Bank of Maharastra Consumer Complaint Procedure

If you are having any complaint with any branch of Bank of Maharashtra, do following:

  1. Visit the Branch and contact the Branch Manager for its quick solution.
  2. You can contact Zonal heads if satisfactory reply is not received from the Branch Manager.
  3. If you are not satisfied with the reply of Zonal Manager, you can write to Principal Nodal Officer at Head Office at the following address:
    Shri R. H. Bhoir
    General Manager,
    Resource Planning
    Bank of Maharashtra, Head Office, 
    ”Lokmangal” 1501, Shivajinagar,
    Pune 411005
    Maharashtra  India.
    Tel. : 020-25614216
    Fax : 020-25520473
    e-mail : gmrespln [at] mahabank [dot] co [dot] in
  4. If satisfactory response is not received from the Zonal Head, you can contact the Chairman & Managing Director of the Bank.
  5. In any case, if the complaint is not resolved for more than 1 month or if you are not satisfied with the reply given by the Bank, you can also contact The Banking Ombudsman.