Getting cheated in broad daylight - how does it feel?

Earlier I was duped by Vian Infrastructure. Just because I did a full search in internet about Vian Infrastructure after I gave them my cheques, I grew suspicious of them and immediately blocked some cheques. Nevertheless I did lose (only) Rs. 20,000. Did I say only Rs. 20,000? It left deep scar on me. It is the same I feel when I "made" to pay Re 1 for 50 Paise for MO form in postal department, 1/2 of which is pocketed by Post Office personnel – cheated in broad day-light. In short it hurts everybody who loses hard earned money. I was quite luckly, there are plenty who lost anything from Rs. 40,000 to more than 12 lacs. There are plenty of investors who are NRI’s.

Second turning point came with my domain which I transferred for sometime with Indiatimes Domains. Later I transferred it to Godaddy. But still in February I received an email asking me to pay Rs. 499:

The following domain name(s) will expire in 5 DAYS:

Domain Name, Expiry Date, 2011-02-23

If the domain name(s) are not renewed during the next 5 days, they will stop working! This WILL affect all email and websites that use the domain. PLEASE RENEW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid disruption to your service.***

Thank you

I made the payment promptly only to find later that it wasn't with Indiatimes Domains. So I've been calling the two helpline numbers of Indiatimes Domains and just listening to some automated messages. Twice I sent an email to their customer care but no reponse. It's now June. I also found many such complaints against Indiatimes Domain - owned by Time of India group. Huh! Getting cheated in a daylight!

Update : I tried calling them again in last week August, 2011 and still same response, no customer care anywhere in sight!


cheating by country club

I was cheated of Rs 50000 by country club by giving untrue,fraudulent and misleading promise.

MTS Fraud?? Big question.......................

My name is Dipen with MDN No. 9153137352 . I have had many unsolved issues with MTS in the past but this time i thought i should let everyone know that what kind of business practice MTS is into fooling customers and taking advantage of our slow legal system.

I recharged my MTS wifi on 26th September with STV999 online which clearly till todays says, "999.00 0 STV 999 20GB UL (Speed upto 9.8 Mbps); Extra Usage >20GB at upto 64kbps) 30 Day. Today that is 7th October i realized my speed minimized it means i am not able to work due to very low speed wherein i called customer care where the representative mentioned that ," Sir, actually STV 999 is a plan wherein you can use high speed 10gb in the day and rest highspeed 10gb in the night that is after 12am in the night.I asked him how could i know that as a customer and asked for explanation wherein in i was put on hold for many minutes with the same answer twice and when i asked him what i was supposed to do , he stated that i could recharge but the 10GB night data would be collapsed.He also, said that i should call up customer care and ask if the information mentioned in their website is correct before recharging online from next time?????????????????????????????????????????????????(are you serious)

I can see there are many complaints in this forum.What i mean to say is actually customers are getting fooled by MTS in daylight.This has not happened to me once but twice with no resolutions but simply with answers like we are sorry for inconvenience. Don't customers in our country India have right for the information regarding the service provided by the company.Why is this happening? For how long? Its not a matter of few thousand rupees but its about the commitment the company gives , promises etc.MTS doesn't realize that it is jeopardizing its reputation and people will get away with these company slowly.I was wondering how many thousand crores MTS makes from this kind of malpractice.In this particular situation i lost around Rs 500 as i am compelled to recharge to do my work wherein my left 10gb data to be used in the night would be collapsed.Lets say around 20lack subscriber lost 500 in this particular plan that would make MTS around 10 Crore only by this particular malpractice.

Bottomline , why cant MTS keep its customer informed , does it have to cheat to survive and compete with other players? Its a big question.

Kind Regards,

Regarding Refunding Of Money

On Sep 27 2014 have got mail from elitmus like this that ur test has been postponed.

Dear Candidate,

This is to inform you that the pH test at Chennai scheduled on 28-Sep-14 is postponed to 05-Oct-14, Sunday, due to the unrest at Chennai, that has come out in the News.

As a responsible organisation we are worried about the safety of the test takers and the people involved in conducting the test. We would not want any untoward incident to happen to anyone, while travelling for the exam either.

