Indane LPG Terms Governing The Loan Of Cylinder And Regulators

  1. The Indian oil corporation Ltd, Government of India Undertaking(hereinafter called the Corporation) shall loan to the consumer and the consumer shall take on loan from the Corporation cylinder(s) and pressure regulator(s)( hereinafter called the equipment). required for the supply of Corporation's product viz INDANE.
  2. The consumer shall deposit with the Corporation an amount, in accordance with the Corporation's tariff in force, for the time being, the whole or part of which shall be held by the Corporation as security for the due performance by the Consumer of his obligation under the contract.
  3. At all times the Consumer shall have no right or interest in the property or the equipment and shall remain responsible to the Corporation for its safe custody and proper use until it is returned to the Corporation or its Distributor. The consumer shall not sell, mortgage or otherwise dispose off the equipment or create any interest therein or change thereon in favour of any party.
  4. If the Consumer removes the equipment to any address other than shown on the front hereof, he should immediately inform the Corporation's distributor from whom the equipment was supplied.
  5. The Consumer shall not take the equipment outside the area serviced by the Distributor from whom equipment was originally taken. In the even of Consumer's departure from the area for reasons of transfer etc the Consumer shall hand over the equipment to the Distributor who has been supplying the gas. If the Consumer fails to observe the condition the Corporation reserves the right to terminate this contract in accordance with clause below.
  6. The Consumer shall not undertake to repair the equipment or cause the same to be repaired by any one except the Corporation or the Distributor nor shall the Consumer use the cylinder for any purpose other than as a container, for the gas supplied by the Corporation.
  7. The Corporation shall be at liberty and the Consumer shall permit the Corporation or its Distributor or any other person authorized by the Corporation or by the Distributor to enter at all reasonable hours the Consumer's premises and/or otherwise take back or remove from the Consumer any empty cylinder belonging to the Corporation.
  8. The Consumer shall be liable for the loss of or damage to the equipment or any part thereof except as otherwise provided thereunder. In the event of loss or irreparable damage the Consumer reimburses the Corporation for the missing or damaged equipment in accordance with Corporation tariff in force for the time being. In the even of repairable damage the Corporation shall have the equipment repaired at the expense of the Consumer. The decision of the Corporation as to whether the equipment is damaged and in need of repair, shall be conclusive and binding on the Consumer.
  9. The Corporation shall replace free of charge the equipment or any part thereof found to be defective or unfit for use as a result, in their opinion, of normal wear and tear.
  10. All necessary installation work shall be carried at the Consumer's expenses and on his own responsibility. The material used for the installation shall be such as to have previously been approved by the Corporation. The Corporation or the Distributor shall have the right to inspect the installation at any time and if considered necessary, for the reasons of safety, to refuse to supply gas. The fact of the Corporation supplying gas shall not, however, be deemed to impose any liability on the Corporation with regard to the fitness or otherwise of the installation used.
  11. The Consumer shall use appliance only of the type approved by the Corporation. If the Consumer is found to have installed or to be using any other type or appliance the Corporation reserves the right to refuse to supply gas.
  12. The Corporation shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to any person or property as a result of the installation or use of gas by the Consumer, In case of any accident involving Consumer's installation he will forthwith advice the Corporation's Distributor from whom he received supply.
  13. During the term of this contract the consumer shall not purchase or have in his possession Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) marked by any person other than the Corporation.
  14. The Corporation as well as the Consumer shall be at liberty to terminate this contract by giving fifteen days notice in writing. On the termination of this contract the Consumer shall forthwith return the equipment to the Corporation or their Distributor and the Corporation or their Distributor shall refund the balance of the deposit if any after deducting the amount due to the Corporation.

NOTE: TV is valid for one year and TTV Form is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance.

Terms and Conditions of Indane LPG Gas



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