Consumer Complaints Tips - read before making complaints!

I’ve some useful ideas which I’ve myself experienced in my life, you can save some of your hassles while you make any consumer complaint.

Rule 1: Don’t be lazy

Act now! Register your complaint immediately. Usually a product breaks down just one day before when the warranty expires!

Rule 2: Get a complaint number

Always get a complaint number and note it at a safe place. You’ll only make a fool of yourself by calling the service centers and company executives unnecessarily if you don’t have one. Since no one will remember your complaint after one goes to one’s home!

Rule3: Talk with the right person

Always raise your complaint with the right person who will most probably be the all India customer care executive at some toll free number. Wait for what he/she says, understand the issue, ask for a complaint number, note down the resolution date and wait patiently till the resolution date. When you escalate your complaint, you see that you talk with the right senior person who has authority.

Remember in big companies all this is required for proper maintenance of consumer complaints, so you should cooperate the company with it’s proper channel for raising & resolution of your complaint.

Rule 4: Never be rude with company personnel

Never be rude with any company executive. You can be rude and talk anything with the service center executive since the service centers are simply on contract and are not rolls of the company. Threaten the company but in “decent way”!

Rule 5: Follow the rules normally

Always do your duty, whatever be your complaints for example even if you’ve been billed wrongly pay the dues on time but at the same time follow up with your company. This is considered good etiquette. If you don’t do this, you not only break their "Terms of Service" but also project yourself as unruly person reducing your chances of winning complaint in your favor. Remember you’re only single person fighting against a possibly very big company.

Moreover in a big company, however good, complaints do occur and some customers always faces hassles. It is not necessary that company had done it against you intentionally.

Rule 6: Keep in mind the time frame and legal procedure

If you ever escalate your complaint always keep in mind the time frame and legal procedure. For example in case of telecom complaints never send a complaint to the nodal officer without first registering with the customer care and waiting till it’s resolution. Similarly if you ever send complaint to the appellate authority do it within 3 months after the expiry of the complaint resolution time limit specified by the nodal officer. Otherwise not only your request will be rejected, most likely you’ll not be ever notified of this rejection.

Also unless you’ve not completed the "proper channel" procedure specified by company for complaint resolution or as mandated by government, don’t waste time thinking of going to consumer forum. You’ll only make a fool of yourself. For example for telecom complaints unless you’ve gone through raising your complaints in this fashion: Customer Care -> Nodal Officer -> Appellate Authority etc don’t go to consumer forum. Your application will be rejected just because you did not follow the specified company procedure.

Rule 7: Roar like a lion

Threaten the company of dire legal action but in decent way. Even if you are not going to pull the company in consumer forum never let the company know this. Pretend that you’re all set to do it. Send a normal and final notice prior to filing complaint in consumer forum( which you’re not!).

Raise hue and cry on media, in internet forums etc. If possible write letters to newspapers and media. Every company is wary of it’s image, this can have serious affect on the company.

Rule 8: Never go to consumer court!

Unless you seriously want to get justice (for example, which caused loss of life), never go for Consumer Forum. You’ll face unlimited court adjournments and court procedures. That is, our own democratic system is to blame. Even if you win the case against company, you’ll not get damages more than the cost of the product! In India you CAN NOT! In USA you can sue for 1 billion dollar! Not in India. At most you’ll get Rs. 1000 for court expenditure, Rs. 500 for mental harassment, plus 8% interest.

Rule 9: Lawyer for the company comes FREE OF COST

A company usually hires a law-firm on contract for a year or so. In short company’s cost to the law firm is fixed whether the law-firm fights company’s single case or 1000 in a year.

Rule 10: Don’t go for a lawyer

If in the worst case you’ve decided to knock the doors of consumer court, then it is most likely that you don’t need a lawyer because you can easily fight the case yourself. Consumer case is all non-technical stuff and you can do it yourself. Actually this is the main objective of consumer courts in India so that an ordinary consumer can represent herself/himself easily without going for any advocates.

Rule 11: Go only for a good lawyer

Always take feedback from some known people before you select a lawyer and better take second opinion of an experienced lawyer regularly during your long legal hassle in Indian courts!

If you’re claiming damages for Rs. 1000 then you may end up paying Rs. 50,000 to your lawyer in 20 years. Also remember that a lawyer for the company is free of cost.

Oh the most important! I hope you’ve kept the purchase receipt of the product. Otherwise forget about the complaint!

→Please leave your comments and suggestions below.


Cheating and fraud by

Dear Sir / Madam,
Portal of
Name of Company : Voivo Infotech Private Limited
B -3 , Sector 7 , Noida , - 201301 , UP
Phone No 0120-4765250 , 0120-4850200
is doing cheating & fraud with innocence youngster in India.
I have paid following amount through credit card to Voivo info tech on following date, there is no response from their side,
25-05-14 RS. 2100
25-05-14 RS. 5609
25-05-14 RS. 16445
25-06-14 RS. 8510
25-06-14 RS. 5100 Total Amount paid Rs 37764 ,
Call Received from following Number which is register in Delhi Region
When I request to them to return my amount , I received call from number 8470964460, Advised me to go to ATM and they guide and I will refund money since they are unable to provide services which I paid to them,
They guided me on ATM and another Rs 15000 + Rs 6000 Total Rs 21000 were transferred from account to their account on 29-09-14.
Received call from 8470964460 to refund money by card to card transfer.
When we reached at SBI ATM and done process as guided by Voivo info tech
Again debited following money by fraud by Voivo info tech
Rs 15000 on SBI Card to card transfer on 29-09-14 From Girish D Chaudhari account
Rs 6000 on SBI Card to card transfer on 29-09-14 From Girish D Chaudhari account
Kindly take appropriate action against those persons & company who is cheating and doing fraud with innocent youngsters in India,
Dinesh Gautam

got fake product from and no refund received yet


i have purchased a rolex watch from on 21/7/14 wroth rs 60125/=. and they have assured that the product is original. after getting it , we find it fake and called back to the company . they told us to send it back and they themself send the courier person for reverse pick up on 9/8/2014. after 4-5 days we have called them, for refund . and they have told us that we have received your courier and our concerned person will call you regarding refund , till date we have not received any call and refund from digaaz .com.we have called them atleast 10 times .. so pls tell what should i do for getting my refund for rs 60215/= back .



Encroachment of Footpath

Dear Sir,

I wouould like to bring to your kind notice, that both side of the footpath in our area(Mahavir Enclave)is completely occupied by the shopkeepers forcing everybody to walk on to the street posing serious threat to their life. Although policemen are found walking down on the area and sitting in different shops in day and night do not take any action even after approaching them in this regard. Ihave already taken up this matter through book my however. no action has been initiated so far. Therefore, I earnestly request the appropriate authority to take immediate action to vacate the footpath and help saving precious life from danger.


