check repairing history of my handset in your Service Centers. I received four charger from Samsung Service Center. And they inform each time they replaced motherboard or software. My S3 phone kept nearly one and half month in Service center in different occasions.Please tell me that whether you can compensate or not for my inconvenience caused? During my business traveling I hang up many hours due to the battery issues. Are you willing to compensate for that? I fed up by all means. please go through the previous communications had with you. I expect a responsible and ethical move from your side. I thought Samsung mobile India received a notice from Consumer court -Kochi in connected with my complaint. thanking you... Biju Narayanan Pavithram, Thevakkal, Kochi-682021 mob:9447031838 mail:bijunshelter [at] gmail [dot] com

Worst Food & Service in Pondicherry Shri Bhavan

Vasanth Rajan on Oct 23, 2014

Dear Sir, I went to have my dinner today at Shri Bhavan, Reddiyarpalayam, Pondicherry at 23/10/2014. Their service and food was very bad. Food Came more than Half an hour late after i ordered and tasted really so bad . When i asked the incharge he gave me no proper answer. Is this what i get for the money i pay. Atleast they should a gave me a proper reason and they really dont no to handle customers properly. Really worst food and service in my entire restaurant experience in Pondicherry.

Arnold Consulting Pvt Ltd - No salary provided to employess

Arnold Consulting Pvt Ltd - Bangalore
I worked in this company for one month but this company does not give me any salary.
As I was forced to left this company without any reason.
Company is not good at all.
Pathetic work environment.

Ebay cheated me

Hi All,

I request you never buy any products from ebay. I ordered a pen drive from Ebay and the mode of payment is done through credit card. And the product was delivered to some other person and in return they are least bothered about my product. I lost my money and hope on that.

So ebay is the worst of all and i request all you guys to think before buying a product in ebay.




I had bought SONY BRAVIA KDL40EX520 in Oct'11 and now, suddenly the screen has all gone green and magenta!!!

The service center says they charge Rs. 25000/- to replace the defected part. I claim that they replace it free of cost as we have already spent around 61K for the TV and it is not expected to be damaged so soon.

This has been an issue with many owners of Sony TV, and this is a manufacturing defect which should be corrected by SONY and not paid by the owners of Sony TV set.

This is breaking of belief by SONY, we buy their products because they ensure of problem free, best of best products.

Please consider this matter ASAP.

Thank you,

expired items

Stock of this item Men’s Haircolour “Just for Men”, quantity 144 purchased from
Elder Health Care Ltd. A-38/3,MIDC Industrial Area,
Patalganga, Village-Khaire,Taluka-Khalapur
Dist-Raigad 410220,
Through CSD depot Lucknow for s ale in unit run canteen in April 2011, out of which quantity 126 got expired in August 2012. The Unit had contacted the dealer number of times since May 2013 and asked them to take back the expired items and reimburse the cash of the product amounting Rs 33,035.94. However no positive repose from the dealer is forthcoming. You are requested to instruct the dealer to take the expired product back and reimburse the money to this Unit at the earliest, failing which due action should be initiated against the dealer.

Professional Courier Delay

Dear Sir,

We hereby inform you that we have been booked one docket in New Delhi to Bhusawal on dtd :- 24.12.2013 by air in professional courier docket no. is DEL 505999383. at the time of booking he said that within two days delivery. but today 30.12.2013 the courier was not received in customer.i will try to contact costumer care and professional courier office but they are not take any action.

in this how can i claim our amount and who is the responsible for this.

please help me.

Thanks with Regards

Ganesh Pandey

worst service of icici bank

Worst service from Icici bank - i gave letters to icici bank employess two times to change my account status from privilege banking to normal status but they didn't change my account till date. still they are charging me money every month for privilege banking services. if we call to icici bank customer service they are saying contact branch. but still no response worst service from icici bank. dont open account with icici bank. worst bank i have seen in my life they are cheating people and earning from us.

