Complaint Filing Procedure in HDFC Banks including Other Banks

This article will throw light on how to file a complaint in HDFC Bank and the levels of complaint against any of it's services. You will also learn about complaint procedure as mandated by RBI. For other banks this procedure will be more of less same.

HDFC Bank main page

Just like other banks, HDFC Bank too is governed by Indian government watchdog RBI. RBI sets guidelines to all banks and financial institutions in India.

HDFC Banks Complaint Levels

If you go to HDFC Bank contact us page in the bank site you'll find the HDFC Bank has listed following complaint levels:

  1. Level1:First complaint

    This is defined as first time complaint. You can file the complaint through:

    • Phone banking
    • By filling a complaint for online
    • At the bank itself
    • Or sending a letter to HDFC bank designated office ( Mumbai and Chennai)

    I happen to register a complaint by writing it in the Bank's complaint register with a carbon copy. I'm given the original paper as proof of complaint received. So this is Level- 1 complaint. Also you'll be assigned a complaint number.

  2. Level2:Grievance Redressal Officer

    If you are not satisfied with the resolution or due to inordinate delay you can now proceed to the grievance redressal officer assigned by HDFC Bank.

  3. Level3:Nodal Officer/Principal Nodal Officer

    If you are not satisfied with level-2 then HDFC bank has a list of nodal officer which you can proceed for final complaint resolution.

The Final Level: Banking Ombudsman

Reserve Bank of India(RBI)

HDFC Bank clearly specifies that if you are still not satisfied with the resolution after third level or no resolution even after 30 days of filing complaint then you can go ahead and file complaint to RBI Banking Ombudsman

At the current time RBI has designed Banking Ombudsman in 15 zones in India. Check your state and city in this Banking Ombudsman list and file your Final complaint by filling out application in this PDF format specified by RBI (type in details in the PDF form in your computer then print).

Not satisfied with the resolution with Banking Ombudsman?

Going to court is the last step you do. Most likely your case should come within purview of Consumer Court.


Duplicate Not while withdrawal money from HDFC sector 63 noida

I got a duplicate not of 1000 while Withdrawal of 75000 through cheque from HDFC sector-63 Noida.Manager is not ready to accept .She told that we have handover the all not after checking in machine.

My point is if you have checked all note then there must be recorded video .If you are right then its a loss for me but it my right as a customer to verify it .

Manager was very rude like there us no one to hear a customer.Its a black money and got it from reputed bank .Please take a appropriate action for it.

Credit card membership charges

Credit card number: 3608 862015 4867
I have got call from one of the executive from HDFC bank, bhandarkar branch, Pune Saying We can provide you the HDFC Diner club credit card & the card will be free card for lifetime. she also said the card will work on all of the machines.

But after buying this HDFC Diners club credit card, I came to know that it will not work on other machines except HDFC & CITI. & Also in online shopping website there is nothing called Diners club payment gateway.
If we call HDFC customer care they says the restauarent or outlet should have the HDFC machines... How can it will be possible ???

Later after 3 months the membership charges RS 1685.40/- applied on my diners club credit card.

Now without using the card / without getting any benefits from the existing, how can I pay the membership charges.

And finally there is a procedure for closer of the credit card is that I have courier the card to behind given address (CARD BACKSIDE).
I have visited nearest bank two times and given written request to bank to closer of the credit card.
The request has been rejected because of signature mismatch, this things happens with HDFC bank only.

And I am keep on calling customer care but there is no response.

When I dont get any benefits from the card??, then why should I use the DIners club credit card????

The membership charges should be waived off from HDFC bank itself.
And close the credit card.

Thanks & regards,
Chidanand Bhuti

Wrongly charges

my self sarabjit singh i have current account in your bank Name- "Manni Travel" Account No is- 50200001364412 .September 2013 My account have many Wrongly charges.I am going to hall bazar branch and Meet Mr Dinesh Kapoor.He Can Said me i can send the mail in my senior department.and said me your wrongly charges will be reversed in one month. but till date i have no responce in Branch So pls i can Request to you my charges has been reversed as soon as possible

Thanks And Regards
Sarbjit singh

Life insurance policy not issued by HDFC (Worst Service Provider


I am Deepak Prakash Gupta and applied a online term insurance policy for 75 Lac. Doeumentation and Medical clearnace are done almost 15-20 days back but till now the policy is not issued. (Proposal Number: S100000134576). HDFC helpdesk is helpless and dont know the reason why there is delay???
Standard answer is Sir, your policy is in Proposal Stage and after that they dont know what is happening. As a customer, i have the right to know why there is delay as its has crossed the turnaround time?
Guys, request everyone to dont go for HDFC services, its worst i have ever encountered in my life. I am going to complain my HR for the kind of services HDFC is providing as our salary account is HDFC. I dont know if anyone is there who can helpout?

Deepak Gupta

submission of complaint to HDFC Bank

In the formal page for complant to HDFC Bank (step 1) only some space of 250 characters is available .In my case I am unable to express the full text of my complain in such small space.If I am prevented from stating the complaint in full , how it will be redressed ? Will somebody help me to transmit my complain in full to the authorities of HDFC bank, of which I am a A/c holder since long.

Loan offer for help

Loan Terms and Conditions, agree and get back with your Scanned id card.

Hello Walter Josiah..,

I got your email and i want you to know that you are welcome to
Austine Best. I want you to know that this loan can be sent to you as
soon as possible but you have to follow due process so that the loan
will be sent in good care and the loan will land to your account
safely. You are to know that for you to get this loan, you are to
first of all agree to the company's terms and conditions. This is the
first step for you to get this loan. I sent you the terms and
conditions for the loan which you are to agree and get back to me with
a proof of your Identity.

So find below the terms and conditions. Agree and get back to me as
soon as possible so that i will tell you the next step of the

Here are the terms and condition which you will are about to read and
understand the terms. You are looking for the sum of $50,000.00. I want
you to know that i am a legitimate loan lender, and I am wiling to
help you with the loan you need. Below you will find the Company Loan
Terms and Conditions .

1:Applicant must obey the company instructions
2:Applicant must be 18 years and above.
3:The loan must take insurance protection for security reasons.
4:Applicant must provide his/her National Identity Card or
International Passport, Passport,Driver License and a copy of his/her
5:All information sent by the applicant must be valid.
6:Applicant must respond to the company mails regularly.
7:The loan repayment is consist in Monthly payment with the total interest rate.

So if you wish to obtain a loan from our company the above list stated
are the company procedure and the below information is the loan terms
and as soon as you are in agreement with it you are to get back with a
scan copy of your id card for verification.

