UCO Bank Consumer Complaint Procedure

If you have any complaint with the services of any branch of UCO Bank, do following:

Step 1

Give your complaint in writing to the Branch Manager and keep acknowledgement of the complaint.
You will receive the receipt within 3 days from the date of receipt of complaint.

ICICI Bank Consumer Complaint Procedure

Have any complaint or facing problems in any of the branches of ICICI bank, do following:

Step 1

If you have any complaint, please contact customer care officer through phone at ICICI bank toll free number or send an e-mail of your complaint.

Step 2

If the satisfactory reply is not received, please write to Mr. Krishnan Govindan, Head Customer Service - Phone Banking at:

Dena Bank Complaints Procedure

If you are facing any problems or have any complaints with any branches of Dena Bank, do following :

Step 1

Visit your branch and contact the Branch Manager. Give your complaint in writing by filing in complaint book. Keep the acknowledgement receipt of complaint for future reference.

Andhra Bank Complaint Procedure

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If you have any complaint with any service at any of the branches/offices of Andhra Bank, do following:

Step 1

Visit the Branch and give your complaint to the Branch Manager. Keep its Receipt of your complaint for future reference.

Allahabad Bank Complaint Procedure

If you have any complaint with any of the services of Allahabad Bank, do following:

Step 1

Give your complaint to the Branch Manager for the solution. Remember to keep its receipt for reference.

Step 2

If you are not satisfied with the reply of the branch manager then you can contact the concerned Zonal Manager.

Complaint Procedure in Punjab National Bank(PNB)

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The Steps of filing complaint for any of PNB services are:

Before Buying Activa Honda - Take care of these tips

So you want to buy Activa Honda?

You plan Rs. 50000, but they extract Rs. 60,000 from you. You pay with little grudge the extra amount.

This is what happened with me.

Minimize your cost

Tax & VAT

Remember everything you buy will attract tax & vat of around 15% or more. So if you skip an accessory of Rs. 100 then you've saved Rs. 115 actually.

How to Complain to Banking Ombudsman

Do do have a problem with the Bank.

Have you followed all the proper Bank procedure for filing complaints?

No response?

If you have got a response then make sure you have touched all levels of complaint redressal(including those of Nodal officers).

Before filing complaints please see if you fall in this:

Mobile Recharge Scams - Did it happen with you?

Mobile Recharge Scam goes in two ways:

First One

You get a call from Jharkhand etc number which can be Airtel or Vodafone etc, they ask you ATM pin. Then they recharge their mobile from your bank account in Rs. 5000-10,000 each time.

My brother was both lucky and unlucky. He was unlucky since before he could change his PIN Rs. 25000 was already withdrawn.

He was lucky as he rushed to ATM machine and cancelled his card promptly as there was Rs. 1.5 lacs in his account

Remove Pesticides from Fruits/Vegetables Before Cooking

Wash fruits and vegetables before eating them

Fruits and vegetables used for eating-cooking in everyday life may have Pesticide residues hidden on their surface, which are not visible from the naked eye. The toxic chemicals present in these pesticides may cause harm to your health.

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