Faulty Product not rectifying though in warranty by STAR

I perchased a Juicer brand SHEFFIELD Classic from STAR CJ ON LINE vide order no 20130819047452 dated 19 Aug 2013.after Useing thric the juicer stoppeed working & when I contacted to STARCJ on phone then they refused to rectify it & gave a no of 022-26861235-36-37-38-39. When i contacted this no then they told me that there is no workshop in dehli so you brought this juicer to Goregaon BOMBAY.On my repeated request that it is not possible for me & you have to rectify at Delhi base.But till date nor STAR CJ nor company representation contact to me. It seems that I had waistage Rs 2000/- as no help line given any respose though I complaint it on Complaint on line dated sep 2013.

Train ticket is cancelled but amount is not refunded in account

First Ticket:-

Pnr Number : 2612613464
Transaction Id : 0743013340
Payment option : SBI
Total amount : 1031.24

Second Ticket:-

Pnr Number : 8216054064
Transaction Id : 0743018324
Payment option : SBI
Total amount : 971.24

unethical practices employed by big companies using third party

big parties now a days employe third parties to do their work. in case of problem they put all blame on third parties . Hitachi Home & life solutions (india) ltd. is one such company.
it had sold me an AC 1.5t, 5 star, this was providing low cooling since it was installed at my home (23rd june 2012) till now dated 3//07/13 this AC has neither been repaired/replaced by the company. now when iam preparing to go to consumer court they are saying that the piece shall be checked by companies mechanics because they do not believe on third parties mechanics. this is another way of delaying justice to consumers.
again big tv software supplying companies sell their goods/services thru third parties. all bills etc.goes by thethird parties name and money is pocketed by these big companies. big companies do not issue any contract forms, or any receipts towards customers.
one consumer paid one/ two years charges at one go.the company has not issued any document that they have received amount for providing service till so and so date. consumer do not have any document to show to the big companies. i request concerned authorities to issue fresh guide lines to such companies.

All my call details

Hello, sir/madam i am sheffy § i am using airtel sim i want to all my call details (recieve,dialled) till may 2011 to feb 2013. So plz its rqust u 2 please send me imijet simranverma12 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] in (e mail)

paid for SANDISK MICRO SDHC 4 GB MMC (item No: 14086719148

I had paid for SANDISK MICRO SDHC 4 GB MMC (item No: 140867191486) Micro SDHC Sandisk 4 GB memory card from Mumbai Mr.Amit in the site online shopping...he had send a fake memory card and i had made reverse shipment(Reverse shipment...made my end... .DTDC H07372827 thru dtdc courier...)...from then to till now no shipment received.... I herewith request be aware of the fake items from online shopping website...

Payment not made by HCL Technologies Limited

After attending the interview with Nithin Anthony (HR)nithina [at] hcl [dot] com Ph:080-40317855 at HCL Technologies Ltd, Surya Sapphire, Ground Floor, DC-4, Plot No: 3,1st Phase, Electronic City, Hosur Road,Bangalore-560 100. i submitted the all the air travel tickets for air travel reimbursement which they committed to be paid after interview from delhi to banglore ,total Rs.14000. till date no payment is done by them.

IRCTC cancellation money not returned

Hi sir/madam good morning,
This is Pratap , I have cancelled my irctc e-tickets, PNR no:8559233948 and 6606207969 on 10/10/2012. Till now amount not returned to my account. I am trying to contact to customer care but also not getting . Please sir take this issue seriously.

Pratap Chandra Nayak

looted by skin doctor

I am having some skin problem, so showed my self at trust hospital in Goregaon, to which skin specialist doctor asked me to see her in her private clinic for allergy test and she charged Rs. 3300 for the same saying biopsy will be done in trust medical centre.After allergy test she asked me to take injection every 15 days, cost of the same in medical centre is Rs.1500 each and if i got to her clinic its Rs. 850, she made me so scared like i am proned to very terrific disease. I suspected something wrong happening and consulted other skin specialist, he clearly mentioned that nothing to worry no need of any injection, the infection I am having is fungal infection and it is there on eveybodys skin, because of your immune capacity it increases or decreases, when I asked for what are the charges for allergy test he clearly said its max Rs. 250. The lady doctor cheated me and I want to register complaint against her and want my hard earned money back and she also needs to be penalised for the same. She made such a nobel profession a money making business.