Loan Amount Needed:$50,000.00
Loan Interest Rate:3%
Loan Term:1 year
Monthly Loan Payment:$4,234.68
Number of Payments:12
Cumulative Payments:$50,816.22
Total Interest Paid:$816.22

Note: The monthly loan payment was calculated at 11 payments of $4,234.68 plus a final payment of $4,234.74.

This is the total loan Amount and interest divided by the loan
duration period. Borrower are to send a scan copy of your valid I.D
card or international passport for identification to enable the swift
transfer of your loan. you are also to send your direct phone number
and complete house address.


1:I Agree to pay the monthly repayment schedule at when due.
2:I Agree not to turn my back as soon as i get the loan
3:I Agree to start repayment monthly, 6 months after my loan has been
credited to my Account.

I…………………… hereby Agree to the loan terms and condition and with this,
In declaration of the loan agreement details provide by me and
document signed are real and legit.

Borrower Signature.

We expect you to work hand in hand with us to enable us get to the
better end of this transaction.

Austine Best
*M/D Austine Best*

HDFC Bank Looting money towards preclosure of my Personal Loan

I have taken loan# 22274920 from HDFC bank and I completed 26 months EMI's so far with out any due. I called to the customer care for preclose details for my loan. They mentioned 4.4% service tax towards the preclosure charges from October 1st, 2014, and this is not intimated to me. And the HDFC bank looks like looting money from the customers like me. I have taken 4 loans in the same bank so far and the bank people took so much money for preclosing one loan and processing for another loan in a same time. This is happened to all my 4 loans. I finally want to give complaint on this to Executives of HDFC Bank, how this bank is taking money towards preclosing, processing and other mandatory insurance premium for every Loan I took. Since 6 Years I am maintaing my good relationship with the bank. Now I decided to stop my relationship with this bank. I already cancelled my credit card with this bank.


Insurance attached with Personal Loan without any intimation

I took a Personal Loan frm HDFC Bank Ltd through its DSA Mr. Dinesh Shiste ( 9820424067). While processing the application( Member Code: 27993050) nobody frm HDFC bank or DSA person, told me regarding Insurance policy. But after disbursement, i was shocked when i checked the credited amount in my Indian Overseas Bank A/c. The HDFC Bank Ltd. had deducted amt. Rs 45,276.59 towards Insurance Premium of HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd( Policy No.: CP000003) without any intimation. Though I've not signed any proposal form of Insurance, how could HDFC Bank/ HDFC Standard Life Insurance took the premium without any concern. I am doing followup with Mr. Dinesh ( 9820424067) & HDFC Bank's Sales Manager Mr. Dhanraj (9322167689) regarding refund of insurance premium,but both the person giving contrast statement about refund.Sir, it has been over a month now and I have been running to get my money back. But till date nothing has happened. I am writing to you with the hope that you will help me out in the case.

Thnx & Regards,

Shyam Ramchandra Shinde
Saphalya Trading Corporation
Mob No: 9004600875

Complain Against HDFC Personal Loan After Closure

To ,
Hazaratganj, Lucknow

SUB : Personal Loan Settlement Loan Account No. 20584078

Dear Sir,
This is to bring to your kind notice that I had availed a personal loan from your good bank vide Loan Account No. 20584078. First 17 EMI’s were cleared by ECS but 18th EMI onwards ECS payments could not be cleared due to the fact that I had to leave the country on an urgent assignment and my parents could not manage timely credits in my savings account.

After my return to the country, I approached your good branch for final settlement of the said loan account by way of foreclosure. Final settlement was negotiated and your representative Mr. Bhupendra Contact No. 9506617000 assured that there will be no problem in future with any Bank for availing Loan etc. The final amount was settled vide Cash receipt No. 33602441 Dated 26.04.2014 (amount Rs. 10000/=) and Cash receipt No. 34050815 Dated 26.05.2014 (Amount Rs. 20000/=) through your authorized agency “ABHI ASSOCIATES, ID 219469”.

Recently I applied for a new Loan with some other bank who in turn advised me that my name is in the defaulter list of CIBIL due to my previous Loan with your branch. I tried to contact Mr. Bhupendra but he did not answer my calls. Finally when I rang him from another cell phone he responded but transferred the call to Mr. Prashant Contact No. 9305467152. Mr. Prashant advised me that even after depositing the final amount for foreclosure of loan with HDFC Bank my name cannot be removed from defaulters list of CIBIL. Mr. Prashant also expressed his inability to issue me any kind of letter on HDFC Banks letterhead stating that the said loan has been closed with no outstanding dues. He also suggested me to take loan from some private financers and continue the same to clear my CIBIL rating etc.

We request you to kindly furnish us a final statement for the above mentioned Loan Account and advise me if any more amounts has to be deposited to finally close the said account and such that any adverse entries in my CIBIL rating be removed.

My cibil report is showing ‘’WRITTEN-OFF’’ not settled. Kindly give a peaceful solution.

Date : 30-10-2014 Mohammad Mazhar Khan
Place: Lucknow Mobile: 9918075666
Address: House Number 512/530,
Nishatganj, Liucknow.



My name is Arunima Ghosh with Credit Card # 4346 7811 0270 6199 issued to me in 2007 (Salt Lake, Kolkata) with credit limit of 25,000. I used the card till late 2008 or early 2009 (as much as I can remember). At that point there was an overdue on the card and I continued paying the minimum amount for few months on and off. I lost the card and I was informed that the card has been blocked those days and never requested for a replacement one. However; after few months (Mid 2010), I started paying minimum due on a regular basis which started @ ~1650 which later increased to 1950 thereafter 2100 which I’ve been paying till date. I was under the notion (As I was informed by one the representative from HDFC collection department) that the debts will be settled through the above payments and I will be relieved from this hassle. Very recently, I was informed that my pending amount has been overdued by 22,000 and I have to pay the amount at one shot to be eligible to do a final settlement on the card!

All these while, the interactions with HDFC representatives have not been pleasant at all. All they seem to care about is collecting the money and not answer the queries. I never had clarity on what is the current state of the settlement. Moreover; the representatives are abusive and always possessed threatening tone. I asked to be able to talk to some superior office many times and they just hang up! I have never received any fruitful response to my urges to be able to get some clarity on the lifecycle of this transaction with the Bank. Like I said, I thought I’ve been paying to close the deal in installments!!

Here's the catch - After I stopped using my card, I paid nearly about 75000 (I wish so much someone could clarify that to me) against the original credit limit of 25,000!!