Ashish Chanda

Sony XPERIA- L Mobile Phone & claim for the refund of Rs. 43500

Worst Product - XPERIA- L From - Sony India Pvt. Ltd.
From - Ms. Aparajita kumari
C/O Prof. Gopal Kumar
East Of Petrol Pump
Hridayganj, Katihar (BIHAR)
e-mail :- aparajita [dot] ktr [at] gmail [dot] com
Mob. :- +91-9455030646
Sub - Serious problem with Sony XPERIA- L Mobile Phone & claim for the
refund of Rs. 43,500/=

1. Mr. Kenichiro Hibi
Managing Director
Sony India Pvt. Ltd.
A-31, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate,
Mathura Road, New Delhi (INDIA)

2. Global Mobile Service Centre
Mirchaibadi (Gerabari Road)
Katihar (BIHAR), 854105

Sony Mobile Phone
Model No - C2104 (XPERIA- L)
IMEI No- 35660505-0171772
Battery Sr. No- 326721TWXORS
Charger Sr. No- 2913W05304194
Others Sr. No- 2H80004QMX
Respectfully I am submitting the facts below keeping in mind that I have no alternative as District Consumer Forum is not in function (completely depend upon your effort) :-

1. That on 28th June 2013 (date of purchase), my father purchased one Sony Xperia-L mobile having one year warranty with IMEI No.:- 35660505-0171772 from the show room of Global Mobile Service Centre , Mirchaibari, Katihar vide Cash memo No.3933 to gift me for my success in a Legal Essay Competition.

2. That from the very beginning it was found that this smartphone has problem of weak signal strength, poor data connectivity and Camera issues. Whenever i tried to lodge the complaint against these problems, she got the stereo-typed answer from all the help line of the company that signal is the problem of service provider and the company is not responsible for it.

3. That after many mails to Sony and its service centre for the trouble with the handset in March, 2014, I finally visited the service centre in Lucknow and submitted the handset for two days. But nothing was done in that time period except the updating of software and the problem persisted constantly.

4. That On 06-05-2014 regarding the same issues, I again visited the Service centre at Noida(U.P.) along with her brother. He explained that the problem was due to mother board (PCB) which is not covered under warranty as it is damaged due to water and have to pay Rs 4600 to replace it. But the fact is that the set never came in contact with water. If this was ever be the problem then why not it should be communicated by the service center of Lucknow or by the company when she again mail to the company after the disposal by Lucknow Service Centre.
5. That after I ever contacted customer care through 180030002800 and talked to Mr. Divyanshu. He provided a complain number 14050602631.Iexplained him the issues in detail. He took the phone on conference with Ambey Sony service centre Noida and discussed my issue with Mr. Santosh, Mobile Engineer.
6. That thereafter, they asked to wait for 48 hours till 08-05-2014 for the decision of the company and assured to inform her through electronic mail as well as telephonically. But I received no response regarding the issues even after 12-05-2014. So, she again called customer care and conversed to Mr. Manoj. He reported that the case is still pending.
7. That I am pursuing law course from AMITY UNIVERSITY-Uttar Pradesh and by the time she was a law-intern attached to the senior-most advocate of Supreme Court of India. Continuous disappointing replies by the company during the tight schedules of Law Internship has totally harassed me, caused mental and psychological exploitation and that warranted her to serve the company with a pleader notice on 06.06.2014.
8. That despite repeated visits to service centre, several mails and phone calls and Pleader’s notice Sony (Opposite Party) has disappointed me with similar reply that your complain/request is under consideration. Now I don’t have any faith on Sony Xperia support/care/service as same reply of ‘not cover under warrnty’ or ‘request under consideration’ was communicated.
9. That in response to the pleader’s notice, the Opposite Party through its advocate sent a notice dated 05.07.2014. The notice contains a vague reply without taking into account the inconvenience caused to the Complainant as well as seeks withdrawal of the notice and a reply within a period of fourteen days.
10. That the complainant revert back the Opposite Party’s notice in that stipulated time and once again clarified the same issues. But so far the complainant has not received any further reply subsequent to this reply.
11. That the Opposite Party did not bother to replace/repair it till date and the Complainant is suffering due to non-availability of her own mobile phone.
12. That the O.P. had supplied defective good and they have to make good the losses suffered by the complainant.

Global Mobile Service Centre
Cash Memo Sr. No- 3933
Date of Purchase- 26.06.2013
* A photocopy of the Purchasing Slip is furnished as an attachment.

V. I most respectfully claims the following reliefs from the Opposite Parties through this online Consumer redressal Forum:

(a) That the delivery of new Sony Xperia -L(C2104) black coloured handset for trouble free service and new warranty of one year from the date of delivery of the set or refund the cost of the set, Rs.17000/ (Rupees seventeen thousand only) along with 18 % interest.
(b) pay a sum of Rs. 25,000/- towards the physical strain and mental agony suffered ; and
(c) pay a sum of Rs. 1,500/- towards cost of the petitions (Cost); for which act of kindness, the complainant shall, as is duty bound, ever pray.

Na Answer

Hi My Name Jagtar Singh From Amritsar PUNJAB.I Say to You I purchase xolo Handset q1200 in 22 july 2014 In the using this phone in just 20 days they showing Line in middle in display of the display . I submit this phone in xolo service center they give me a job sheet and promise to return in 20-25 days but thats promise is lie.
So In the 32 days my phone has been not return i am very sad . i spent my all money to purchase to this phone please give me my consideration to spent money on this phone .

laptop repair..

My laptop(compaq presario cq40 301tu) screen not working.I want to change it .Is it possible to change the screen with led back-light??
screen is LG LP141WX3

Fuarding by the Firm

Dear Sir, Madam

I have taken 2 products from a firm in loan, I have made the Down payment also 27,000/- but my product total cost is 51,000/- only. The firm person made two loans in my name which cost 1 lakh. I have blindly signed on every documents which are required for making loan for the products (Application, Promissory note, etc). Now recently two months back i got to know that he misused all of my documents and made 1 lakh loan in my name. Now currently Loan provider is asking me to pay the EMI and other charges immediately. Don't knw how fight with firm. Please help me out regarding the same. I will be waiting for valuable suggestions/ tips.

Chetan. R

Unskilled technicians and worst behavior

I would like to raise a concern about the unskilled technician offering certain services. Recently, I gave my Printer catridge to refill at Net4U, shop in Hoysala nagar, Rammurthy nagar bangalore. Due to their great skills they refilled it badly and all the ink got mixed inside eventually made it unusable. When I asked them, they told me about their 10 year experience in catridge refilling blah blah blah and showing their bad attitude as if they oblidged to take a look at the issue for the second time. These craps are causing a great nuisance to our society. On the flip side, I saw some nice services offered to some of the vendors in Kammanahalli. Just wanted to make everyone aware that please keep away from such vendors who are unskilled.....

Delay in Disbursement of Home Loan

Dear Sir,

I, Ashish Solanki from Ahmedabad, have applied for home loan at Axis bank. My Application Id - 1839511 - Date - 13-07-2014. I got loan sanctioned details of Rs 1542364. but I required only 10 lecs. So, I applied for that.

