Consumer Complaint Redressal Procedure for Telecom Complaints

There are plenty of consumers in India who use cellular, telephone or internet services in India but are not fully aware of the customer complaint redressal procedure laid out by government of India cell - TRAI. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI) is a government body just like IRDA to oversee telecom regulations in India for the benefit of consumers.

In the interest of consumers TRAI has laid down complaint redressal procedure that needs to be mandatorily followed by all the telecom companies in India like Airtel, Reliance, Tata Indicom etc. So if you don't follow this specified procedure for complaint redressal, most likely your complaint will not be heard or even replied to by your company. If you want to go to Consumer Court for such issues, make sure that you follow this procedure first.

There are many times we find that telecom consumers break their head on some complaint or the other and end up being very frustrated with their service provider company since the company did not heed to their complaints. In most of the cases the consumer hasn't followed the TRAI's legal procedure for redressal of the complaint. Also we should know that in large organizations like Airtel, Reliance or BSNL it is really difficult to allow customers to follow arbitrary complaint redressal procedures so you shouldn't simply call their office and let them know of your complaint. In this, the correct procedure will be to contact their all India customer care help line and get a docket number for your complaint.

Here we list the proper procedure to get your complaint resolved for telecom related issues.

  1. First visit the company site and find the proper complaint procedure. Look for "Manual of Practice". You can see a sample Airtel's Manual of Practice here. Please don't use it and rather look for updated copy of it in the company site. In this sample manual you can find the proper complaints/grievances procedure as specified by Airtel.
  2. Next step is to call all India customer care number and register your complaint. You must obtain a complaint or docket number. Also you'll be asked to wait for its resolution taking couple of days to 2 weeks of time. However as per TRAI regulation it should not take that much of time but give the company chance to do its best to resolve your complaint.
  3. If you are not satisfied then send the complaint to Nodal Officer in your circle. This list is available in the company website. It should not take more than 10 days to redress your complaint.
  4. If you are still not satisfied then go to Appellate Authority in your circle, the contact details of which are also mentioned in the company website.
  5. If still you are not satisfied then nothing much you can do. Try registring your complaint in National Consumer Helpline. You also have an option to pursue your case further in your local Consumer Court.

Note: There is a time period as specified in "Manual of Practice" - that is, for example you can't go to Appellate Authority 1 year after filing your complaint to Nodal Officer. There is usually 3 month time limit for filing complaint next level. Keep copies of your complaints to Nodal officer and Appellate Authority.

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to get my mob number

respected sir
my mob num was 9975392536
last few days i have ported that number to idea cellular
all necessary docs submitted to company and i get idea network . after a week there was no network to my 9975392536 i asked company about network .they tell me to visit idea office in ahmednagar
next i went idea office they tell me there are more simcards than company rules.I request them that my this no. is very old and used in office contacts so freez my other nos.but they dosen,t reply
what can i do to get my no.9975392536 iam ready to close other nos.of idea network

Issues in Idea policies, number barred


I am a regular Idea customer(Corporate plan TCS) from last 9 years(3 Years in Pune, 6 years in Gurgaon) and I am not happy to inform you that I am switching my both numbers from Idea to Airtel.
After so many complaints raised and Show room visits, still my problem has not been resolved and i am getting this issue every month.

My regular number is 9911191629 and i took another number 7840051629 for CUG calls and also with Roaming free pack of 75Rs and sent that number to be used in Roaming to one of my relative for long calls.

But every month the unbilled amount exceeds the limit (750 Rs only) and the outgoing/Incoming facilities to that number (7840051629) are barred saying that unbilled amount usage exceeded.
But in real the Roaming pack is applied at bill generation and all the unbilled amount is discounted in the end. i dont have any issues as it shows unbilled amount around 2000rs as i know it will be discounted at the end but why i am suffering the barring of the number and due to which i am not able to call that number unless i pay some amount.

I did this in first month as i Pay 800 rs in advance extra that is still not utilized and i am still 523 rs in Plus ( i have paid extra) so why should i pay more this time in order to continue receiving the calls as this is not my fault that Idea has this incorrect system of adjusting the unbilled amount at the bill generation.

Customer care people are saying that please go to idea show room and they can increase the limit from 750 rs to 2000 or 3000 rs and Idea show room people are saying that they cant increase the limit unless i pay that much amount bill.

THis is totally disgusting as the purpose of taking the new number is failing and i am not able to talk to my other number.

If Idea can increase the limit on my number right now so as i should be able to call the number then its fine. But i dont think it will be done so i have already request port request from my number 9911191629 and will also raise port request from my other number 7840051629 when it will be started again.

Its really frustating using Idea account this time. I will not recommend to use Idea to anybody and also suggest my friend to use another service provider than idea. Really frustating.

Tipur Madan

Harassment and Abusive behavior

HI well i have been getting a call from a number the number shows as Airtel Sharma and the number is 011-45596647, this person is calling me all the time for a number that’s is +919910839142 and asking me to pay 100000/ in cash asap or we will take a legal action against you no matter who ever is associated in the call list we will harass them also if you do not pay the bill of 1lakh first they billed me down for 4thousand even then i paid the amount and then i had some financial problems i paid half and told them that will pay the rest by next month, this company suddenly sends a person to my house and he also threatened me that pay or we will arrest you and the next month they billed me down for 10,000/- Rupees i told them that i want to dispute the bill they said that sorry sir we can not dispute the bill and the executive also said that you bloody pay the bill and you will have to we don’t care about your reputation. I told them that i will pay for what i have used not for what the company has billed me down and i said until Airtel does not dispute the bill with me i will never pay a single payment. After few months a person called Sandip calls me that sir if you do not pay then we will call your relatives and will let them know that what kind of person you are. Later after few days another number 011-45596647 by the name showing Airtel Sharma calls my relatives and says that please let me talk to Rocky or we will send the police toy your house and will arrest your family for the same. What kind of service is this, this is like harassment and also threatening is this how the company has to work and they also told my relatives that we have filed a FIR case against you so that we can get the money out is this how the company works and they say that we are the best in customer satisfaction. Please help because this is not the way to humiliate a customer like this. Please take some action please. My name is Rocky Mark Dcruze

Billing issue

Dear Sir,

My Number -8973020208
My monthly postpaid plan is Rs. 350 and additionally i've added rate cutter Rs. 75 and Tax - 40.

but i got the bill Rs.787 for this month(March) .
I feel the Rs.300 Amount additionally charged by Airtel without any reason.