At this moment, this haunts me and I don't know how HDFC can facilitate me to settle this deal. I'm sure there are many who don't understand financial terms/policies used by Banks like me and suffer in the end because of lack of transparency shown by the Bank (people makes the company).

Here's what I need-
1. HDFC to give me a complete statement from the time the card was issued for me to understand what was the actual amount due from the time I started paying regularly and how much I have paid so far.

2. HDFC should provide a direct contact details for me to initiate a progressive conversation to settle the deal and close the case.

3. Unless the above conditions are initiated, collection department should not call me and I am not paying a penny to HDFC.

Please help.

Phone # 9739259740
Alternate# 9743775596

I am going to File FIR against HDFC Bank & Collection Agency


My credit card no is 4617862004321006 and I am holding the card from 2011. I have paid my bills continuously for 3 years. but now I lost my Job and I am unemployed from last 4 months. I have informed HDFC bank by Person to my home Branch as well as by Phone to Tele calling officer that Now I am insolvent and not able to pay my debts. And I requested for Charging off my debt or Provide some time.

But I am tolerating Continues harassment by Collection agent appointed by HDFC bank. They are calling 1000 times in day & night, Using Bad words, Forcing me to pay money. They are also disturbing my friends & Family by discussing my debt & By visited them.

So I am requesting HDFC bank to Do something . I have filed a FIR in my local Police station Kolkata. No is 1594753/dated 28.10.14 under As per Section 507,354,356 & 506 under Indian Penal Code 1860.

If I received one more Call I will complain District Consumer Forum Under section 12 also.

And I after that we will meet in Court .

Harrassment by HDFC Bank


I have a Complaint for HDFC back Credit card department.

I have received continuously 118+ Calls from HDFC bank Collection Company . As account is only 4 Days Past Due. Due to Diwali. I asked them will pay the money after Diwali but I got 118 Calls Approx. 80 calls was back to back remain in the Gap of two to three minutes between 1000 Am to 1400Pm . Please look into this matter . The phone numbers which were continuously calling are mentioned below.


From the above mentioned phone number I received +118 Calls. The bank even did the third party disclosure by giving all the info to the person who answered my phone. He was so rude as well . Such a pathetic Service. I never told that I will be not paying the bill still I got so many calls . This is harassing. I lost so many important calls due to these calls I was not able to answer other phone calls which were important calls. I would request you to please look into this Matter as soon as possible , even I had launched a complaint to HDFC credit card Department at 12:45 today .I have all the screenshots for the phone calls made by the HDFC Bank.

I need an escalation in this case and would like to get a favorable resolution to this issue, falling which I will be forced to take further

Sanjeev Kumar
Date : 24/ OCT / 2014

Unauthorised Loan Application. Poor Customer Services.


I am very annoyed with the way HDFC Bank has treated me as a customer. I would never ever recommend anyone to this bank if my ISSUE DOES NOT GET RESOLVED.
I need someone to call me as I prefer talking to someone about it.
-I had called up HDFC Customer Service on 5th Oct, 2014 as I wanted to apply for a Car Loan.
-I was transferred to someone named "Ajit" from Auto Loan Dept
-He said his executive will come with a Dealer who will give me a better deal than I am getting from AUTO VISTA for my new car.
-On 8th Oct, "Tuesday". Executive named "Sharif" came with a Sai service dealer named "Afzal" to collect my documents.
-Afzal asked to give a Booking amount cheque on a condition that If I were to change my mind to cancel the Booking, Then "Sharif" would get the cheque back to me.
-I already had an approved Car Loan from Axis bank with me for 5 years, however I approached HDFC Bank for a 7 Year tenure as promised by "Ajit"
-I was promised that the Loan will be processed in 2 days only.
-I submitted my Documents on 8th Oct, and on the 10th of Oct I get a call from HDFC asking me to guide me to the address as a part of Verification.
-I was confused as Thursday was supposed to be the day i would receive the application confirmation. (They were still verifying my details).
-As I had an Exclusive offer from Auto Vista, I had to take my decision hence I accepted the offer from Axis.
-So i decided to CANCEL my application from HDFC. I decided to call "Sharif" He sounded Aggressive and Defensive. He started arguing with me.
-I disconnected the call and Decided to Call up (His so called TL) "Ajit". He did not want to accept and Kept on insisting to atleast go thru the application. (Maybe he gets incentive for every application)
-I was pretty Stern and Straight forward in putting my point across about the cancellation of my application.
-"Ajit" disconnected the call in dis-satisfaction with a confirmation that the application was cancelled on 11th Oct, 2014.
- Now on 21st Oct, 2014 I received an Email from HDFC stating that "The Loan Application was DECLINED due to Bank's internal credit policy."
- Are you Kidding me?
- A Loan Application Reject affects your Credit Score and I am very particular about my Credit Score.
- I am not a happy Customer. I have been in a customer service for last 6 years and this is not the way your treat your customer.
Contact # 9930128328

Stopping of Biling in Nebanking

I am account holder in HDFC, I have been chasing my so called relationship management executive and a set of lethargic & incompetent team looking at Netbanking issues to get back my billing back through Netbanking.

Its more than a month now and I have missed my billing cycle with penalties to pay for late payment or non payment. I would like to know how I could get this reimbursed from the bank.

I want to know if in normal practise they need to take a customer permission before just knocking off al the billers from my authorised billing. I am being told they consolidated all Accounts into one, and now I see that they have put it in a ID that I am not aware or was not communicated, My wife starts getting messages suddenly because now this new ID has my wife's details.

really atrocious for a bank I thought was professional, I a suppose to be a Imperia customer, I don't know hat normal HDFC customers' go through.



If any one sees these messages at the bank & acts on it , I hope to see a mail in my mailbox , but the ways things are going I am not too sure if that's going to happen

Personal loan rejected without any vaild reason***

Hi I am Nabanita das.I have applied for a personal loan on 09 Oct'14 through phone banking.I have submitted all documets on 11 Oct'14.I received sms on 13 Oct'14(Ref no:30084036)that "my personal loan application is accepted.on 13th Oct'14 a guy came to my present address for address verification purpose.(I didnt get any call and I was in office that time,that person called me after reaching my home where nobody was there.).I called HDFC Customer customer care number and they suggested me to stay home on 14th Oct'14.I took leave and stay home on 14th Oct'14 But nobody came on that day for address verification day without any phone one guy came to my present address and I told him "Its rented house we may leave this house within 2 months because our house aggreement will be over after 2 months and will move to our permanent address.Now according his feedback my application got rejected.When I called to Customer care,they told because of I will leave the room within 2 months ,application got rejected.Now they suggested to verify my permanent address.after 3 working days(on 18th Oct'14) They visit my permanent house,where i will move after 2 months.but after permanent address verification my request got rejected again and told "my mom did't say I will be moved after two months".I called the person and asked him what did he ask to my mom.He just ask my mom was that my permanent address or not,who stay there right now(he didnt ask any question regarding I will be moved to my parmanent address or not)and address verification was only for its my permamnent address or not.and there is no communcition between while I will be move there or not
There is a communication gap between we,(I ,my mom)and bank representative.the discussion what we have done and acutal report what the guy submitted both are not correct.
My question is:

1. Bank representative should carry a audio /vedio recorder and submit to bank for any verification purpose.because in my case whatever he is reported to bank is not correct and there is no valid reason to reject the application.Why there is no proper way to verify any verification(address/job etc)
2. Why we customer suffer for its applied for a personal loan so I need that loan ASAP.but due to some miscommunication till now(more than 10 days over)I didnt get appoval.