There are two time I paid processing charge of Rs. 5618 on 02-08-2014 and Rs 5618 on Rs 20-08-14. if you want I can send my online statement.

I have solve all the queries from my end before 6 days ago. and since last 6 days I didn't get my loan disbursement. since last 6 days I got answer that there is some technical problem and because of this they are not able to issue my check.

I want to know that they have technical problem only with my loan disbursement. I have complaints them regarding this. which complaints number and request number is given below.

Request # 3997514
Request # 3987530
Request # 3987524
Request # 3963813
Request # 3933301
Request # 3897393
complaint reference N08866070 dated 8/25/2014

but still no one responding satisfactory. I have visited their office two times. but no one responding and telling truth. I have wasted my paid leaves, times and energy but still not get any answer.

I request you sir that kindly looking into this matter. otherwise I have booked home. and my builder will take my booking amt and other fees that i have paid. just because of this stupid people working process.

Ashish Solanki

Honda Amaze Diesel variant engine problem during rainy season

I purchased Honda Amaze dated 04/09/2013, registration number HR51 AW
8398 from Classic Honda Sterling Automobiles 14/1, Main Mathura road

When I was returning home with my family on 17/07/2014 9.30 pm from
Asian Hospital Faridabad, as my family member was hospitalized that
day, my car suddenly broke down in water near sector 14 Faridabad.
Though it was raining that night but there was no deep water logging
anywhere on the road I had traveled and at the place where the car
stopped. All other cars and light vehicles were moving smoothly and I
was struck with my family including two children in the middle of the
On 19 July, I called up ‘Roadside Assistance ‘and they came at noon to
tow my car to Classic Honda Showroom.

At service center technical guys told us that there is water inside
the engine which damaged the engine some hdrostatic lock.

i have already spoke to service center but they directly refused that
this problem is not under warranty.

They were saying that we have already mention in our Owner mannual
"Do not drive on the road where water is deep".Driving through deep
water will cause damage to engine and electrical equipment and the
vehicle will breakdown.

But there was not deep water normal water logging as other vehicle cars
like Santro/Accent/Maruti were running well.

Even insurance company is also refused to cover this issue

Even i have already done number of mailed to Honda customer care but
they replied me that they have already mentioned in "owners manual
that users should avoid driving in deep water and on flooded roads as
this can damage the engine and drive-line , or cause electrical
component failure."Based on the above we regret to look into your
request favorably.

Now I got Information about Honda Assure Bulletin-HydroStatic Lock
Cover that Honda is providing this cover with insurance company on 6th
August 2014

now they charged 90000 rs for repair my car.

I have already post this issue on Facebook and twitter but same reply
as from customer care and Classic Honda.

Lot of people facing this kind of problem in water from where
santro/maruti cars gets easliy crossed Amaze is stopped and water
directly goes into the engine. You can chaeck over net number of
people facing such kind of also affect your sales.i know
Honda is a big name and Honda will take care of our issue and give us
solution as soon as possible.

There are number of people who is facing or already faced such kind of problem.
Out of which i am sending few links.

I requested you to Refund my 90000 rs amount that i have alresy paid to classic honda faridabad and also need future warranty for engine.
Please do need full for me.

Thanks & Regards,
Rajesh Saini


we are experiencing improper treatment the school principal Mrs Beula Sheeba of Vidyaniketan Mat High school, Ashok Nagag towards my son who is studying in 6th Standard. There are already many complaints against her which we can came to know later. Please take suitable action.

TMT bus services mira road to thane

TMT buses from Mira road to thane . Bus no : 57,58

This is regarding the TMT bus services from Mira road to thane. The frequency of these buses has been reduced too much. There were buses every half an hour ,however now we hardly get to see bus. People wait for hours in a queue for bus for thane. As there is no other transport option available , people choose to go by private buses which cost us too much.

Not paying Property Tax and not registered

This is to bring to your notice that a house Plot No.143, Sai Colony, Beeramguda, Ashok Nagar, Opp. Lane to Water Tank, Patancheru, Medak Dist.

Since two years this house has not yet registered and enjoying in three storey building without paying any Property Tax till date.

I request you to take action immediately.

national insurance company did not give claim of my car

There were my car total loss in road accident and file along all claim details proofs submitted in mathura national insurance office on dated 11th feb 2014 but till dated they have not given me claim after so many mail ,communication every time given diffrenet reasons that this time DRIVING LICENSE did not verified and told me that if driving license not verified ,we can not give claim .
i given matter in consumer court kindly guide ,will i receive my claim or not

Advance paid towards booking Verito vibenot refunded

I am Dr.K.SOMANATH Retd Civil surgeon (senior citizen) residing in SMVMCH,Madagadipet,Pondicherry.
It happened to me after booking Verito Vibe from RAJARAJAN &SONS,Pondicherry.Mahindra car dealers.
Please help me to get my money back.
I am mentally and physically drained.
My Mob number:9952046899,9940929903
1. Cheque handed over to ? ....... MR KALAI SELVAN. Sales Officer- mob: 91 81244 83434.
2. Advance amount............................ Rs. 100,000.00
3. Cheque number ................... 311726 dt.23/May/2014,SBI Tirubuvanai
4. Cheque to.....................RAJARAJAN &SONS.Pondicherry.
5. Given date.................... 23/May/2014
6. Cheque cashed date........................ 24/May/2014
7. When called we got answers like:
They told within 4 to 6 weeks from 24/May/2014 for delivery. approaching after more than 6 weeks (53 days) on 15/Jul/2014. The sales man (Mr. ARUNRAJ Field Sales Consultant (91 84893 19249) expressed difficulty in delivery and asked to give a request for refund.
Request given on 15/Jul/2014, -Salesman said he will get the money in 2 days, Contacted him 2 more times He told Manager on leave and in two days he will give me a cheque. As I did not hear from him,
sent a official email on 7th Aug to the company here explaining, everything and that I want my money definitely by 10th of August. Soon after my mail there were two calls from another person Mr. ARUNRAJ Field Sales Consultant (91 84893 19249), saying that their MD ( NARASIMMHAN Ph. 8144288880 ) is coming back tomorrow from leave and he will bring the cheque on 8 th Aug 2014.
Till this time 12/08/2014, nothing developed.
What I have to do to get my money back ?


Following is e mail, I sent to Meagamart. Please read and give your suggestions to stop the cheating.



With extreme disappointment and displeasure, I convey to you my experience of being cheated at Megamart, Katriguppe Bangalore.

I visited Arvind Lifestyle Brands, Division Megamart, #1, CG Chinnappa Naidu Layout, 30th Main Road, Katriguppe, Bangalore 560085 on 15th August 2014. During my shopping there, I was informed by many sales persons that, If I shop for Rs 5000/- and above, I will get Redeemable Gift voucher worth Rs 1000/-

I purchased materials worth Rs 5698/- against Bill No BS4IN0058989 and paid the amount with Inv Num 013906. At the the time of billing,I enquired the Billing person whether I will be given the Gift voucher. For that, I was told to collect the same at Customer support desk/ Alteration Desk. I further asked whether I can redeem the voucher against any goods in the store. I was specifically told I can purchase anything against the voucher but only between 18/08/2014 and 12/09/2014.