Fresh Admit Cards for the 05-Oct-14 test will be generated by evening of 01-Oct-14, Wednesday. If you have not received the admit card by Wednesday, do get in touch with us on Thursday.

In case of any other kind of query, you can reply to this mail.

Team eLitmus

This mail is regarding the pH test that was scheduled to be held at Chennai on 28 Sep 2014, but was cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances.

In lieu of the cancelled test, you have been issued with a scholarship code worth Rs 920/- (equivalent to the test fees) . The scholarship code is a 12 digit Alpha-Numeric code and is available on your eLitmus account Dashboard.

You can use this scholarship code to apply to any test (date or location) of your choice which is scheduled to be conducted on or before 31 Oct 2014.

Also, we would like to inform you that in order to enable the candidates to take pH test on an early date and not miss out on the upcoming opportunities, we will be conducting a pH test at Chennai on 05 Oct 2014.

The steps to redeem scholarship code are as follows:
1. Log into your account. Go to "Tests" -> "All Tests" and apply to a test of your choice.

2. Then go to "My Tests" section and against your test application, you will find a link "Apply scholarship code"

3. Click on the link and enter the scholarship code given to you

4. Your fee will be automatically marked as "Paid".

5. Your admit card for the test will be enabled 2 days before the test date.

In case of any query, kindly get back in touch with us by replying to this mail.

Team eLitmus

Sep 29 2014 they sent me a mail that we have given u a scholarship code use that and pay money and have searched there was no option to pay and i called elitmus people mobile was not reachable and i have sent mail also they didnt reply and after 2 days they are calling me and saying you cannot get ur money u can reschedule ur test within oct 2014 but have paid two times fr writnig elitmus i need a refund of 920 RS.Please make a look into this and do the needful to me.

Cheated by AC dealer by giving a defected piece

The main purpose of the air condition unit(AC) is not fulfilled as It doesn’t provide the cooling at all. Since the installation, the AC is not fulfilling the very purpose of cooling.
I have purchased air condition unit from your shop AshaPura Electrolux Inverter split AC Model (EIS57.CDE1-CR) in Ghatkopar-E (Mumbai) four months before by giving full payment the same day along with the installation charges. the product is company seconds. The piece that is placed in display of showroom, claims the dealer
Installation took place only after 10days of the payment and since then the AC doesnt cool. Inspite of continous follow up with AC Dealer, he tried repaering twice but didnt help so finally when we forced for refund, he agreed for replacement. Its been 2 months since agreeing for replacement and neither replacement nor refund has happen. We want a refund and we have communicated to the dealer.

cheating,scamming amount of 5300/- for mr.ravindra

cheating,scamming amount of 5300/- for mr.ravindra and sinsinwar from bulandsahar(up)

I am in Chennai and I am make submitted to website and against I make registered processing charges paid amount of 5300/- date of Sep 17, 2013, name of person ravindra sharma and sinsinwar and from bulandsahar (up).email address: sharmaravindra290 [at] yahoo [dot] com, he is cheated amount totally 5300/- processing fee for purpose of complaints file registered and he asking more money against but after not any action and do not give amount of 5300/- should not give mobile no but he is looting person till not any refund.

Please help me solve the problem and refundable money.

cheating,scamming amount of 5300/- for mr.ravindra and sinsinwar

cheating,scamming amount of 5300/- for mr.ravindra and sinsinwar from bulandsahar(up)

I am in Chennai and I am make submitted to website and against I make registered processing charges paid amount of 5300/- date of Sep 17, 2013, name of person ravindra sharma and sinsinwar and from bulandsahar (up).email address: sharmaravindra290 [at] yahoo [dot] com, he is cheated amount totally 5300/- processing fee for purpose of complaints file registered and he asking more money against but after not any action and do not give amount of 5300/- should not give mobile no but he is looting person till not any refund.

Please help me solve the problem and refundable money.

Karbonn worst company

I purchased Karbonn Titanium S5 on September 19 2013. The handset I received was faulty, after contacting customer care I submitted it to service center on 6/ 10/2013. I didn’t receive any information from them. I even send them a legal notice on 26th of October. It’s almost 45 days that I haven’t received my handset and any information on that.
Karbonn is a pathetic company and their customer service and products are worst. They don’t just believe in money making and never thinks about delivering quality. I recommend everyone not to go for karbonn. It’s a total wastage of money.