My suggestion is to check one more time,send some person with a vedio/audio recorder and visit my office/present/permanet address any time for any verification purpose.

If loan is rejected please reply me with a valid reason.because when I asked to customer care,they didnt explain the vaild reason.they suggest to raise complain.

complaint against recovery agent

To HDFC Bank
I am Deepak Sonker and my wife name is Hainsi Kanwal, we got married 4 years back and 2 years back my wife was using HDFC credit Card, and they gave us some false statement some false statement .we told them so many times we havn’t use this much of amount and the recovery agents giving me threatening calls to me sir I am heart patient and cannot tolerate these kinds of harassments, I want to tell you if anything will be mishappening with me the recovery agent will be responsible. Yesterday in the evening I got high B.P and got admitted in the nursing home, please sir do something immediately so that I am not be harassed by these peoples.
The recovery agent made around 30 calls in a day and threaten me
The recovery agent name is Vishal and his phone number is 8588816090
Please take the necessary action as soon as possible.
Deepak Sonker

Amount deduction..3280rs


This is to informed to after paying loan amount 1743rs and 106rs for previos pending balance...even then 3280rs has been deducted from by A/c...i have a sallary account....i have receipt of paid amount..i made that payment on 09-oct-2014...when i called to custer care to know abt my balance deduction...they are saying we have not received any's been 5 days since i made payment.....and they said that is for due EMI..and late agent came to me to collect the payment..why didn't he informed me to pay bounce is totally disappointed...and custmer care anent said to close the account...he was very rude....i am not getting any resollution...please check and do the needful....
HDFC A/c 50100045281970
Cust ID...55434996

4893771600005670 Credit card cash not received complaint photos

Hi Sir,

I used my HDFC Credit card to withdraw Rs.10000/- at SBI ATM Machine (RLY STN, SOMNA) debited even though I did not get the cash and despite the message (Sorry unable to process) I have already complaint with HDFC helpline on 03/10/14 at time 10:20AM and request to credit the said amount into my account. I am sending ATM SLIP PHOTOS. Please find my attached file for reference.

Please resolve this issue urgently.

Credit card no.- 4893771600005670
date: 03 OCT 2014
Time : 10:10 AM
ATM ID: S10G003636001
TXN NO. 8419

Thanks & Regards,
Vipin Chauhan
MOB No: 9555473149

not received my money after closing account before 6 months

I had closed my HDFC bank account (04861140140031 , MAGARPATTA ­ PUNE) few months ago.
That time I was told that as I'm closing my account before march end, there is interest of Rs. 504 which I couldn't receive that time, but DD/check of 504 will be transferred to my address. But still I didn't receive any DD/check.
I went the branch 3-4 times after that. Every time the tell me that, I will get the DD/check of 504 Rs in few days. But even after 7 months, I didn't receive anything from them.

Shirish Herwade.

Complained against HDFC Credit Card Collection department

Dear Sir/Mam,

I am Manish Jain working with ABP News as a Media Administrator.

I was holding HDFC Credit card (5289 4550 0274 5443) and its expired in Dec 2013, that time my due amount around Rs. 5000 – Rs. 6000 (exactly not confirm). I was staying in Delhi till April 2013 so I got my all the credit card details received from that address, after April I locate in Chandigarh. After expiring of my credit card my new card is dispatched from bank to my communication address but i was not there so i could not receive my card and i got the mail of non-receiving the card from bank. I called up in customer center of HDFC to update my new Chandigarh address and send my card, but i did not get, i called again after one month to send my card but not received again, i went to bank and tell them all the situation and they took my details and was filling up it in a form and confirm me that I'll receive my card within 15 days, but i did not get my card once again.

Its more than 8-9 months and i am not using my credit card but Bank applying all the charges on my due payments and its raised approx. Rs. 12526.

I got a call from recovery/collection department in last month and told me to submit my all the dues which are Rs. 12526 but i said, I'll pay only my last dues when i was holding the card and it was Rs. 5000-6000, they said Ok.

I am working in ABP News as a Media Administrator and my salary credited in one of the HDFC account and yesterday credit card collection/recovery department debited Rs. 12562 from my Salary account without intimate me.

I am trying to know about my debited amount from bank but credit card department not given any satisfactory answer to me and gave me collection/recovery's department contact number every time, i have 3 numbers of collection department but no body is pick up my call there.

Kindly solve my problem, i am very tense after deducting my amount, its really very big amount for middle class employee such as me.

I am just ready to pay my last amount till Dec. 2013.

Kindly solve my problem.

Thanking You Date 04-10-2014


Manish Jain


Today (09-10-2014)
got a call from credit card department and tell her the whole story that lady executive, but she did not take any interest in my problem and said to me that you have to pay all the amount otherwise bank will deduct your hold money that is Rs.12526, I said you can't do that is illegal and I complained against you (HDFC) to RBI and Consumer Forum, she replied you are free to do any thing but your money will be deducted if you won't pay within 15 days..

Kindly give me suggestion, what should I do.

Thanking You
Manish Jain

Credit card holder

Sir , i am using HDFC credit card and my 8000 payment over due now my name in black list how can remove black list name .

no response from customer care for my issue

Hello Team,
I am HDFC account holder and was working in cognizant. I had lost my ATM card and Food card in June month and had applied for both. I got my Debit card but I have not received my food card yet.
My lost food card has some amount which needs to be transferred to my new food card and ,also when I had lost card, next month's Food Card amount(2000/-) was supposed to be credited to my lost card.

It has been 4 months and I have not received my food card. I have requested customer care to revert my balance to my main account if they are not able to provide me new food card but I never ever get any response from them.