After paying the bill, I approached customer support desk/ alteration desk and asked for gift voucher. To my surprise Instead of Rs 1000/- worth Gift voucher, I was given two separate voucher of Rs 500/- each. Just to confirm again, I asked whether I can purchase any goods available in the store by redeeming the voucher. To my utter dismay, I was told I can only purchase within limited number of brands. And to top it off, I was given a list of only Apparel brands against which I could Redeem.

On 30/08/2014, I visited the same store, selected apparels worth Rs 2000/- & above from the given redeemable brands and presented to billing along with the two Rs 500/- vouchers.

I was told that I have to shop for Rs 4000/- & more to redeem Rs 1000/-. I insisted that I didn't get the vouchers for separately shopping for Rs 2500/- each, but was given the two against shopping for Rs 5000/- & above. The billing person showed the ink stamp on the voucher that it can be redeemed on next purchase of 2000 & above.

I spoke to the manager and conveyed that this amounts to cheating the consumer and lodged complaint in the their register book.

Please note that, I have been a regular customer to Megamart Katriguppe Bangalore since many years. On one occasion I have mailed an appreciation letter w.r.t helpful assistance of sales people working there.

I seek your help in the Injustice meted out to me. Am I not wronged when,

1) I was told by many sales persons at Megamart store that If I shop for Rs 5000/- and more, I will receive Rs 1000/- Redeemable Gift voucher. Please do tell me, Isn't it reasonable for any customer to think that he would get a voucher worth Rs 1000/- ? Instead what I received was two separate voucher of Rs 500 each with individual terms and conditions.

2) At billing counter, even before billing I was told I could redeem against any material. After making the payment I was not given vouchers at the billing station itself. I was told to approach Customer support desk/ alteration desk for the voucher. Didnt the cashier person lie to customer ? And that too saying I could redeem against anything before my materials were billed. Had he informed me the terms & conditions before purchase, I would have returned shopped materials. But I was kept in dark. Gift voucher was also not given at the same place, but was told to collect elsewhere.

3) At the customer suport desk/ alteration desk, Instead of Rs 1000/- voucher, I was given two Rs 500/- voucher. Why separate Rs 500/- vouchers ? Is it against Rs 2500/- each ? But no one there said I would be given Rs 500/- vouchers. I was told I would get Rs 1000/- worth voucher against Rs 5000/- & above and not Rs 500 vouchers. My shopping amount was whole Rs 5000/- and not split into two of Rs 2500/-. How could they split the gift vouchers into 500 each against a whole worth of Rs 5000/- ? If that were to be the case, they should have split the worth of shopping materials to Rs 2500/-

4) At the help desk/ Alteration desk, I was given a limited list of brands against which I could redeem the voucher. All were Apparel brands only. Till then, i.e, till after paying the bill and approaching Customer support desk/Alteration desk, No one had informed that voucher could only be redeemed against Apparels. Contrarily I was told at the cash counter that I could shop anything. Is it not blatant fraud ?

5) When I went to redeem the vouchers I was told to purchase Rs 2000/- value goods separately to redeem Rs 500/- vouchers. When I purchased before, I did not shop for Rs 2500/- separately. I shopped for Rs 5000/ whole. No one asked me to shop for Rs 2500/- to get a gift voucher worth 500. They did not split my shopping value to Rs 2500/- and insisted I could get gift voucher of Rs 1000/- for purchase of Rs 5000/- above only.

Is this the policy of Megamart all over? or of this particular division ? This policy smacks of fraud. It is day light duping consumers and defrauding them. Please look into this and stop the cheating.

Hoping for redressal,

Go Ads India P Ltd. - not releasing salary

I have joined this company on 10th June 2014, At the time of joining there was no such discussion nor any written documentation that if we fail in achieving our targets then the salary will not be released. But at the time of releasing the salary they stucked that you have not completed your targets then we cannot release your salary. Till date we have invested our expenses from our pockets that includes petrol expenses as we have to meet various clients on field, plus mobile expenses. The company is not ready to pay that amount also to us. Apart from Letter of Intent till date the company has not given appointment letter also, on asking to the HR department we only got answers that it will be delivered or will be mailed to you in 2 working days but not received till date Kindly look into the case & do some help to us

Lets buy mobile site is frauding with its consumers

I Amit Ranjan Mohanty, from Odisha, had order a mobile from the site Lets Buy Mobile, my order no is LBM18086272. after 10 days they send a sms i.e " Dear customer, We are unable to approve your application for Mobile on EMI at this time as your application doesnot match our credit policy criteria." My complian: 1.Why you are giving offer to buy mobile on EMI if you are cancelling the application. 2.Most people getting the victim of your site are those who dont have a credit card or are students. 3.If you canceling our application then why you will not return our money you took while applying. 4.Is this a site to sell your watch. 5.Why you are not mentioning in your site about the credit policy criteria of selection of the application. 6.I want my money back

snapdeal delivered a faulty product and not refunding my money b

My order no is 2624035319.I have ordered for iphone 4s on 14th August.but it was a faulty product so they arranged for a reverse pickup and I wanted a refund for since 3 days I am calling them and they say itz under quality check and we will update you in 24 hrs.they dont care about customers once the product is sold.worst online shopping experience till date.flipkart and amazon and even ebay is better than snapdeal.they refund the amount once they receive the I am with out Mobile since a week.and they dont even care to give me my refund.

snapdeal fraud

I purchased tv from snapdeal but it delivered without stand I logged complaint but after 10 days also no solution for the complaint and no feedback when I called back executive telling it's on processes.very much fraud online shopping site.don't go for it.

Refund Not Received

I purchased Nikitasha roti maker from Snapdeal.The Order No.3443360828 Immediately after opening the package we noticed that it was defective & damaged.We did not like the quality of the product. so we contacted the the customer care of Snadeal and returned it within 2 days. In their website it is stated that Snapdeal has 100% Moneyback Guarantee and 7 Days Return Policy.After they received the product back,one of the customer care representative named Lovey Arora sent email to me on 13 November and asked for NEFT details of the bank where the payment was to be returned. i provided the details on 14 November and then on 15 November he responded with the message that the information has been forwarded to their customer service team and they would contact me soon with the refund information. Since then almost 3 weeks have passed but neither they have refunded any money nor they have the slighest courtesy to contact me even though i have sent 2 reminders. I even called their customer care twice but they also gave me false and misleading information. It seems Snapdeal is a very big Fraudulent Company.

Worst Product, Worst Service - Haier India


My complainant was registered on 10th July’14 and still no progress.

Engineer came to my place checked the washing machine drum and said it needs to be replaced but, as the model is outdated (updated by Hair team) so, drum is not available in any of the Haier outlet/warehouse all over India, that’s what I was update by Prashant ( Service center, Sanpada, NaviMumbai).