Money deducted from my account but ticket not booked



Dt.22/07/2012 I AM BOOK TICKET KOPARGAON ( KPG ) TO AHMEDABAD ( ADI ) DOJ 19/11/2012 TRAIN NO.16502 Ahmedabad Exp.

more & more time problems IRCTC

Cash not received from ATM machine but amount debited from my ac

I am a account holder of SBI Lalganj, (Ajhara) Pratapgarh against A/C No 10679083005. On 3rd May 12 at about 1445 hrs I went to SBI ATM counter No S10A002566001 to withdraw Rs 5000/. I processed my ATM card No , the screen displayed ‘unable to process’. I re-entered my ATM card but machine was hang. At about 1524 hrs. I again processed my card at the same ATM counter to withdraw Rs 5000/. The machine did not emitted any money but ejected a slip imprinted Error 61 i.e Rs 40000 withdrawal. I immediately gone for mini statement from ATM and found that there were two consecutive withdrawal from my account (which was not done by me and neither I got any money nor ATM slip to this effect) but due to machine printing error the money withdrawn were not clear . A written complaint to this effect was submitted to Branch manager, Lalganj (Ajhara) Prathapgarh on 04 May 12 & 13 May 12 respectively.

On 10 May 12. The manager Mr. Ram Gopal informed me in writing that as per EJ report available with branch, there are tow successful transaction against my ATM card of Rs 20,000/- vide ATM slip No 1869 & 1877 in the span of 04 minutes and he can not provide any further information or he can not help further because EJ report is final & binding for him.

In view of the above I request the intervention of your office in this matter to recover my hard earn money at the earliest. The episode encountered is grab and unsatisfactory in regard to customers & SBI relation. Not responding satisfactory and irresponsible attitude shown by the branch manager is assumed as professional deficiency on the part of SBI branch.

Apart from the above the following is also need addressing:

(a) How can a transaction be made from ATM machine when Individual neither given his card nor disclosed his ATM code to any

(b) When the branch manager was asked to scan the video footage as to ascertain that I have not got any money why he refuse to do so.

(c) Although the ATM counter is in close proximity of Bank premises but ATM should be manned by an armed guard for the safety of the money and to put a physiological fear to the miscreants.

(d) As per Branch manager SBI Lalganj letter dated 10 May 12 the ATM slip No mentioned against two withdrawal of Rs 20,000/- is 1869 & 1877 where as on scrutiny of the slip of EJ report it is found that ATM slip for withdrawals are 1876 & 1877. It shows the manager interest towards the customer.

With the hope of sympathetic and favorable action

Uma Shanker Misrha

SBI "sms alerts"


I am a native of Coimbatore and I am having savings bank account in R.S.Puram branch.

Some time back I gave my mobile number to the bank for "sms alerts". Now I am getting sms alerts for my cheque transactions only.

I am not getting any sms alerts for the money which I take through ATM.
This is very important since if some body takes money from my account using ATM, I should get "sms alerts" in my mobile so that I can be vigilant and contact the bank and verify any fraudulent things are going on.

So "sms alerts" means "one should get message in his mobile number for the money taken from his account using ATM".

Without which there is no use of "sms alerts".


Indian railway has taken money two times for one Journey

My elder brother was having waiting list ticket from Howrah to Varanasi for three passengers we paid Rs.935 for that through website. When he boarded train (Poorva Express) on 20th Fem 2012 he was told by the Ticket Collector that this is invalid ticket and they need to pay full ticket charge with fine. They paid it. Is it normal how we can get the money refunded.