+91 9818854408

cheated by micromax mobile

1. Jobsheet No. : N040679-0813-5118037 (27/08/2013) complain no.: 2808138525 2. Jobsheet No. : N040679-0813-5137387 (29/08/2013) complain no.: 2908139035 I have bought canvas4 of imei 911316300179098 on 16th august 2013. The phone was purchased from allahabad for use in bhatpar rani, deoria (pin 274702). It started giving trouble from 20th aug 2013. As micromax service center was not available at that location the same was brought to allahabad on 27th aug and was submitted to radio center. They returned the phone same day saying that problem has been resolved. When used the problem was not resolved and the phone was rebooting at certain interval automatically. The same problem faced from 20th aug 2013. The phone was again submitted to micromax service center "radio center" on 28th aug. Again they returned the phone same day after few hours stating that the same has been repaired. When used the problem was still not repaired, and the same problem "rebooting at certain interval automatically" was there. The phone was again given to radio center on 29th aug and also a complain was lodged on micromax helpline (complain no. 2808138525). The only thing after lodging the complain on micromax helpline happened is that radio center didnt returned the phone and kept it themselves stating that it will take 7 days to rectify the same. Today it is almost 15 days and when contacted to micromax helpline, they are saying it will take minimum 20 days more for repair to take place. Used only for 5 days and I have to submit it to micromax service center for more than 30 days thats to not guarantee, as per micromax customer care its the minimum period.

cheated by make my trip.

had booked a group package through make
my trip to thailand. my departure was on 16
i recived a mail on 1st week of july saying that
the tour is cancelled due to flight issue.
whn i asked the airline thy told thy dont hve
any issues as such.
Thy travel agency asked me for more money to
travel on the same date. whn i told i wont give
more thy told me to chnage the dates, n the
itenary also. i agreed to that also. but whn i
asked them to book thy told the seats are full.
Next day thy gve me the departure for 16 but
with different flights, whn i asked wat abt the
flight u hve mentioned in ur itenary thy told its
fare are higher, n thy cant book those tickets
n if i want to travel i hve to bear the extra
Thy were trying tp extract money from me by
any means.thy tried to harass me, n evn i was
not being able to concentrate on my work.
whn i had no option i had to cancel the
booking, n spoil my honeymoon.

harresment from lg electronics to cunsumer's

my self ayub shaikh residing at thane purshased an LG refrigerator from vijay sales thane was functioning well upto the warranty period ie 1 yr after 1 yr it started giving trouble of gas leakage from the gas line submerged inside the drain tray,
technician attended the complaint 4 day;s after it was regeistered said set 2 b call back at workshop 4 repairs no one turned up for 5 day;s company;s call centre was un able 2 resolve the complaint wid the service centre.
AS far complaint not resolve and service person demand;s 4 service charge & gas charging altough the product is just purchased on 08th of march 2011 the company dont seek 4 consumer inconvienence

The cheating takes place so

The cheating takes place so often in our day to day life that we seem to ignore it many times. for example, either you give gas delivery boy the full amount in change or he will not refund the change. You go to a shop and at the place of change he will give you one or two toffees whether you want to take it or not. (Although better than keeping the change)! Newspaper delivery boy will tell you that those extra rupees you gave it to him will be adjusted in next month bill, but that next month never comes.

Service centre numbers provided by a company on their website never works. should not it also comes under cheating?? Is it not a company's duty that as soon as they change the service provider or number they should update it on web site as well? But every time you have o run from pillar to post just to get the service centre's contact number. After getting the number, when you call them , a girl's sleepy voice ready to put the phone down at any moment will pick your phone( She may be busy talking to someone else in office). With some companies after that it is smooth ride, but some companies appoint such a non-technical fellow as technician that you sometime feel to start working at his place(May be they are not at fault as what better services they can give with a low payment).
We are now used to getting cheated in daylight so much that some time when you complain , people will look at you as you had come from some other planet.
But it hurts getting cheated!