I used to follow up this request but nobody responds !!!!!

I have sent many mails to "prepaidcards [dot] chennai [at] hdfcbank [dot] com" and I do not got any response!

Please check with them and provide me the status of my request.
Thanks In Advance,


Why this complaint closed your HDFC team members id- 14262117431.

Who FOR Owner collection team?, Thriuvanmirur branch Vijayanad muthuswamy (thiruvanmiyur branch )? , Special service number team? ( 044-23625600), 24X7 Service centre ? (61606161), Vadpalani team calling from they speaked to, Banglore team they saying banglre unkonwn number? team ? and Who for direct HDFC Bank manager or owner ?????????????????????????????? please provide the responsible person or

Still now no one given the solution 24x7 given other team contact number (but this number is dummy number) direct bank going means they given the super service number and he also given the other team contact number and they given the complaint number but some people are closed 14262117431 this complaint so what are doing your services so this is professional ?
No one taken the action my problem from credit card division team people why? delayed ?

Why this person still not contact to me Vijayanad muthuswamy (thiruvanmiyur branch )?

How many time I am sending the mail and calling how many times compliant register ?

This is good ? poor?

Arrogant gestures by then executives

I write this after a arrogant communication by HDFC credit card executives.

I am the credit card holder and have been regular to pay the dues. I have lost my job last year and have recently got the new job. I am trying to manag the year long debts, due to which I am in financial crises. For last 2 months, I am not able to pay the minimum dues. I informed this to the customer care over the phone and also have dropped a mail. I also requested for the card to be settled.

Today I received a call from Mr.Ajay,Pune, who mentioned that , if I do not have the capacity to repay the due, why did I use the card.

Was my paying capacity not checked while issuing the card? Is my payment history not checked while uttering these words?

Is it so that because, me and my husband communicate respectfully, with these people, they are arrogant. We are genuinely telling our situation, and also not in any mood to device any financial institute.

I think, the behaviour is inappropriate though I may be a defaulter.

I do not know, if writing here will be of any use, but thought this way to update some new would be customers to think while applying for HDFC CREDIT CARD.

credit card

I Rahul Agrawal from Bangalore, HDFC Credit card No 5241 8104 0029 7891, issued credit card with wrong spelling on it and also given times card instead of platinum card(which was asked. Now i am asking to change my card from past three months. I have sent letter to chennai branch as they asked two times. In recent mail they are saying we have not received your letter. But same time Indian postal website shows it is received and i called their customer care he also say it is received. But on mail they are saying not receinved. I have sent the snap shot of indian postal which shows shipment is received. but almost 2 months are over no reply is coming. they dumped me the card which i cannot use because of wrong spelling of my name. Pl do the needful.

Rahul Agrawal

Complaint against collection Manager (Rajkumar Rai from Pune),


This person (RAJKUMAR RAI) from HDFC has been harassing me along with his colleague (Ranjit) by threatening me and accusing me of froggery only because I Missed an EMI due to some charges taken by HDFC with out notification.

They have been calling me 15 times a day and also my relatives I have call logs and recording which I am sending to the RBI complaint nodal officer.

If this persists I will also Include Police and get my Lawyer to take actions against you and your team.

Ranjit has alleged without any right that I am running away and lying to not pay the money and speaking to me rudely and also stating that customers like me can be spoken to like this which is absolutely rediculous from all aspects.

I am an Analyst with one of the biggest Banks in the World Barclays and have been depositing 1 lakh a month since I joined HDFC and noone ever gets the right to talk to me like that ever.

I am very hurt and mentally upset because of this uneducated behaviour and would like strong action to be taken against Ranjit and Rajkumar and he has no right to be a Manager with the worst customer service skills and worst attitude towards dealing with customers.

I hope HDFC takes the complaints posted by their Customers strictly and fairly.

Hoping some action will be taken against these people and a sincere apology will be expected in this situation and I will never take this abuse again from you guys.

Will attach my proofs when I setup a complaint application to RBI (banks ombudsman) and DISTRICT COURT aswell.

Extremely upset and angry on this occasion from HDFC and hoping this is dealt with ASAP.

Sikander Bakshi

Transaction complain

Am vasanth i have an account in hdfc bank in bangalore halasuru branch, complaint is when ever my boss or my customers transfer money to my account am not getting exact amount from past one year while transfering each time ur bank accountant taking my amount 100 to 500 rs so i came to know about this now, this is my account number :02861530001272, please take it serious and pay my money back in my account, otherwise i have all my bank statements i will raise this as a big issue.

Harassment in settling the dues

Credit card no: 4617 ---- 0032 7072
Please help me with these private agencies who first declare themselves as the HDFC bank employee, then after some times say on behalf of the bank and then start using rude languages with all kinds of dadagiri and try to arouse me to speak in the same language.
I am been receiving the calls from several numbers for more than one year, of which today i had received a call from 07738001409 (Named: Deepali). Every time i ask for the settlement the person give a different figure for which when i request for the payment which i can afford they start using rude languages and humiliate me. Every month i have to face a new executive and have to explain the entire story for why i am unable to pay the amount. In the past they have even sent their executives at my residence twice in my absence and the executive had misbehaved with my parents saying that they will file a case against us in the court and recover the money. Last month I spoke to a person who is an officer in the bank named Ms. BANINDER KAUR - 09321957208 ( i have been asked to get in touch with her in the mail sent to me from HDFC BANK CC divn ; Payment [dot] Reminder [at] hdfcbank [dot] com Thu, 12 Jun '14 10:28p) She was polite and had assured me that she will do the settlement on figure which any other bank had agreed earlier along with the NOC letter. I sent her the complete details and proof to her with a copy CC to her senior Mr. Anoop Raut on anoop [dot] raut [at] hdfcbank [dot] com After which I had followed up thrice on mails but they never responded. I have even called her on her cell number mentioned above but she never answered. I felt that may be the bank takes some time or days to process this and awaited for their response. Today I was surprised to again get a call from some agency (Exec. Name: Deepali, Mob No: 07738001409) and adding to my agony the whole chapter had restarted. The Lady at the other end is so rude that she is not ready to listen anything. I dont understand that whenever a new person comes in picture, is it some kind of training they got of saying " WO JO PICHLE MAHINE THI AB NAHI HAI, AB MAIN DEKHTI HOO...", and The same chapter begins once again......Some one please help me to get out of this....I am living in a state of shock because of these people.

Corporation Bank Fraud

Dear Sir/Ma'm


It's really unfortunate on your part to have such a behavior towards a customer.

With respect to SB Account no - 070400101010861, in the name of Ankit Kumar Agrawal.