Few days before , I've faced problem in billing statement .so i went to air tel office and i have been contact with phone Mr. Dhinesh who is working as customer care in chennai. He told me as " I will sort out this problem with 5 to 7 days." Monthly Monthly facing this billing issue airtel side please solve this problem .but your side not resolve this problem i have change the other network.

But i try to contact him via Call again , but i did not get any response from him.

kindly i request you to sort out this problem.



MTS very bad services..


What is this hell MTS Services...

I have requested for disconnection of my services on 5th Apr 2014. Still didn't received any response from your side. I have talked to your call center they are telling that this is under process. I don't know why this is taking so long time?

What a bad service in India that take 1 day for activation of new connection and more than 5 days to disconnection of the connection.

Please note that Billing should be closed from 5th and I should not receive any of bill after this date. I will not be paying for any bill after 5th Apr 2014.

Please have a look and consider my complain at urgent basis and disconnect my connection ASAP.

Ravi Shankar Soni
Mob- 9509547914
MDN- -8432438729


Dear Sir,

My IDEA prepaid (Hyderabad ) connection details are as follows :

Circle : Andhra Pradesh ( Hyderabad )

Mobile Number : 9542141455

Problem Description : My balance is getting deducted for incoming calls even after doing the roaming recharge of Rs 71.

I am using Idea Hyderabad prepaid services since last 1 year.

My balance is getting deducted for incoming calls even after doing the roaming recharge of Rs 71.

I have done the roaming recharge of Rs 71 on 23 March 2014 on 07:08 Pm and then I moved to Mumbai.

In past 02 days only, I faced a deduction of Rs 100 for incoming calls.

I had faced same problem in Feb 2014 while I was in Delhi.

I am highly disappointed as even after paying the charges, I am still facing problems.

I have written an email to Appellate officer ( appellate [dot] ap [at] idea [dot] adityabirla [dot] com ) regarding my problem and I got a formal reply from Mr. Vijay Tayade,Customer Service Team

Idea Cellular Limited – Andhra Pradesh asking my basic connection details. After that, I have almost 3-5 emails to him but I didn't received any reply from him.

I am writing here with a hope to get suggestions for getting my UNFAIR deducted balance.

Also, I would like to know the details of registering legal complaints against such malfunctioning of these companies.

Kindly Advice Me.

Deepak Singh
+91 9542141455

change data plan

I have rs. 125 one gb data plan in my postpaid no. Now airtel send me a message for hike my plan 125 to 155. Its geniune? Can existing plan change with other plan on behalf of service provider without conssumer permission.

Refund of Rs 10918 from Reliance ADA towards disconnection om la

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had disconnected my landline on 15/12/2013 thru' Chembur web world and have been constantly following up for refund of my credit amount of Rs 10,918. I was informed that refund will be done within 2 months but in spite of repeated followup there has been absolutely no response.

Chembur Web world had also sent several emails to change the name on the cheque as it was erroneously entered in your system from G Krishnan R R Gopalakrishnan to either G Krishnan or Krishnan Gopalakrishnan OR transfer to my Bank account directly OR adjust amount against any of my other telephone no.s.

However, they have maintained callous silence on refunding the amount due to me. When it comes to payment of monthly Bills, their executives harass day & night thru; sms & calls but when it comes to refunding the amount which is rightfully mine, they are non committal.


G Krishnan

migerated from postpaid to prepaid

Dear sir/mam
I am idea post paid user no.09369269594 (before this no.belongs to reliance cdma prepaid)I convert this no postpaid from idea now my current uses are going to low so I need to convert this no in prepaid .I requested for this idea showroom in Kanpur on date 24 feb2014 but till date 26 march 2014 the idea co. did not do this after many mails to idea customer care. plz help me for solving this problem.

raj kishor gupta

From December to till date balance is deducted

My Contact Number is 9990978272 and its operator is Idea cellular.
From December 2013 to till date always deduct 3 Rs. at 10 to 15 days time Interval and when i call to Customer Care Then they told me that you send a message through idea power and this is always exist when i leave my mobile at home and going outside. I live alone. So, its not possible to send any message from others. I feel very depressed from this by time to time and i am preparing for job and from this reason i am not concentrate to any particular thing.

complaint for airtel customer care

My Name is Vishav Chandan, My contact No is 9906045779.I would like to bring to your kind notice, a highly disheartened incident,A supervisior of Customer care named as RAffiq Malik misbehaved on grounds of utilizing the company resources,I contacted to customer care to resolve my hello tune issue,despite of resolving the issue , he admint and extremely rude and said why are you calling again and again. he told me that don't you read the customer application form at the time of purchase of Sim card, I loses my patience when he told me that GO TO HELL, and start abusing and disconnect the call,Even he deactivated my hello tune also, This pathetic behavior of the supervisior is not tolerable and acceptable by me, kindly take the action as soon as possible , otherwise i have the only option of launching a Legal complaint.


Solution to Airtel

Please contact to below persons for any problem in Airtel connection..
These are liable to resolve these query for Delhi NCR numbers..