Now, again story begins from start as updated by Ajay (Prashant’s Manager)

Ajay, sending Engineer again to my place to take the photographs of faulty drum but, my question is why all again? Prashant gave me second option REPLACEMENT, I agreed on that, he gave me deprecation amount i.e. 40% as my washing machine is 2 years old.

Haier, I am ready for replacement and to pay the amount after the percentage deducted by Haier policy but, now again they updated me today 26thAugust 2014, which we will search and replace that drum with some other similar model of Haier washing machine.

It’s almost coming to 2 months and nothing has been fixed, raised two complaints both were closed without intimating me.

Sharing complaint number:

• TH20140703101941
• TH20140819101300

Model: HWM65-0566
Date of purchase: 30th June 2012 from Kings Electronics (Kharghar, Navi Mumbai)

Sincerely looking for positive response.

Kind Regards,
Rajesh Passi

Regarding a fraud Company employee making with me

How r u I visit Sulekha Malad branch on Saturday 23/08/2014 on time around

2:30 pm that time Branch manager not available then one lady come with me and saying me

i m a senior staff tell me about your problem then i show him Sulekha forms she refused

and she take a side of fraud employee and then Fraud employee also saying lie. i am

Client your Sulekha company she fight with me so much vulgar language and she support

fraud employee and warning me and i pay the money your employee she didn`t listen

so much Vulgar and irrespective Talk with me.I am customer yours company i say him but

she didn`t understand she is lady thats i Respect him I didn`t argument with him so more

conversation with him but can`t listen his fraud employee and my my adviser

suggest me you go on and do more thing about this fraud complaining of Police or Social Media

ex - News papers or video media etc..... because this Sulekha company employee

done this fraud Sulekha forms investigating department making a test a handwriting expert of

Sulekha Forms and Sulekha company.

Sulekha Fraud Employee calling me and laughing so much in phone and saying you don`t know

In Malad branch all Staff supporting me not you so I very embarrassed and upset then

i think i m not do anything because i m humble Sulekha pack i completed

and i didn`t renewal and take another company service i visit Saturday

just dial is very good not taking cash amount only cheque or online and Senior staff and all staff

is very good giving a respect and talking politely silently not same same Sulekha Malad senior staff

i very upset to Sulekha Company Employee in Malad Branch making Fraud for me.

But Just dial Staff giving me respect and no cheating and

i didn`t renewal contract in Sulekha. And I very humble helpless. God is Great no problem

Cheating and Harrasing People

Dear Sir,

Mr. B H Ramesh S/O B Hanumanthappa residing at Bhattrahalli, Bangalore - 560049. Mobile No. 9880195659.

He is the private money lender, He is lending money @ 120% per Annam and 365% Per Annam. Due to this so many people are in trouble, because non paying of intrest. He is threatening and beating the money taker and troubling the money taker family also.

One week before 2 people were attempted suicide due to harrasement of above said person.

He is owning GYM named BHR Multy Gym in Bhattrahalli.

As per my knowledge he is not paying the Income Tax as per the norms. The above said interest is illegal as per RBI.
He is lended money around 50 Lakhs taking above said intrest.

I have written so many complaint to the Police commissioner, Income Tax Department, Lokayuktha and Chief Minister but no action have been taken.

I am writing this due to good citizen of India.

I request you to please take the proper action immediately to save the human lives.

Thanks in Advance

micromax bad smart phone

I Purchased Moicromax canvas turbo a250 mobile.not even a3 month old and the Mobile one day din't power on.The service center afterwaiting for an hour said they have to send the cell to the Company back for repairsand will take a month's time to return. Really feeling cheated Very poorservice from Micromax. My phone is not getting switched on. It was out ofwarranty so the body language of the engineer seemed as if he got a BAKRA. Theengineer just opened the phone and locked it again without doing ANY TESTINGWHATSOEVER. Then he says board needs to be replaced . My mobile No. is 9568863027 AMITBAUNTHIYAL 46/5 THDCCOLONY JWALAPUR HARIDWAR UTTRAKHAND249407

complain against food product

In my neighbour a persons supply cold drink its name is f'ete let's party green apple soda .but they do not provide bill and and do not pay the tax .are m I done complaint against them

Fraud company "Maxworth Reality"

I came to know about a fraud company "Maxworth Reality". They have few layouts across Bengaluru/Karnataka. They first take little advance from the customer & signs an agreement saying they will arrange for Bank Loan & then register. After sometime they take total 30% advance saying loan will be approved shortly. After that they neither arrange for Bank loan, nor register the property. When we cancel the booking they do not return the money.

I would like to highlight about this fraud to public. Your help will really save many people's hard earned money and punish the culprits. Please do the needful.

Poor service standards - Karbonn Mobile

I had bought a Karbonn A4+ in August 2013. Within an year of purchase, the phone is dead. On contacting the company's Kochi service centre, they informed that the device's motherboard is faulty and needs to be replaced. Now its more than 2 weeks since I've submitted my phone at the service centre. Each time I call them they say that the replacement motherboard needs to come from Bangalore. Even the tone of the person attending the call is rude as if "Why the hell do you call us now and then, we will let you know once the goddamn thing is repaired". I had a Karbonn K111 which is still working good. It was in the back drop of this that I chose the same company for my 1st smart phone. Wrong decision. The funny part is that when i wanted a new battery for the K111, the service centre guy suggested me to buy a Nokia battery from the local market. Wonder, if I should wait for the A4+ motherboard or go for a new smart phone (from some other reliable company).


Dear Team,

I had given my Karbonn mobile to the service center on June 26 2014 at Mobicare Kolkata. They had given a time line of 25 days but till August 17 there is no sign of returning my mobile. I had posted 10 mails to their service center at support [at] karbonnmobiles [dot] com. They are not interested in providing any resolution to me. Its my urge please look into this what technological development they are doing with my mobile. They are most pathetic in service that I have ever experienced.

Thanks and Regards
Nitin Verma
Job sheet no W426J2173

Worst service by Reliance Living

I Had purchased a wall unit from reliance living zentrum mall, kukatpally Hyderabad. And was promised installation within 2 days. After 2 days no sign of the carpenter. Had to call up to check for the person. Said will come by afternoon. I waited till evening but no one came .Again i followed my prob with manager he said i will talk with fitter and i will call u back but no one called . When I called he said they will come . After thàt no one lifted the call. At night i called the manager again he said yours will be the first fitting tomorrow. Next day i was waiting for the call and fitter but they did not come. As expected didn't turn-up. Tried to call the given no. Nobody was picking it up till 1 pm. On asking the person attending the telephone he said we will send by 3 pm..and again the same repeated no one is lifting the phone . Waste of time within two days I made 100 calls nearly. Worst service I have ever seen. Pls someone take action on these guys these people are taking bulk orders at a time and troubling customers . Very bad service.


non refund booking amount(36000+cost of air ticket) ZAP BOOKINGS

We had booked a package for a tour to Europe on the occasion of my 25th marriage anniversary and deposited the booking amount of 36000/- INR , being 25% of the total cost of the package (via cheque number 217959 dated 02/06/2014 payable to ZAP BOOKINGS) along with our passports for the itinerary showed to us by ZAP Bookings which included the cost of tickets to be borne by us. We booked our tickets for that itinerary. But then after receiving the booking amount, they changed our itinerary completely and because of this, we had to re-book our flight tickets. As the cost of flight tickets were borne by us, the money spent on earlier tickets too got wasted because of the shaky itineraries by ZAP Bookings. But it does not end here. After that, because they changed the itinerary, the visas got rejected and we could not go to Europe because of the callous and unprofessional behavior by ZAP Bookings and hence, ruining my trip that I had been planning for months. To add to this, my cost of flight tickets which is over and above the 36000/- (booking amount) had gone waste. They asked me to book the tickets twice as they changed their itineraries randomly.