It was my first Job with Philips Electronics, for which I needed an account where my salary could be credited. I approached Corporation Bank for the same.

While opening the account I was said by the bank representative, that it is a salary account & the minimum balance can be 0 & also that there is no charge for ATM or annual maintenance.

On 28/06/2013, I was charged 112/- for maintenance or something, I wrote a mail for the same. (please see the last mail).

I didn't receive any mails/calls from your part. Again I wrote a mail on 10th Feb, 2014. (please see the second last mail).

Still didn't receive any mails.

Frustrated with these behavior of yours, I took out all the money from my account.

Since, I don't stay in Bangalore any more, I couldn't reach to the bank & discuss about the same.

On, these 6th September 2014, I visited my base branch. I requested them to close the account.

I was surprised to learn that I need to pay 350/- to close the account.

Further on 6th Sept, 2014 I was asked to pay 350/- & when I sent a mail on 8th Sept, 2014 I was asked to pay 447/-. (please see the below mail)

It's a cheating on your part for the following -
1. I was said that I will have to pay nothing for maintenance of the account or Card charges.
2. Min Account balance can be 0/-.
3. On 6th Sept it is 350 & on 8th Sept it becomes 477/-.

I hope my problem will be taken care hereafter.

Else, I ll write to RBI about the same.


Ankit Agrawal

Amount On hold

I Mohd Sharfe Alam HDFC Credit Card Number 4181362000615317, has outstanding around 18000, I stop paying my dues due to misbehaving and misleading me by collection agent.since last six month we are asking to close my credit card every time executive told us that pay ur minimum due balance and will wave off ur penalty we have paid four time but problem is as it is u can check in ur record
After they are settle my credit card payment.more than my used amount
Then on 10 september 2014, Bank one sided take desssion, ceased my HDFC account and as per some letter, they will debit More than 2000 thousand rupee from my account.

As I have regular payee of my HDFC Credit Card and HDFC Loan EMI, kindly help me to recover my money.
i have some more Account in Hdfc if i will not get proper solution will have to close my all account including my family members account

Mohd Sharfe Alam
Mob No 9892523062
Credit card no 4181362000615317

credit card complaint


My name is Vikas Thakur My salary account has been blocket against the overdue of credit card. You cannot do that. This is illegal. I want to talk to the write person.

Vikas Thakur
Ph 9780941215


Today I withdraw money from your MAGARPATTA ATM At Destination Center, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune 411013 around 7.30PM- 7thSEP 2014.

I did observe following

I WAS SCARED to withdraw money from ATM with such terrible facilities being provided at ATM Center by bank Like HDFC.



HDFC Escalation


i am srinivasan and also working in HP. I am HDFC bank Salary Account Holder. my money has deduct 112.36/- i have lot of disappointed. i dont what they happen. KIndly revert my money.
Name: s. srinivasan
Acc No: 00821140105138.
Contact: 89396 16585

S. Srinivasan

Service & Embarrassment by HDFC bank

My name is Surendrajit Mondal & I am credit card holder in your Bank. My credit card no is 52430681700177101.

Before 5 months I got a called from your bank that my credit card got upgraded to a new chip credit card. and you people will send me soon. And even after one month I didn't get my card. so I called the customer care & my Home Branch on the same matter . I have reported this problem so many time. But I didn't got any answer from my ranch or customer care. And Bank said they sent my card to my home branch because my home address was not falling under delivery area.

I have called my home branch & Customer care more than 200 times but I didn't received any feedback. I complained I don't able to pay my credit card bills and not able to use it. because my old card is blocked & i don't know about my new card. Although i have received so many documents & even my old credit card in my home address through courier.

Near about 5 months have passed on the same problem but Nothing is solved . and now I have stop using my bank accounts also. I have stopped my RD & joint account for the feedback which I have received from your bank. And I am very much disappointed .

After all this hustle Now I am received 10 times call regarding my payment . And the service agency is irritating me a lot . I said that I have complained on this matter so many times & you need to solve my problem first. But they are forcing me on Payment.

So I am requesting to solve my problem first and take some action on these service agencies Or else I will go for Lawsuit against HDFC bank.

My financial position is not good & I am not able to pay any amount. I will pay my outstanding bills once I am able to . In Small amounts.

So please take necessary action against HDFC bank.

Fraudulent attitude of HDFC bank staff

1) I have a credit card numbered 4167863004297691. I want to know my outstanding balance on it which I never receive via

mail, from the bank.
2) I requested for this and was told that my card is blocked and I need to contact the debt collection department. The

debt collection department said the amount is 38350 (oral communication). I asked them to send this to me via mail to

which they say that they cannot and I can get information orally only.
3) Now no one is helping me on this. the collection department is not picking my calls. Further to this, one of the

customer executives told that my balance is 32500.
4) I am totally confused and pestered and my interest is going up everyday.

1) A month back too I asked them for the bills when one of the collection agents called me and was abusing me since I did

not know about the exact bills. No one cared for that and I stopped receiving calls after that. they told me( verbally)

that the amount was 30000 then.
2) These guys are harassing me mentally and financially. Their interest rates are not defined very well too and the

situation is too hazy.

1) I want them to email me my outstanding as per the last month's balance as I have been willing to pay since then.
2) It should be reflected as a genuine payment and not final settlement after I clear the above said and communicated

3) I should be issued a NOC instantaneously and shall be cleared of all CIBIL histories due to these discrepancies.
4) HDFC shall apologize for their shortcomings.

Loyalty department of HDFC life is not loyal

I am HDFC customer i invested in HDFC young start Policy No. 14631527 however policy was not giving me good returns. Mr Gajendra Chaudhary from HDFC loyally depart contacted me for new policy of HDFC during my conversation they offer help for my HDFC life policy and asked for policy documents since they were HDFC employee I handed over my policy documents to them now it more than two month I kept on asking for my documents however Mr Gajendra Chaudhary is not returning my document . I don’t think it’s a professional behavior I handed over my document to HDFC now I need my documents back.


Amount Deducted from my HDFC Account


My name is Srinivasan and also working in HP. my account is salary Account. i am HDFC account for past 5 years. I have check my netbank some amount will be deducted 736/-. For past few months my amount will be automatically deducted. i dont know what exactly happen. kindly revert my money 736.00/- I have lot of disappointed. And also i had given the complaint for this Scenerio. but i didnt get any response from HDFC bank.

