Mobile Recharge Scams - Did it happen with you?

Mobile Recharge Scam goes in two ways:

First One

You get a call from Jharkhand etc number which can be Airtel or Vodafone etc, they ask you ATM pin. Then they recharge their mobile from your bank account in Rs. 5000-10,000 each time.

My brother was both lucky and unlucky. He was unlucky since before he could change his PIN Rs. 25000 was already withdrawn.

He was lucky as he rushed to ATM machine and cancelled his card promptly as there was Rs. 1.5 lacs in his account

Second One

You get a call that you have won prize/award from Airtel etc.

You're asked to go to a recharge shop to confirm this.

They caller tells the recharge shop to recharge his number quickly saying he is relative of yours.

What to do?

Most of such frauds occur in UP, Bihar where Police will do nothing without a bribe. Cyber crime does work only for big issues. Unless a few lacs is involved .. there isn't anything you can do this to tackle this.