After this, when I asked them to return my booking amount, they asked me to pay Rs.4800/- over and above for that trip which never really happened and told me that you would get your passports only when you would pay that additional amount. They can't even provide a simple trip and book me for nothing and keep asking me for more money if I wish to receive my passports back which were given to them in the name of trust at the time of booking. For more than a week, ZAP Bookings did not reply to any of my mails and kept me waiting. I asked them for a meeting and they procrastinate and linger on with their meeting schedules by hovering from one date to another and kept me waiting for their meetings. After repeated communication over phone and mail, I have got my passport back but I am still awaiting my money and I have decided that I am not going to leave them for ruining my 25th marriage anniversary, a moment that all couple wait for in their life, and would now demand a compensation for the harassment and torture in the name of first not returning my booking amount and post that withholding my passport to extract more money from me and ruining our best moments of life. Considering the many travel agencies, I had so many options to choose from and I got this for my months of planning! I am not at all happy with their services and want the people to be penalized for creating this mess and the continuous harassment that they have done to me. I am now going to demand compensation as well. It has been more than 48 days now and there has been no solution to my query and they are hoarding their client's money for a trip which they cannot even provide and harass their client by not returning their passports. To all the other clients/readers, if you want I can name all the people from ZAP Bookings here on this platform but I have not done that intentionally as of now. If the situation arises, I will share all the mail communication and communication over the phone that I have with me. Please be aware before you go to ZAP Bookings for any appointment and do not give your passport as they may ask you for more money till you pay more to receive the passports back!

Fraud complaint against (Backend) & Hitech Engineers

I received a call from Garima - (08591708914 ) and she said that they want to conduct a interview & for that i've to deposit a amount of 3000rs in the account of Naresh Kumar( account no. 18341000009092 ) from Hi-tech (07307685291). On the same day I'd deposited the amount & On next day before any interview could have happened, I asked her to refund the amount because i'm not interested in any kind of job references. Now, its been a month and i've not received the refund. Whenever i try to contact anyone either from or Hi-tech, they just deny it.
There are many such fraud cases against them. I want them to refund to amount soon.
P.S : I've all the details with me including BANK Receipt and conversations happened.

Salary Issue at RUFUTECH SYSTEMS PVT LTD- RFID4U India Devpt Cnt

Hi All

Rufu Tech Systems Pvt Ltd a RFID4U, India Development Centre

Operating at: 583/1 Sri Kumaran Salai ,Site No.3, Civil Aerodrome Post, Avinashi Road,Coimbatore- 641014, India.

There are salary issues in this company. Company has not paid for many employees giving many reasons and threatening them like if they take any step against they will spoil the career / will not get any Job .

In spite of that an employee has appealed for a legal case at Deputy Commissioner of Labour, Coimbatore against the company.Very pathetic to see US MNC –IT company not paying its employees after getting its job done

Micromax EG-111 Mobile ... Worst phone

had purchased Micromax EG111
Not Good Phone
Problematic Phone

1. When Data Connection on by GSM Sim then CDMA UIM network gone (Out of Range) x on CDMA tower
2. Poor Camera Quality
3. Poor screen quality. Screen show ghost like image
4. Automatically restarts when we doing call or any other activity
5. Hang more then four time a day
6. Touch scree stops working many time

I gone to service center
1st time They update software but problems are the same
2nd time they take phone for more than a week and change mother board but the problem is the same
3rd time gone they update software again but the problem is the same
4th time service center give me a new handset EG-111 but the problem is the same
5th time they again take phone and update software IMI etc but the problem is the same
6th to 20th time gone but the problem is the same

karbonn 27+ pcb sort

sir . karbonn a27+ mobile pcb sort my lucation is brahampur orissa mera mobile ko abhi 4-5 mahine huaa me usko flpkart me sop kea tha pehle hi kharidne ki bad handset ki charg ke bukup 1day rahti thi or 2se3 mahine me hand set ki tapman badhne lagi or tuch problem hue uski bad me berhampur ki servicr center GUPTA CELL POINT room no 3, 1st floor , mayuree tower gae thi gupta cell point ki incharge jo the bo kahi ki mere mobilko service karne ke leya bo hand set ko bhejenge or aneme der hojaegi 1mahine so mene handset ko dedia or 1mahina hogae to mene ja kar pucha handset aya hi ya nehi to usne kaha ki mere basme nahi me kuch kar nehi sakti hun ane me or jyada der hogi so mene pucha or ketne din lagegi bo koe jabab nahi de rahi hi so pls hellp me mere pass koe bhi hand set nehi hi pls handset ko jaldi se jaldi repair karo ....pls me sabhi docoment dea hi ..
mere Invoice Date:29-01-2014 Tax Invoice # BLR_WFLD20140100590211 Service tax # AAACW8725FSD001 ,Billing Address ashok kumar sahu bapuji nagar-2nd linenear sai krupa appartment, . berhampur 760002 Odisha Phone: 9132456889 ,,,Handsets FSN: MOBDMKJWGWURZPXB WID: C89922
Karbonn Smart A27+ (Black) 5.50% CST 1. [IMEI/Serial No: 911304200838021, ]91130420083 8039 so pls halp me

cheating by


I took a package for business leads and paid rs 6000/=

To your company. I was not given any reciept of the amount and the details of my package. I have called a number of times to your customer support that i am not recieving any leads. I was promised 100 leads and did not recieve more than one or two and that too were vague..

Now i have a few querries, kindly clarify.

1. If you people have no data than why are you giving false promises.

2. If you dont have a customer support system why are you misleading clients in the first place

3.If you dont have a proper framework for property related queries why you people are sending your agents and cheating on people.

Sir, this is not a matter of 6000/= rs but i will not let you cheat on clients and be not accountable..

I request you to give me a satisfactory explanation of my email  or refund my money immediately

Otherwise i would be forced to take the matter legaly..

Thanks and regards

S S Wadhwa

Itn Network12 pvt. Ltd.