L1 Zonal Manager Ishan Bassi 9650509321
L2 Service Manager Pragati Sehgal 9810598449
L3 Retail Head Sumit Jhunjhunwala 8527024448

L4 Customer Experience Head Dinesh 9871499909
L5 CS Head Deepak Mehta (CFO) 9971222043

worst services from Hathway Broad band services

Since the start of the connection (since 1 year)had been having issues with speed & connectivity & from 2nd of march since the time an upgradation has been taken up by Hatway services, te things have become worst as the services are totally nill & N numbers of complaints to call centre & their head services has yielded in none other than promises to get the same rectified as they see some issues in our entire area. My wife who works from home has been marked absent in office for not completing her jobs & N number of requests made to Hathway to rectify are unattende till dte. I pay for 5MBPS speed unlimited & i get 0.17MBPS download & 0.02MBPS upload speed. They are big big cheaters.

sms barred and insult by the customer care executive of uninor

i am Manish Khadelwal from mathura and my uninor no. is 8273327310 i am here for inform that i am not satisfied with uninor representative.i have so many time Register my Complaint about sms barring problem but no-one helps me in this today uninor representative (ms.usha )call me from this no.8285101057 and this is 5th call which i have received against my complaint.She told me that your SMS service is barred due to sending some telly marketing sms but i have not send any telly mareketing msg to anyone i have only sent sms my known and friends and no-buddy complaint against me so kindly tell me how to uninor barred my services and the uninor representative disconnected my call and this is my insult too after that i have received sms that (Service request is resolved and confirmed to the customer via call/SMS)but that is not true.So do needful for me....

Airtel Internet frequent disconnection while browsing since year

Hello Sir,

Airtel is on of the most bakwas and pathetic telecom and broadband service provider in INDIA, i am facing frequent Disconnection and Fixed line dead problem since from a year, even i rise the complaint in Customer care, They will not solve my problem but every month they send the Bill...
Even I have made call in customer care, but didn't get satisfied answer. After this, I have registered complaint, the service engineer will close the complaint them self with out closing proper fix...

My number is


Fraud Played by Airtel with me and my brother (MNP)

To Airtel,

My Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor received a call on his Cell No: 9987978400 from Ms. Neha who informed that she was calling from Airtel. Ms. Neha called from the number 9892739763 to my brother Mr. Prince Kapoor and informed him that she has better plans for him if he transfers (MNP) his Loop Mobile No. 9987978400 to Airtel. Ms. Neha from Airtel informed my brother Mr. Prince Kapoor that his PostPay Plan will be Rs. 199.00 a month in which he will get 2000 local minutes free every month (Airtel to any network provider), 600 SMS free every month (Airtel to any network provider), 360 STD minutes free every month (Airtel to any network provider) and 1GB 3G Date/Internet Free every month and there will be no Security Deposit and No SIM Card Charges at all.

My Brother Mr.Prince Kapoor was happy to hear the offers provided by Ms. Neha who was calling from Airtel, As In Loop Mobile My Brothers Plan was for Rs. 199.00 a month with 1000 Free Minutes every month and 1000 SMS Free every month (Loop Mobile to any network provider).

My Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor gave our residential address to Ms. Neha over the telephone conversation to collect the documents required for MNP from Loop Mobile to Airtel and Ms. Neha frpm Airtel arranged a person who came to my house and collected the required documents (Address Proof, Photo I.D and Photograph) required for MNP from Loop Mobile to Airtel and at the same time my brother was given a receipt of Rs. Three Hundred Only (Rs.300/-) and my brother Mr. Prince Kapoor was informed that he will have to pay this Rs. Three Hundred Only and it will be credited in his first Airtel Post Pay Bill which he will receive and my Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor gave Rs. Three Hundred Only cash to the person who has come to our house to collect the documents and he also gave a receipt of Rs. Three Hundred Only to my Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor, The name on the receipt is “Impression Marketing”, and it’s address mentioned on the receipt is 13, 3rd Floor, Anand Kunj, Daftary Road, Malad (East), Mumbai – 400 097, Tele. 022 – 65282405, Mobile: 9987407055, E-Mail: impressionmkt_sa [at] yahoo [dot] com

My Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor then informed me about the offer that was provided to him by Ms. Neha from Airtel and he refered me (Jairaj Kapoor) to Ms. Neha and informed her that My Brother Jairaj Kapoor who’s Loop Mobile Cell No is 9821212805 would also like to transfer (MNP) his number from Loop Mobile to Airtel with the same offers which she had given him and Plan will be Rs. 199.00 a month in which we will get 2000 local minutes free every month (Airtel to any network provider), 600 SMS free every month (Airtel to any network provider), 360 STD minutes free every month (Airtel to any network provider) and 1GB 3G Date/Internet Free every month and there will be no Security Deposit and No SIM Card Charges at all.

And then Ms. Neha from Airtel again arranged a person to visit my house to collected the required documents (Address Proof, Photo I.D and Photograph) required for MNP from Loop Mobile to Airtel for my Cell No. 9821212805.

Now My Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor received his First Bill from Airtel for his Cell No. 9987978400 (Relationship number 1087760101, Bill number 333179702) and the Bill shows that he has to pay Rs. 107.61 by his Due date 11th March’ 2014. After receiving the Bill my Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor visited an Airtel Gallery with his Bill and informed the person known as Mr. Bhushan that he was suppose to receive a Credit of Rs. 300.00 in his first Airtel Bill which he did not receive and my Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor was surprised to know that there is no such credit which he will receive and then My Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor checked the Plan which he was offered by Airtel/Ms. Neha from Airtel and My Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor was SHOCKED to hear thet he was just getting 400 Local minutes free everymonth and then came to know that he was cheated by Ms. Neha from Airtel and she had given all false promised about the monthly tarrif plan from Airtel.

My Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor informed me about this incident that he was cheated by Ms. Neha from Airtel and we will not get the monthly tarrif plan from Airtel which Ms. Neha from Airtel had promised and informed us. My Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor was CHEATED and it was a FRAUD played by Ms. Neha from Airtel.

After knowing all this I contacted Loop Mobile to STOP my MNP request immediately which I had given them and I was informed that they had already processed my request to Port Out my Loop Mobile No. 9821212805 to Airtel and thay cannot stop the cancellation request now. I then immediately called 121 from my other Airtel Number 9867220492 on 06th March’ 2014 at around 03:00pm which I have and requested Airtel customer service representative to STOP my MNP request immediately from Loop Mobile to Airtel and I was informed that that they are not able to see the request on their computer systems.

I then E-Mailed on 06th March’ 2014 to 121 [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com and nodalofficer [dot] mumbai [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com and appellate [dot] mumbai [at] in [dot] airtel [dot] com and I have requested Airtel that I do NOT wish to Port Out my Loop Mobile No: 9821212805 to Airtel which Please Note very Seriously.

My Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor and Myself were Cheated by Ms. Neha from Airtel and it’s a Fraud played by Ms. Neha from Airtel which Please note very seriously and I once again request Airtel to STOP my MNP request for my Cell No. 9821212805 as I do NOT wish to Port Out my Loop Mobile No: 9821212805 to Airtel.

I will be complaining about this Fraud Played by Ms. Neha from Airtel with my Brother Mr. Prince Kapoor and myself which please note at your (Airtel’s) entire cost and will also follow up the process of “Consumer Complaint Redressal Procedure for Telecom Complaints” Telecom Consumers Protection and Redressal of Grievances Regulations, 2007 (3 of 2007) and will also complaint at National Consumer Helpline

I request Airtel to STOP my MNP request from Loop Mobile to Airtel and I have already informed Loop Mobile also to STOP my MNP request from Loop Mobile to Airtel.

Jairaj Kapoor.
Cell No: 9821212805.

AIRTEL, on 556782 @ Rs9.00 per min my balance wiped off


Harassment to Reliance prepaid mobile user

I am using reliance no 9555670986 since long time but they are deducting the money when ever I recharge my account.Reliance is having the large no of customers. As they are doing this cheating business so the less awared public from rural area may be their targeted victims. They refund the money after 2- 3 hour struggle and wastage of your time with customer executives . The complains should be with in 3 days else the money will not be refunded that will become ANIL AMBANI'S MONEY.
Please look into the matter and cancel the licence of Mr Anil Albania for such fraud business and harassment to Indian public.


Same here Sir.. I'm student

Same here Sir..
I'm student hardly managed to recharge my phone. As I recharged it, reliance deducted my total credit balance.
After that when I m going to call customer ccar, they doesn't even ready to connect my call with customer executive.

Wrong billing by reliance

I had a postpaid data card of reliance.When I wanted to stop the service, I tried to inform them on the phone but they started to ask me to pay each months bill and did not act on my request. Finally I decided to stop paying the bill. My connection was suspended immediately but the billing continued for a suspended service for a period of 3 months after which the account was closed with a final bill. Customer care is non functional.
My advice to all after my experience is "AVOID RELIANCE" and if if you have made a mistake as I had done, learn and switch to a better service provider.

Not Giving 2 month salary at deusa technologies vadapalani

Dear sir,

I am saravana karthikeyan. i have worked deusa technologies vadapalani. its a software company. i have worked 1yr in this company but its is not a registered company. they won't give 2 months salary to me. i m affried to complaint this.
many of members affected due to this company.. pls tack any action to this company.

mentally disturbe about samsung core mobile

Hello Sir/Madam,
This is Shivaji Lohar, I have bought new mobile phone (Mobile model - Galaxy Samsung Core, bill number: (UAP):2045526 TIN/CST no:-28026280297 IMEI Number: 359710050247197) Hyderabad(Gachibowli) showroom ( 2nd Avenue ) on 12/JAN/2014 around 1 PM.
The very next day from the date of purchase I noticed that there is a NETWORK ISSUE with mobile. I tried using different SIM cards, but every time I was disappointed as none of the SIM was working in the Phone. The same SIM is working properly in other Cell Phones.
The Error message is like:- “MOBILE NETWORK NOT REGISTERED”. Due to which I cannot use any of the SIM services provided such as Making & Receiving Calls, SMS Facilities etc.
If this is the case then what is the Purpose of Purchasing the New Phone…? By spending amount Rs 13350/- if the Phone is not serving the purpose for what it is meant for, then for what purpose it should serve…?
I am getting same issue like whenever I try to call, am getting an error message as “MOBILE NETWORK NOT REGISTERED”. Due to the Issue of the Network I cannot use the Phone. If this is the case than what is the Use of Purchasing the New Phone…?
I bought the phone on 12/Jan/2014. From the very same day there was the above mentioned Issue, so I visited the store on the very next day. They said CRO is not available for the day please come by tomorrow. Next day I again visited the Store and again the same story as “CRO is not available for the day please come by tomorrow.” After following up for 2 days they did not responded to me properly and I was totally frustrated by their idiotic answers given to me.
After regaining some courage, I visited the univercell showroom for the 3rd consequent day and the answer was as “choose the network manually and use the phone.” After following their advice the Network worked for about half an hour and again the Network has lost. I thought that there would be some Network Issue with the Service Provider so I again waited for a day.
On the 4th day, after manual selection of the network, issue was not resolved so showroom executive provided me the 2nd solution as “There may be SIM card issue please changes the same to new one and use.”
I even tried using the solution provided by them but the Issue was still at its heights and now it was very high time for me as this was getting onto my Nerves. So again there was no solution left for me but to visit the Showroom once again. So now they came up with a new reason as “You need to submit your Cell Phone to the Service Center.” I had no option but to leave my phone at the Showroom.
They took around 4-5 days to get my phone back from the Service Center. Kindly note that still the Issue was not resolved.
Totally I have submitted my Cell Phone to Service Center for 3 Times for which the details are as follows:-
1) Registered Crime number:-4167480051(Samsung Service Center)- Software Updated- Issue not resolved
2) Service Request Number:-12805[(UniverCell) Not registered in Service Center]Just cleaned the Wireless Antenna -Issue not resolved
3) Bill No:-4168358925(Samsung Service Center) Changed SIM Slot- Issue not resolved.