HDFC Compliant Number: CHNC0814052572

Name: Srinivasan
Acc: 00821140105138
Mobile: 89396 16585
Branch: Nungabakkam Branch, Chennai
S. Srinivasan

Creditcard Issue

Mu Credit card no is :5241 8101 0007 9508 Name On the card :saranyas
Mu cards limit is 25,000 i have bought some items for this amount not i'm paying EMI monthly. now my outstanding amount is 37,000 i have already paid above 30, i can't paint next step i need settlement but your people speaking very badly i can't handle your people so please arrange my settlement i can't your call center people way of talking style is very indecent

My No:9500024733
Card No :5241 8101 0007 9508
place :Chennai

please do the needfull and please arrange call back

Thanks & Regards,

Credit card - After Document submission

I'm Malini Ponsekha, I already submit the document as per your procedure, but still I'm not receiving any message from your end. Please reply me.

debit card reissue

i requested hdfc to reissue my debit card they reissue card but as there was problm in my address as my company trnsfered me to their other branch so i told dem the same bt they told me that will go to same address n if rejected frm dere will sent to sec -127 hdfc dat is so far i told dem i want insta crd dey told me to provide 2 proof of id i told ihave only one n one in email dat is scanned so still dey refused n den i told dem to arrange debit card to be delived to my pg or nearest hdfc branch or to my company's new address still dey refused services are appoling n pathetic

Transaction details shared to 3rd party by bank staff

I have this current account (07592000002537) since three years.
In the month of jan 2014 date 20th I received a threatening call regarding money.
The person who had called me has all the transaction details of particular HDFC bank account .
I been threatened to pay 5 Lakhs but surprisingly when I reached to my branch manager mrinal verma he said it might be a prank however on my written complaint bank acted and replied to me after 15 days approx stating that my complaint is right and they accept the guilty also they have taken the strict action against the bank staff however my trouble continued as I kept on getting messages for money also been told that if I will not pay they will defame me socially.
Since the month of jan I kept on asking for the details of persons involved into this but bank never provided till date (20.08.2014) .
Shockingly bank asked me to provide the conversation between bank and third party as proof in support of my allegation lease bank will not help me.
My shock is how can I provide any details of third party and bank conversation.
I written to bank many times till date but no one is even replying.

Mental harassment by HDFC personal loan collection officers

I took a personal loan from HDFC bank in the year 2012 and was duly paying my EMI's till april 2013 when i lost my job and it became very difficult for me to make the both ends meet. I was running just a month behind and i started getting calls from collection officials day in and day out who were very rude, unprofessional and it seemed if you are talking to illiterate people. I explained them the situation but these guys were not ready to listen. They then started calling my family members, friends. They called up my parents and told them "non bailable warrants have been issued against your son" and "he will be arrested", If he is out of country then his "passport will be taken away" and "visa will be cancelled" and also "the concerned police of that country" will arrest him, bring him to India and put him in Jail...I mean...Seriously!...For a personal Loan!!!...They even told my parents that "you people are also involved with him in taking loan from the bank and must have distributed the money among yourself". I mean, how much can you degrade yourself to get money out of a person who already is suffering...they told my mother "you are a pathetic mother"....My question to HDFC bank is...Do they really train their officials about the RBI and Supreme court guidelines against personal loan and credit card money recovery? Just for their kind information...TAKING A LOAN IS NOT A CRIME...with all the words spoken to my parents against me let me be very specific, you people have made it sound as if i have murdered someone or have done some kind of big scam for which i am wanted by the Indian Government, which i haven't...Its high time that the Government takes a note of this. Though i have given the officials my piece of mind, its high time for HDFC as well to better start hiring or giving their collection business to PEOPLE WHO ARE LITERATE and coach them regarding the RBI and Supreme court guidelines. If the officials keep on talking the way they want then HDFC can forget the money they have given as loan or credit cards to people.

HDFC Complaint query


We would like to have a chat with you regarding your problem. We are planning to set up a service to resolve issues such as the one that you are facing.
We would like to have a chat with you. Please could you provide an e-mail ID to contact you on.

Thanks & Regards

HDFC Home loan KOlkata

THe worst ever bank I have seen in my life. I CONDEMN the bank and appeal to all not to venture to think to take loan from HDFC Home loan.

I narrate the harrowing experience I faced in kolkat HDFC home loan. My friend applied for the home loan on 22.7.14 and till date we are groping in dark when will hwe get the lpoan disbursed.
They raise piece meal objection and make run like shuttle cork.
The responsible officials are: DEbajit nandi,SupriyoDebnath,Avijit Biswas ,shreya Dasgupta,Prasannamit Sharma.No body is bothered about the plight of the customer and they are simply throwing the ball in other court.

I AAPEAL Dr DEEPAK PARIKH to look onto the whole functioning of KOlkata Home loan wing.
NO ONE NO ONE NO ONE NO ONE........ sholud attempt even in dream to take loan from HDFC Kolkata

HDFC bank: Misguided by Personal Banker


I recently got a policy for my wife (HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus). Following are the datails:
Policy#: 16849475
ClientId: 68369702
Name: Avanti Mukherjee
Annual premium: 70,000/-
Frequency: Annual

My Personal Banker, Nilesh Golande (nilesh [dot] golande [at] hdfcbank [dot] com) sold this policy to me. While buying it, I had made it very clear that I will be unable to pay the premium annually. I wanted a monthly premium, but Nilesh insisted on an annual premium with an arrangement that I will be billed on my HDFC credit card(4617862002360618) with conversion to 6 EMIs to be paid every alternate months for 12 months. I had informed him that my credit card expiry is in Sep-2014, to which he assured me that since I will be renewing the card, there be no issue in alternate month billing till April-2015. Based on his word, I bought the policy.

However after buying the policy I found out that I was being billed every month (instead of alternate month) on my credit card, which is not what Nilesh had assured me. On asking Nilesh, he conveniently told me that alternate month billing will not be possible and I would have to pay up the 6 EMIs every month for 6 months.

I have other financial commitments planned for the year which is why I had specifically asked for a monthly or at least bi-monthly premium. Nilesh, only to sell the policy gave me false assurance due to which I am being forced to pay up every month which has put my financial planning at risk.

I write this email to formally lodge a complaint against Nilesh for furnishing incorrect details to a customer to sell a policy. Please note, my relationship with HDFC has been since 2004 in the form of ULIP, bank accounts, home loan and locker. I have never faced this situation before. This incident has tainted my relationship with HDFC and is putting the credibility of the bank in question.

I expect action to be taken against Nilesh so that he does not misguide more loyal customers, hence bringing a bad name to the bank.