Micromaxx faulty handset not replaced even after DOA certificate

Bought dual sim handset of micromax on 6th may from Indore, after three days handset screen stop functioning, handset submitted to service center and after 7 visits they finally made an DOA and now handset submitted to distributor, handset was committed to replaced due to hardware fault but again after 10 visits on given dates old handset returned back and this time network not coming, submitted the handset same time now distributor is blaming service center and service center not ready to take responsibility as prepared doa, & retailer is standing out of the matter as sold handset... jobsheet no is R1406FMP10496697

GenX Mop - Order no- 00051664 not working

The product get delivered to my place at 30th June, 2014. Its spinner was not working, therefore we lodged a complaint regarding that. From that day, they started befooling us. Sometimes they said that they are sending the spinner by courier which is defected, sometimes they said the higher authority is not ready to accept that their product is not working, sometimes they said they will get back to us in 48 hours. but unfortunately, its been 21 days, neither any of there representative tried to communicate to us, nor the customer care center people have any knowledge regarding the complaint. We are here left with only one option which is filling law suit against them.

Unregistered Company Known as Divine Realtors in India

Dear All

I joined this company with an aim of long career and came across morons over there. This company is situated in Sec 4 Noida. The complete address is A-88, Sec 4, Near Sec 16 Metro Station. The name of the owner is Jitesh Bhalla. He doesn't know anything about what is happening inside the company because he's a real estate broker. Moreover, the owner in Australia as Deepak Verma is as blind, deaf and dumb like three monkeys of Gandhi. Jitesh Bhalla will keep on promising that company will get registered but only in his dreams. Perhaps, I had to take a strong step i.e. Resignation. They hired me at the package of 3.84 lacks and deducted money in the form of taxation. Jitesh Bhalla is a huge liar. He doesn't pay tax. I believe, he might have purchased the cosmetics for his wife from my money. I had to leave this organization where employees are treated like animals. Those who are working there are either licking his ass or he is licking theirs. Whatever is the case, If you're an arduous person, do not join this company and suffer later on.

Samsung Ref#8464345577

I brought samsung core set. Within an year of purchase the set was given to customer care several times. Samsung is a big Fraud company never purchase products of Samsung . They ate my money Rs 1700 never repaired the part for my set that was verified by another customer care center of the same company.

Samsung is reluctant to replace my handset or take ownership of their fraud customer service center. I need action on samsung company .



Non-Receipt of Renewed Passport

Application for renewal of Passport No.E4011895 (3rd time renewal) was made on 20-12-2014 and fee paid vide Receipt No.16726. File No.CA01W1001679712. Till date, renewed Passport not received. On 02-06-2014 a Complaint was lodged with Ministry of External Affairs giving attention to Mr. Mukesh Kumar pardeshi but of no avail.
Kindly help and advise the concerned to expedite delivery of my Renewed Passport without further delay.

Yogendra Goenka
Cell: +919932057001
E-Mail: ygcal [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] in

promise made by the company not fulfilled

Kind atn,

I am trying to get the reply of my concern & I got only one reply that send us the proof of promise so I send the same to you & again I had attached the same & when I contacted you you told me that we had forwarded your request to the Dearler & they will contact you shortly but no one contacted me yet.

I had send you the email on 26 july & till date no one is bother to contact me again & I am the one who is trying to contact you people again & again by email or by Phone.

On our first conversation on phone you said to me that when you purchased the vehicle we never offer any discount but let me tell you that I did not ask for the discount & i was given the assurance that at the time of delivery we will provide you mat ,mud flaps ,matting & body cover & for that I am struggling if i want to say any lie than i might have told you that you promise me some cash discount but i never say that because dealer never told me about cash discount the only promise made to me was of the same i told you several times than you ask me to produce the proof i send you the same & again you are not taking your responsibility .

Below are the previous email attached that i has send to the company

Kind attn,

I want to take your attention towards the issue I am facing i buy the hyundai i10 grand on Dec 2 2013 at the time of deal i was promised that they will offer me no cash discount but they will provide me matting & mud flap & body cover for my car but till day no one even gave me a call & fulfilled there promise & when i launched the complaint on the Hyundai site they send the same guy who sold me the car & he was saying kindly take your complaint back because if i refuse to do so the dealer will take away his Job & the Name of the Dealer is SAMTA MOTORS AMABLA CITY HARYANA so i sign & they promise me that they will provide me all the stuff with in no days & till date i am struggling to contact them & they are ignoring me I again contacted the hyundia website & again launch the complaint at this time they told me that they will contact me & they provide me teh concern person name & his phone number & regional off numbers .

Here they are with the concern person name HMIL North Regional Office

(Haryana, Chandigarh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Rajasthan)

Mr. Paramdeep 0172-6605029

For any queries/complaints on product and service you may also reach us at our 24X7 Customer Care Toll Free Number: 1800-11-4645 (From MTNL/BSNL) or 9873564645 from others.

I am trying to call 0172-6605029 & i was put on hold & than my ph is being disconnected.

I am attaching my previous conversations also that i made with the company .

I can pay for the body cover mats & mud flap but i want to know it is that company like Hyundai makes an promise just because they have to sell there cars & than there is no one to full fill that promise & after the sales is over than they say contact the dealer & dealer say you can complaint against us to the Company .


Thanks& Regards
Tejpal Singh

singh_ra [at] yahoo [dot] com

Kind attn,

i want to take to your attention towards my complaint that i had registered with you on complaint no 1-663314745 12/1/2014 after this complaint the dealer sent me his guy who sold me the car & he ask for the apology & he make an promise to me that they will full fill all there promises that they had made with me & they ask me to sign an letter in that it was written than i am satisfied & i want to take the complaint back as the guy said to me if I did not sign this paper than dealer will take away my job so I thought that i must cooperate with this guy but from that time no one ever come to me or ever give me a call & now I came to know that Samta Motors Ambala has closed his business also they had closed sales & everything I have the complaint number with me but there is no one to listen to me so i though to write this last email to you & i had attached the previous email & complaint number also if my matter is not resolved sooner i will put all this on the social media and i will put a copy of this email on my all blogs where there are too many visitors are visiting my blogs to read all software and other reviews i will put this on all of your reviews forums. let everyone knows how Hyudia treats his customer if Samta Motors is closed than there is no one who is responsible to take cares of my issues

I had booked grand i10 with samta motors i ask them i need the body cover, mat and matting on which they agreed to me and the deal was done that they will provide me body cover, mudflap and matting on the day i visited the showroom on 2nd Dec 2013 as this was my sons birthday they even did not provide me a perfume for my car and when i ask they said they will provide me a perfume but they said they will provide the matting and mats ASAP but till date,they did not provide me that when i ask them they said that they do not have enough stock I gave them the list of customers to whom they have given the matting, mudflap and the body covers and now they are not responding to me properly so i decided to log a complaint looking forward with your earliest reply .
I hope you will be treating my case as a privileged customer instead of a regular one because I switched from MARUTI To HYUNDAI .
Hope to hear from you ASAP

Thanks& Regards
Tejpal Singh
singh_ra [at] yahoo [dot] com

Cheating by Bajaj Fin Serv

My mother bought a refrigerator on 2007 from a showroom and a payment through Bajaj Fin Ltd, Trivandrum. The settlement has been done during 2008, and has been told that all the processes are finished and there is no more payment. We gave 8 cheques and all the cheques has been remitted from the bank. Now they are telling that 2 emi is on pending and the amount Rs. 1990/- has to pay. We thought it is ok and to somehow we will finish it off, because we have to proceede for a loan. But then they started saying that we have to pay Rs. 23,500/- as overdue amount and then only this will get over. Please give me a solution. When I went to the office with the bank statement, which is clearly mentioning the cheque debit details, they are simply telling that their record is not showing this. I have no idea how they are answering irresponsibly. Can you tell me how to get rid of this.