Email Conversations as follows:-
Dear Mr. Lohar,

Greetings from Samsung!
This is in regards to your E- Mail regarding the refund of your phone.
Please note Samsung always strive to give the best experience to our valued customer in terms of our product and service. Our product confirms to the highest standards of quality and hence comes with 12 months warranty for repair. Even though we continuously improve our manufacturing process and quality standards, however there can be an incident where the product may require service.
This is in accordance with the prevalent market norms that if a product can be repaired and its defect be removed then priority should always be given to carrying out of repairs.
We would like to confirm you that post repair, quality and value of your handset will remain intact and it won’t have any adverse effect on its performance. We are confident that post above repair you can use your product with complete peace of mind.
We would like to inform you that your set has been repaired and working fine at the service center. We request you kindly get the same collected from the service center.
In conclusion, based on our discussion we will not be able to cater your request for exchange or refund of the above said product.
You may treat this as our final offer. We request you to let us know your decision within the next 7days.
We value your relationship with Samsung and assure you of our best services, always.

Abhishek Kapoor
Manager - Customer Experience

Hi Sir,
I totally frustrated and mentaly disturb because last month 12/01/14 I purchased mobile but still i am not using my cell phone totally 20 days mobile in Service center .send 3 time to service center still issue as is there .now also cell phone in service center only bill no-4168358925.
For that mobile lot of time they done service then i am not feel like, it is new one so i am going to complaint against samsung service center i have much proof.I want to inform because like if any replacement is possible then give me else i will take further step or action what I decide that''s the final.

Shivaji Lohar

Counselor answer
Dear Mr. Lohar

Good Afternoon!

This is Kapil from Customer Experience

We received your email and noted down your concern.

We feel sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

As per telephonic conversation with you regarding the problem of your Samsung product, we would like to inform you that we are forwarding your issue to the concern department with all the details.

So kindly give us some time to work on it and concerned department will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your complaint no. is 8461892910

We appreciate your support and patience and assure you of our best services always.

Warm Regard’s

Kapil Chauhan
Senior Executive - Customer Experience
Samsung India Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Mr. Lohar,

Good Evening!!

This is Nirupama Singh, Customer Experience.

Firstly we apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.

With reference to your below mail and the telephonic conversation with you regarding the issues with the handset, as you have mentioned that again you have submitted your handset to the dealer to forward it to the service centre, we request you to kindly send us the scan copy of job sheet provided or the 10 digits claim number so that we could co-ordinate with the service centre and resolve your issue.

We here by seek for your kind support and patience.

Thanking and assuring you for best services always.

Nirupama Singh
Senior Executive - Customer Experience
Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd
Kindly help me to resolve the Issue as mentioned above.
Shivaji Lohar—
Contact number--9581775514 8125660054

E recharge - Cheating

Dear Team,

My name is vinodh, using Aircel mobile network, on 15.02.14 used to e-recharge Vide No. APR14021520391000296, 150/- INR. Not recharged and i loosed my money, E-rechaged demo sim holder and company not responding on my issue. they are cheating consumers. don't use aircel network

MTS is mentally harassed me

Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that my name is sanjay halder mts data card no.8647904856. I was trying to change my connection postpaid to prepaid from 15/10/2013 to till date. I was visit to your nearest MTS outlet (Bandel) with the self-attested photocopies and meet with Mr. shrikant (9143888997/8100111577).He said customer care give you wrong information if you want to use prepaid mts data you have to buy new prepaid data card and after that I have buy a new data card . A few month ago your executive was call me and told me to pay outstanding bill which is 521 and I just told him I will pay right now if you change my data card into postpaid to prepaid he said I will send a executive he will collect you outstanding amount .you have to submit your documents and written migration request for postpaid to prepaid migration I said ok but no executive is come till date. A few days ago I was call to Mr. Arajit (8420083897)and told my problem even this time I request that I am paying the amount just give me a mail that you will change my postpaid data into prepaid with in three month , six month or one year . but he said this is not possible from my end . so kindly tell me my demand is illegal or legal because when I fill up and sing the MTS Data Card (8647904856) CAF any where is not mention that I will not change my connection into postpaid to prepaid even back side of CAF. Right now MTS is mentally harassed me. Today I lady was call me she said she is calling from Delhi court. I asked her why you call me she said a case is resisted with you name, case no:DL51014/14 and give me a number of Mr. Vikram rana(09953524710) when I was call to Mr. Vikram rana his P.A was receive the call and I told the case number he said very rudely you have to pay or I will refer the case in your local police station. So kindly tell me what is my OFFENCE give me a valid reason . (1) I am guilty for demanding post to pre (2) I am guilty for visit you outlet (3) I am guilty for ready to pay against post to pre (4) I am guilty for requesting to your executive . one more thing I was always pay bills with all tax(service tax) in time and I am ready to pay my all outstanding . but MTS have give me the services because MTS charge me for that so post to pre is a kind of service .


I had almost the same experience with MTS. Warning to ALL - Never trust MTS customer care.


Dear Sir/Madam,

This mail is with regards to the dispute that is active with the telecom service provider - Airtel and prolonging for the past 4 days regarding benefit not received as per the proposed 3G data tariff plans displayed at their official website and transaction initiated for my contact number +919940386076.