M: 9011098978

complaint regarding for my Two wheeler Loan

hi HDFC Donal Manager,
this Ajay Gopagoni
i have taken the loan from your bank for my two wheeler, which is hero passion pro in the branch of Karimnagar. they didnt give me the right information regarding for EMI payments. every time my cheques are bouncing by the bank. i ask your executive his name is Narasimha, pagadapally bank manager Ravi Kumar and bala shekar. when i was taken the loan the said that we have to transactions in a month one is on 5th and 8th i ask them to arrange my EMI on 8th but now they are telling we didnt tell that information we have only one date for your EMI thats on 5th i need clarification on this transaction.

and i want to close my account as well ASAP.
note: i will tell to my friends to dont take the loans from HDFC i was paying the bounce charges from last three months

thanks &regards



my hdfc credit card number is 5243-6810-0032-6432,

as per my above mentioned card number statement dated 02/11/2013,u made payment against my hdfc policy without my permission and knowledge , which is pure cheating of use customer card any where,

according ur statement premium payment is made, now only i have to pay to u,,
i not paid to u because of cheating, but still on every statement due with late fee is reflecting .

and due to non payment you blocked my hdfc credit card with warning and informed me , due to your this stupid and full of nonsense me and my family faced bad, embarrassed time in restaurant. i cnt forget this i wish shoot, kill that fellow and irrepressible cheaters .

more gift and pain as surprised reaches To me today ,
when i visited to hdfc life branch to know abt my other polices information along with my policy purchased in 0ct 2013, for which u made payment on 31/10/2013 from my card according to above mentioned HDFC credit card.

they said that my policy is lapsed , due to no payment on time , and i got shocked because as premium amount i paid 1,20,000-00 ( one lakh twenty thousand only ) from my hard earned saving and after this when i called HDFC credit card customer care sying there is no dues..

what the hell and cheating TOP MOST AUTHORIZED WORKERS make transfer of customer money without there usages and without permission in hdfc bank, card and life ,
once when payment is made on 31/10/2013 to hdfc life, sms received that premium paid , where from oct 2013 hdfc bank AND MRS ROLLY ALSO SAID THAT I SIGNED FORM THAT WHY AUTOMATICALLY PREMIUM MADE .




WHO IS CHEATER who paid my premium about without my permission, my order, or any document , blocked my credit card without waning and informed me , make me, my complete family shame .

WHO IS CHEATER life insurance who today informed my that my paid 1, 20, 000 gone and forget because policy is lapsed after send me sms in nov 2013 thanks that they got premium amount. if payment they not got why they sent me thanks sms, why credit card charged and asking me to pay and blocked my card.

who pay my lose of 1,20,200 and benefit and maturity amount, who pay compensation of my family pain, embarrassed due to credit card blocked without information an d warning .








Statement discrepency by HDFC Master CREDIT CARD no XXXX XXXX

I am a HDFC Bank Credit Card Holder, after making last payment yesterday received SMS of my current outstanding balance was 11908, then i was shocked after reaching home i checked all the transcations which shows actuall outstanding payment as of today Rs 11749.95, but there is a difference amount of Rs 158.05 which was included in to my account.

• This month i made international payment through HDFC creditcard sum of amount USD $50 and i got the confirmation SMS from HDFC bank of Rs 3003.25 dated on 01/08/2014 with out service tax.

• This month i made sundaram foundation through HDFC creditcard sum of Rs 2610 + 2 percent service tax= 2662.25 and i got the confirmation SMS from HDFC Bank of Rs 2662.25 dated on 05/08/2014

I Called Chennai HDFC Customer care at 10.22pm till 10.32pm and Spoke to Prabhakar regarding outstanding payment/discrepency

• I gave the details of which was spent by me to Prabhakar, i recieve the SMS of Rs 3003.25 on 01/08/2014 to NYMGO, but as per PRABHAKAR i spent Rs 3047 on 01/08/2014 to NYMGO, if USD rate increased, my payment charge also which will be increased until i receive the statement, and yesterday regarding statement i spoke to PRABHAKAR, as per him its not their problem, its my problem, then he said i have to bear if USD value increase Rs. 70/-, untill i receive statement, then line gets disconnected.

Then again I called Chennai HDFC customer care at 10.33pm and spoken to Saravanan till 10.40.

• I gave the above details to Saravanan, and As per Saravanan NYMGO Merchant claimed payment on 05/08/2014 because of that there is a difference amount and rest of Rs 114.75 was service tax as per him, then again i asked Saravanan, regarding the conversation with Prabhakar, he started bluffing, saying that Merchant will take 5 to 21 days to claim their payment, end of the 21st day if USD rate was increaced to Rs 70, i have to pay the same.

Details of Expense which made as of today details mentioned below.

HDFC Credit card statement as of today
Date of Purchase Details of Merchant Amount which i purchased & spended Statement as per HDFC Bank
31-07-2014 Kumaran Textiles 2878 2878
01-08-2014 NYMGO $50 3003.25 3047 Confirmation SMS received from HDFC bank sum of RS 3003.25 only)
05-08-2014 Sundaram Medical Foundation 2662.2 2662.2
05-08-2014 New Saravanna 3083.5 3083.5
11-08-2014 Apollo Pharmacy 123 123
USD Service charge as per HDFC 0 114.3 As per verbal telephonic conversation by HDFC customer care Saravannan on 11/08/2014 at 10.33pm
Total 11749.95 11908

Difference Amount of Rs 158.05

Now i wanted to know clearly why i have to pay more Rs 158.05 and regarding the service tax why they did not include before ?


not statues show


A reminder Mail. applied for the HDFC Credit card I am working in Videocon industry greater noida, and I live in Grima Gardhan Ghaziabad. My verification on call and address verification was done. But not statues show in HDFC website. Kindly resolve my problem.

Date of apply card =20/07/2014

Ref. No.1407231812325004
Applin no.CC19010584

Nadeem Choudhary
Officer - EPG Operations (BOE)
Plot No. 1 D, Udyog Vihar, Industrial Area, Greater Noida - 201306, India
Ph: 91-120-6141673 Extn-1673 Mob - 91 9015389031

Credit card payment on HDFC

I was using HDFC credit card for the past 8 years. I never faced such a pain in my ass that HDFC service ripped me off.

I wrote a complaint to PriorityRedressal [dot] CreditCards [at] hdfcbank [dot] com before it was late to make the payment.

I always received a message from Deepa (Manager) " We are looking into your query regarding the payment to be effected towards your card outstanding. We shall respond to you in 7 business days and we request you to bear with us in the interim."

After the days/date passed, they sent with a message that I have to pay extra for late payment.

This manager (Deepa) never read my query, she just simply reply from the canned response.