Agarwals Packers and Movers(Limka Book Record Holder) Cheats

This complaint is for Agarwals Packers and Movers(Limka Book Record Holder). The GC number is 645. We shifted from Guwahati to Kolkata on 14-April-2014 and they committed the household item will deliver on 17th April. It was delivered on 24th April and we suffered a huge problem in that time but still we did not rise any complaint.

At the time of shifting the item there was some items which was damaged and we was having a insurance amount of Rs 100000 for those items. Agarwals Packers committed that they will repair all the items which was damaged. Now its above 2 month but still nobody coming to repair the items. I called them many times and they are making wrong commitments and nobody comes. For this we are unable to continue our normal life.

Regards, Partha Sarathi Sarkar

Fraudulent of Money from my ICICI bank Credit card

On 21.06.2014 – Saturday, I got a call from the number: +91 11455 70500 and stating that they are calling from ICICI bank – Credit card division, Delhi and informed that, I have accumulated my redeem points for a value of Rs.7,000 (Rupees Seven Thousand Only). This redeem amount of Rs.7,000 will be cleared for the benefit of customer and a Sr. manager from ICICI bank will inform about this on 22nd June.
The next day, again a call from the same number and he introduced as he is Mr.Ramachandran – Sr.Manager – ICICI bank – Credit card division. He informs that, as per bank policy, the redeem points benefits’ to go to the customer and he informs, you have not utilized this facility sofar. Hence, ICICI bank needs to arrange as gift items to my residential address. For this, a onetime password will be generated to me.
In few seconds, I got a onetime password to my mobile number.
Soon after, the same person called and informed that, he has sent the onetime password and asked me to inform the password. When I refused to revel the password, he convinced me that, he is the officer to generate this password and send it to my registered mobile number (9840910959) and just want to confirm the same.
The person informed that, Rs.6,999 will be debited from your account for the benefit of supplier – M/s Amtec Engineers and the same amount will be credited by ICICI bank for the redeem points reversal purpose. Hence, the customer need not pay any amount to bank in this regard. Then I informed the Onetime password. Mr.Ramachandran has given his mobile number for any clarifications as 084594 19630. He also informed to attend a call from the supplier – M/s Amtec Engineers, Delhi.
After few minutes, a person called from a number: +91 11661 05800 and introduced that he is Mr.Murugan, stores and dispatch in-charge from M/s Amtec Engineers.
He informed that, they have received payment from ICICI bank for the gift items of Rs.6,999 and going to deliver the items of Lotto Brand shoe, Leather Vallet, Polo Club card worth Rs.2,400 and Discount card for future purchase of their products. He has collected my above residential address and informed that, this will be delivered in a couple of days by courier service. I have not received any thing till now.
Meanwhile, I have approached the nearest ICICI bank branch and they inform it is purely a fraudulent case and they are hearing lot of such complaints in the recent days. They also informed that there is very less redeem points in my account and understood ICICI Bank is not responsible for this redeem amount for any repayment.

I request to help me to get justified in this regard.

Reliance Broadband Big thieves and decoits

I do not believe this. My Reliance Broadband is not working from 20 days since 7th june 14. Daily I am calling customer care, a 24 hours assurance is given. Yesterday I called Reliance customer care, and they said our system is showing your complaint as resolved. Now who decides that. They resolve complaint on their wish. My net is not working today also. Pathetic and slow service from Reliance. No reputed Broadband service provider takes more than 20 days to solve a issue. Really disappointed on shifting from BSNL to Reliance. My sincere advice to all Broadband subscribers please stay away from Reliance otherwise your money and time will be wasted.

User Id- 38100-4739-160
Complaint id- 2214-232-55.

Cheat the Mobile shop Owner Sri Devi Mobiles, Near Jaganmohini T

I have purchased a NOKIA 220 from Sri Devi Mobiles, Near Jaganmohini Theater Ravulapalem Mandal, East Godavari District,Pin-533238,Andhra Pradesh.On 22.06.2014. The owner Gudimetla Narsireddy very too much cost collect to me. The mobile original cost Rs.3500/- but collect my money Rs.4500/- in box price tag change. I see the cost after 1 day online original price Rs.3499/-. I asked the Sridevi Mobiles shop owner. The owner serious, respect less, un-parliamentary words using he talk to me very roudly Sir pls do it. I have to go to Consumer Court about Sri Devi Mobiles Dealer's behavior.I got to Justice.The shop owner Gudimetla Narsireddy and Narisireddy son Black money transactions and DUPLICATE Fake Notes exchange business run the mobile shop.and smuggling goods purchase (duplicate Branded Cells)etc.,Sir Please enquiry and take Strict action.

submited Headphones at servise cente,Five month Passed No update

I purchased Philips SBCHP400 Headphones In flip kart, it was working fine for 8 months and All of the sudden I encountered with strange issue, the sound of their Headphones inexplicably mess up, After some days suddenly became mute.
After a couple of months i gave it to the customer service which is in Secunderabad. I had submitted my Headphone for repairing at service center at

Authorized Philips service center,
m/s united electronics services
No:43,sarvasukhi colony ,west marredpally secunderabad.

Working order Number-47558000007132 They said, that they will replace the new set of Headphones within a couple of weeks, from date of submit but Three and half month already gone and still NO update is there at service center even at HO customer care.

I went to the customer service center for several times But there is no response from there side, It is very surprising that so many days passed and nobody knows where is the headphone right now and what is happening at company level. Whenever I called at service center nobody picks up their phone no. 040-64632005/64632006 and if somebody picks after lots of call then he/she doesn’t know the current status and he/she says “ Your Headphone is in company itself and we don’t know when will be back” and “ We will inform you as soon as we receive the same”. This answer I have been hearing for long time.

I Went to the customer service Center After three months , I was told that “we don’t have any update and it will take another week from now”. I could not note executive’s name and I said ok, pls expedite as I don’t have any other Set with me and I am really stuck. After 10Days, I made a call to customer care again same statement I got that “we don’t have any update "we don't know about it. And gave me the Manager Number Said to speak with him.
And from a week I am trying he is not picks up his phone. This is really disheartening that I opted for PHILIPS, as huge time company takes to get my Headphone replacing. My headphone is under warranty and it expires now, now they will say that warranty has been expires.

Now anybody is there to hear my voice and try to understand my problem so that it can be replaced with the new set. Seriously, I fed up with Philips customer services. And service centre people are not responding for customers. They are handling irrespective manners.