I've been very loyal to Airtel being their customer for more than 3 years continuing my usage till now and expected to get a proper justice for my dispute, however it didn't happened and proven waste and time consuming on my continuous efforts.

I've escalated the same over phone to their customer care agents at the initial stage, however on no proper response the issue has been escalated further to the nodal and appellate officers seeking for a valid reply, but the reply that I received from the higher officials at Airtel were also in the form of defending themselves on their illegitimate and false actions, also cornering and forcing me to abide with their arbitrary decisions.

I am not satisfied and convinced over the continuous talks with the nodal officers and the appellate officers since they were disconnecting the calls continuously during the talks that proves to be really unethical not following the basic telephone manners leaving high amount of depression and humiliation for me. Their agents and Nodal officers were not equipped with sound knowledge about their own products and tariffs displayed at their website and was keep on trying continuously to justify and defend themselves on their illegitimate actions.

I am equipped with all valid proofs on their Incorrect tariff details and illegitimate justifications with screen shots and email trials that's happening for the past 4 days.

Also they don't have a single level of contact point and every day new officials are calling to my contact number when I'm at my work annoying me to start talks from the beginning without going through the email trials and forcing me to abide with their arbitrary decisions which I don't wish to go for.

Since being incumbent on such noble designations they are not much conscious about the seriousness of the issue, as similar to me it may cause inconvenience to many other customers and they might get affected drastically due to their adverse actions.

Kindly request you to assist me to get this issue resolved ASAP that provides me a favorable justice by leading me through to a proper contact in this regard.

Looking forward for your reply at the earliest.

Thanks & Regards,
Mob# +919940386076

Cheating Samrat!! Tata Photon MAX


I have taken a new Photon Max connection number 9231317281 on 2nd Feb 2014. Today I received a notification on email saying my services has been disconnected without giving any specific reason. I called your customer service department and they could not help, only saying I have some other outstanding for another previous account.

I want to inform you that I have paid you Rs 5000 in advance for a Photon Max connection for 15 GB unlimited services for the next 3 months. YOU HAVE DISCONNECTED THE SERVICE AFTER TAKING ADVANCE PAYMENT FOR THE SERVICE. Please let this be on record.

As far as another account outstanding is concerned, this was for a BB internet connection at another address, where the charge was levied for 2 months even after you discontinued and did not provide the service. You had asked me to pay an amount for a service which I did not receive. Please note that this earlier amount has been under final negotiated settlement with your company. I have requested for my usage details for the period I was charged and the date from which you discontinued my service before I agree to pay you anything. If I did not want to pay, I would not have paid Rs 5000 in advance to get a high speed (JOKE!!) connection from your company.

I am seeing a repeat of the same situation now. You have stopped services, but you will not stop charging me. You will still ask me to pay and make me look like a defaulter and criminal, when I refuse, while in reality, your company has the onus of providing services, which you stopped after taking the money.

I think I have had enough nonsense and have lost a lot of money and peace of mind. My work gets disrupted by the limitless greed and abysmal apathy towards your customers. I will now take the next step of complaining to the Consumer grievance cell and also to the TRAI Ombudsman for reprieve. I have no expectations from your company and I do not expect a reasonable response from you as well.

Please note: My locality does not have a decent service from alternatives and therefore I am repeatedly coming back and trying to keep the connection. However, you have ensured that I have reached the limit of my patience.

I want to ask you for a full refund of the Rs 5000 you have charged me for a Photon MAX connection, which you have now stopped within 3 days. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. Please let me know the next steps.


Indranil Samaddar

Reliance Portability Code NOT RECEIVING

Dear Sir,

I am using Reliance CDMA mobile (#9391439391)for the past few years and for the last 6 months, I have been trying to send Port but I am unable to receive any Portability number. I have made many complaints in Reliance Office located at AS Rao nagar, ECIL, Hyderabad, and even called customer care but there is no positive response from their end. The service of Reliance is not satisfactory as they always make me to come to their office and they do not give any concrete plan of action. Kindly do the needful.

Mobile # 9391439391

Thanks and Regards

complain against airtel telecom kolkata

i have purchased airtel sim on my mother's name in october i got the offer that for six months all calls will be charged at 35paisa per minute but after 88days i got the message that you will be charged 60paisa i have talked to customer care but they said only for 90 days it was valid i talked to many senior authorities i have complained on akosha team but they also didn't helped me lastly i said that if i got the offer for 90 days then in why 88days you have cancelled that offer then they said they will help me but 30 days has been overed my no is 9163104549, i hope you will help me i want rs 5 lakhs as compensation from airtel for making fraud and giving mental harrasment i hope you will help

Vodafone cheating customers in postpaid

Dear All,

I have post paid vodafone connection these days (from 4 months)they are generating fake/fruad bills. I know vodafone is about to pay huge tax so its collecting this manner... pls. be careful with your vodafone bills. I have got cheated in following manner (few examples)
1. they give a miss call from highest tariff country, if you try to call back they charge 50/- minute. (as mother uses this number she really calls back when there is miss call with out knowing the complete number). I understand there should be special request to activate ISD calls, but with out request they activated also when i requested to deactivate twice they did not deactivate, may be senseless executives are working or there is conspiracy to recover their tax that they had pay for the hutch-Vodafone deal.

2. I call one mobile #, I get 1 minute 30 paisa, in same hour when i make second call for 8 minutes i get the bill for 14 rupees. how is it possible for the same number?

3. when I request for changing the tariff plan they will not change, in addition to that they will include new additional plan with out your notice.

4. they send some SMS saying some some plan is initiated if you don't want send SMS saying "NO V_plan" this is unacceptable its nothing but cheating.

5. many more i don't have time to write...there are many such mistakes i am seeing.. from past 4 to 5 months...
pls. do check your post paid itemized bills, for sure you have issues.

sincere..vodafone post paid user from 8 years, for 3 connections.but now i am change.

wrong billing Vodafone

Mobile Bill complaint against Vodafone,salem

As I am using Vodafone services form past 8-9 years. I am having two postpaid connections from Vodafone company. I think its time for me to move on from Vodafone.

I am having some problem with 9843036664 bill for LAST MONTH NOVEMBER 2013. I was using internet facility @199/- per month from past four years. I requested to drop this service in TWO Month Before. Next bill I have received in which they have charged Rs.13442/- for usage.AngryConfused

Later i tried to get this bill adjusted many times via telephonic conversation with Vodafone but none of customer care executive helped me out for the same and they barred my services even i am not able to receive the calls on that number (9843036664).

Now they are threatening me that I have to pay whole amount otherwise they will drop the the services for my another postpaid number of Vodafone. This is like mental harassment for me. I need the solution because this is really pathetic for me.

This is no where logical as they are offering @2 paisa per 10 KB and charging 5 times more of that.

I am no more satisfied with the way of services of Vodafone. I want this bill to be adjusted but still now they are not provide bill as of now and let me move to other service provider

Thanks and Regards

9843036664, 9629366330

wrong billing Vodafone

I have been a customer with Vodafone postpaid user since Jan 2013 – my account number is 5.70155.00.00.100431-20130928. and mobile number is 9582484422.
Password for attached bill : desh4422

1. My credit limit is just 2500 INR. However, This month Vodafone has generated bill of amount 19892 INR. Here, big question comes why Vodafone hadn’t stopped my services when my credit limit was crossed. In generated bill, calling recharges are normal as previous bills. But, recharges for data usage is 19400 INR approx.

2. As per generated bill, I have used 6.3 GB of 2G data from 28-Aug to 27-sept. But, I completely disagree with this much data usage.
when I have already taken 190 RS 2G-internet plan for 3GB. Also, I haven’t got any intimation for data plan was over. The changes are
also not applicable.

The payment of bill is completely beyond my limits. I can’t pay this kind of hefty amount for mobile usage.
Please let me know if anyone can help me here.

Same thing happen with me .

Same thing happen with me . my call useage is rs.600. & data usage is Rs26000/-
Vodafone had made policy by making false bill. now they stop my all call incoming and demanding to pay bill.
They also sending recovery people at my home

Aakhilesh Khtan 9326656476

false bill and charging for deactivated services

False billing by Airtel

My outgoing services and blackberry enterprise services were barred since

early last month.
I got a bill yesterday and find that still i am being charged for blackberry

enterprise server (rental Rs 899).
This is cheating and fraud on behalf of Airtel.
They had earlier barred my outgoing services on my number 9007164444

which i used as my official number. For that i wasnt able to make outgoing

calls and was unable to receive calls while i was outstation. This has caused

a lot of harassment to me. The reason for disconnection given by them was

an outstanding in my earlier number 9831033770.
I have no outstanding as i had already settled that account and have

handed over the settlement letter to your airtel customer care in City center

salt lake. They have scanned the letter and the last payment receipt and

sent to the required department. This was done on 17th September in the

I have asked them to stop the number now which they are not doing and

sending me bills for services which is unavailable.

saying this number can not be started

Dear sir/mam

I went to Reliance Office they are saying this number can not be started & no Aspect our photograph, proof of address and proof of identity.

Please do needful.

Thanks and Regards


not attending complaint by bsnl

Sir, i have complained so many times but till this time my phone is not re tified, please take necessary action.,thanking you.

World Phone Internet Serice provider

Sir / Madam,

We from Trans World Radio India at address of L-15, Green Park, New Delhi - 16 is a customer with World Phone Internet services. From Monday (08/07/'13) onwards we have been making repeated phone calls of at least more than 10 times to the following people: Mr. Nishan @ 9310634749 & Mr. Sushil Kumar @ 8527295667 for getting the modem shift to a different location and to shift the connection. On Monday we made around 5 calls, and Tuesday another five calls and Wednesday they said we ar coming in the afternoon. Then in the evening, they said they will come on Thursday 090: 30 am. Till today they have never come to do that and since yesterday they are not picking up the phone. These fellows never understand the loss of an organization if their internet service is not functioning.

World Phone provider is in fact the most hopeless service provider with hopeless and useless executives to provide the service. I just wanted to know whether these two fellows will provide the loss for us.

I have request to all that kindly don't fall prey to these hopeless people and get their connection. You will never get your work done with their internet services.


Samuel Selvamony
Trans World Radio India
L-15, Green Park, New Delhi - 16
Mob. 9810850107

Calling card for Overseas travel

I had taken a calling card for overseas travel for 6 days to Indonesia from MATRIX counter at Kolkata International terminal on 10th Fef. The card did not allow me to even start a connection with any service provider in Indonesia. I immediately lodged the complain with Matrix in Kolkata telling them that the card was not operating. However they continued to check why the calling card was failing but it never could start the service for me. I had to use my Indian number for all calls for which i had steep roaming bill. Now MATRIX has sent me a rental bill for 6 days @ usd 19.95 = to Rs 1257.17 ( with service tax). I fail to understand how that have charged a bill to me for failed service. I am afraid that they may charge the bill amount to my Credit Card & claim the amount.
Please guide me for next step . I have already written to Matrix support & consumer care team for the matter.

Reimbursement from Tikona Broadband Services.

I have disconnected my services of my broadband connection.Have sent several mails and reminders for the reimbursement instead they keep sending me bills even though I am not a user. Every time I send a mail to them I get a message that they will be looking into the matter and will revert but there is no action from their end till date. Instead I have received a call saying there is a case in the Delhi court against me for non payment. Tikona UID 1106504180.

Expecting your advise and action in this regards.

Mary Johnson

PORT my number

Sir/Madam,i am a airtel sim user in fact my all number is airtel,but now i face many problem with this so i want to PORT my number,but i can't get any help from airtel.I do all procedure but the prolem is not solve.Plese help me. My airtel sim no is 9609427189.I came this number through PORT system from Vodafone.

Refund from BSNL

Subsequent to my Transfer from NTPC- Farakka to NTPC - Kudgi During April-2012, I have applied for change of plan from post paid to pre paid for my Mobile No: 9434735201 and applied for refund of Security deposit of Rs: 3000/- deposited for ISD facility, which is also duly acknowledged by SDE (Tele) Dhulian, on 16.04.2012. assuered me that cheque for my refund amount will be delivered to my adress at Kerala within 15 days Time. But no refund is received by me even after 100 days time. I have written 3 letters to CC-BSNL-Behrampur but none of them are repiled. You are requested to look into the matter and do the needful so that I can get the legitimate refund at the earliest.

Discrepany Bill

WRONG GPRS calculation

I AM A SUBSCRIBER OF BHARTI AIRTELl. I was activated 98 Rs. GPRS plan wheras Airtel use to give me of 1GB GRPS, on Aug - 20th i have upgrated from 98 plan to 149 plan whereas ill get 2GB GPRS data. As per the below GPRS calculation i have used only 1030 MB of 1399 MB. But Airtel has charged me Rs.2598 for 1st Aug'12 to 2nd Sep'12 bill cycle. And they say the charges are valid as per pro data basis. But there was no proper communication regards to this, and the same has been agreed by Airtel people that there was no proper communication. Since i want to retain the no. i had no other opition i made the payment of Rs.2598. And the service they provide is horrible. I have register the compliant on 4-Sep-2012 but they came back on 13-Sep-2012 after paying bill. I request for Trai to do the needful in this regards.

Mobile no : 9632933611
Complaint No : 45716813

Data Data Per day Usage as per date Date Days
1024 34.13333333 580.2666667 02-08-12 19-08-12 17
2048 68.26666667 819.2 20-08-12 01-09-12 12
Toal GPRS data which am eligible for Aug'12 1399.466667

complant against airtel mobile...

TRAI ke disha nirdesh ke viruddh Airtel mobile co. drawara pre-activat sim sale ki ja rahi he, jo ki aaisa karna desh ki surksha ke sath khilwad karne jaisa he..
sir me apni bat proof karne ke liye aapko ek number 8349675411 deta hu. jo ki airtel co. ka he.aur 17/5/2012 se aaj tak activate he. jiske ki paper abhi tak company ke pass nahi he..
sir aaisi co. aur aaise users ke khilaf uchit karywahi karne ki krupa kare...

GPRS service charged

Hi,I am Devendra Sharma,i recently got transferred from pune to surat.I had been using Idea cellular in pune hence thought of going for the same in surat.after activation of my number automatically my internet services were activated and i started getting calls for activating GPRS plan..they mostly spoke in gujrati which i dont understand .i was relectant to go for any package as i didnt understand their package which were communicated in Gujrati.Hence i went for a zero rental plan.after few days i got an sms that my unbilled amount is 49500 rs,when i called their helpline no. they were unable to provide any details because bill was not generated,they asked me to wait till 8 sept( which is my billing cycle).meanwhile i registered a complaint on their portal and received a call where they clarified that because i was using zero rental plan i have been charged,if i would have taken a plan even of 100 rs then they would have not charged me anything.
I argued to them that firstly my credit limit is 1050, earlier when my credit limit exceeded they discontinued my outgoing call ,than how come they didnt do it this time and secondly is idea offering a service where if i pay 100 rs as rental i get a benefit of using GPRS upto the tune of rs 50000.
Please guide what should i do,i am going through a lot of mental trauma as they idea people are continously calling me for payment.
Devendra Sharma


..........&&&&&&&&&&_>>> Why service
my no :-9555153261
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Eg Recharge 79 Rs/-(27 aug-2012) not use
Complaint ID: 50843 2012-09-05 Posted by: chandra mohan singh

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Complaint against Bharti Airtel

This is to inform you that we are having a fixed line connection with broad band Internet connection with a rental plan of Rs. 699/- per month with unlimited usage of internet and a free calling of 2500 per month, We have received last months ebill on 19.08.2012 in which the rental charges are increased without any prior information and without our concern. In this regard we have lodge the complain with bhatri airtel with complain no.20486482., & 20617110
In this regard I here by request you to kindly look in to the matter and solve my problem.



MY NO. IS 8149051208

About my balence

Maine 100 ka richarj 6/ 8/ 12 ko apne mobil par karya tha.
Lekin mera pura paisa kat liya gya. Customar ca
re par call kiya toa koi jawab nahi mila. mobil no. 9696698999 uninor

Sachin yadav
Varanasi u.p.

Complain against Mob No 9650302735 Airtel

Dear concern,
I am The airtel user and my mobile no is 9650302735 in the name of Alok kumar and I have recharge my phone with.Rs 98 For 1 GB on (2G).on 22.07.2012 and without much usages the entire package is the balance has been about to finished. In this regard i have tried to contact customer care excutives but till date they not provided solution to us.Request you please look the mater and resolve it As soon AS POSSIBLE.


Alok Kumar

Complain against Mob No 9650302735

Dear concern,
I am The airtel user and my mobile no is 9650302735 in the name of Alok kumar and I have recharge my phone with.Rs 98 For 1 GB on (2G).on 22.07.2012 and without much usages the entire package is the balance has been about to finished. In this regard i have tried to contact customer care excutives but till date they not provided solution to us.Request you please look the mater and resolve it As soon AS POSSIBLE.


Alok Kumar