Consumer Complaints Tips - read before making complaints!

I’ve some useful ideas which I’ve myself experienced in my life, you can save some of your hassles while you make any consumer complaint.

Rule 1: Don’t be lazy

Act now! Register your complaint immediately. Usually a product breaks down just one day before when the warranty expires!

Rule 2: Get a complaint number

Always get a complaint number and note it at a safe place. You’ll only make a fool of yourself by calling the service centers and company executives unnecessarily if you don’t have one. Since no one will remember your complaint after one goes to one’s home!

Rule3: Talk with the right person

Always raise your complaint with the right person who will most probably be the all India customer care executive at some toll free number. Wait for what he/she says, understand the issue, ask for a complaint number, note down the resolution date and wait patiently till the resolution date. When you escalate your complaint, you see that you talk with the right senior person who has authority.

Remember in big companies all this is required for proper maintenance of consumer complaints, so you should cooperate the company with it’s proper channel for raising & resolution of your complaint.

Rule 4: Never be rude with company personnel

Never be rude with any company executive. You can be rude and talk anything with the service center executive since the service centers are simply on contract and are not rolls of the company. Threaten the company but in “decent way”!

Rule 5: Follow the rules normally

Always do your duty, whatever be your complaints for example even if you’ve been billed wrongly pay the dues on time but at the same time follow up with your company. This is considered good etiquette. If you don’t do this, you not only break their "Terms of Service" but also project yourself as unruly person reducing your chances of winning complaint in your favor. Remember you’re only single person fighting against a possibly very big company.

Moreover in a big company, however good, complaints do occur and some customers always faces hassles. It is not necessary that company had done it against you intentionally.

Rule 6: Keep in mind the time frame and legal procedure

If you ever escalate your complaint always keep in mind the time frame and legal procedure. For example in case of telecom complaints never send a complaint to the nodal officer without first registering with the customer care and waiting till it’s resolution. Similarly if you ever send complaint to the appellate authority do it within 3 months after the expiry of the complaint resolution time limit specified by the nodal officer. Otherwise not only your request will be rejected, most likely you’ll not be ever notified of this rejection.

Also unless you’ve not completed the "proper channel" procedure specified by company for complaint resolution or as mandated by government, don’t waste time thinking of going to consumer forum. You’ll only make a fool of yourself. For example for telecom complaints unless you’ve gone through raising your complaints in this fashion: Customer Care -> Nodal Officer -> Appellate Authority etc don’t go to consumer forum. Your application will be rejected just because you did not follow the specified company procedure.

Rule 7: Roar like a lion

Threaten the company of dire legal action but in decent way. Even if you are not going to pull the company in consumer forum never let the company know this. Pretend that you’re all set to do it. Send a normal and final notice prior to filing complaint in consumer forum( which you’re not!).

Raise hue and cry on media, in internet forums etc. If possible write letters to newspapers and media. Every company is wary of it’s image, this can have serious affect on the company.

Rule 8: Never go to consumer court!

Unless you seriously want to get justice (for example, which caused loss of life), never go for Consumer Forum. You’ll face unlimited court adjournments and court procedures. That is, our own democratic system is to blame. Even if you win the case against company, you’ll not get damages more than the cost of the product! In India you CAN NOT! In USA you can sue for 1 billion dollar! Not in India. At most you’ll get Rs. 1000 for court expenditure, Rs. 500 for mental harassment, plus 8% interest.

Rule 9: Lawyer for the company comes FREE OF COST

A company usually hires a law-firm on contract for a year or so. In short company’s cost to the law firm is fixed whether the law-firm fights company’s single case or 1000 in a year.

Rule 10: Don’t go for a lawyer

If in the worst case you’ve decided to knock the doors of consumer court, then it is most likely that you don’t need a lawyer because you can easily fight the case yourself. Consumer case is all non-technical stuff and you can do it yourself. Actually this is the main objective of consumer courts in India so that an ordinary consumer can represent herself/himself easily without going for any advocates.

Rule 11: Go only for a good lawyer

Always take feedback from some known people before you select a lawyer and better take second opinion of an experienced lawyer regularly during your long legal hassle in Indian courts!

If you’re claiming damages for Rs. 1000 then you may end up paying Rs. 50,000 to your lawyer in 20 years. Also remember that a lawyer for the company is free of cost.

Oh the most important! I hope you’ve kept the purchase receipt of the product. Otherwise forget about the complaint!

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Refund Not Done- 45 Days

Refund Not Done- 45 Days
Submitted by Ask me bazaar on 21/03/2015

45 Days - Till now no refund received.
limo mobile handset –
Promised refund Days - 12 days
product refverse done

if we called to customer care number 04444444444
they listning matter & then disconnect the calls

the ask me bazzar company is folling to customers


Dear sir,

This is mani Iam used idea postpaid number last two days before only i activate my plan 3g 1gb rs.250 totally 400mb something i will used but ur customer care people said more than 1gb crossed so ur unbilled amount will 1500 like that my number also barred please recify which one is wrong. How 1gb limit crossed for two days some fake report customer care people giving me.

Kindly give the solution.

[Ticket#102302949417]order no-11328314...refund not rcvd

Myself, Sanjeev…Done biggest mistake of my life by ordering Lenovo A860e CDMA GSM Dual SIM 3G Smartphone to Rediff on 18th Mar’15. order no-11328314
After received found product not up to mark as Lot of letters are in Chinese & having very less battery backup. Also, phone hangs often & data automatically restart. Also given charger is sub standard quality. Asked to take back the product & refund my whole amount. Given Ticket no#102302949417 on 28th Mar’15.
On 1st apr’15 rcvd mail from Rediff that we are arranging to get the item picked up through JV Express couriers who will be there within next 3-4 working days.
After hell lot of follow-ups finally the mobile along will all accessories (Charger, Battery & Data cable) have been pickup up in original condition by Courier person: Nandkishor, contact no-08802208469 PoD copy was also mailed to Rediff & asked to process refund for entire amount 9000/ asap.
Nobody bother to all from Rediff, finally I called on 13th Apr’15 & confirmed Rediff that it was received by JV Express as confirmed with Mr. Manoj: 9540251653-JV express.
Thereafter, as discussed with Rediff customer care on 15th Apr’15, Devyani gave 6PM timeline for refund. Not done. Then discussed on 16th Apr’15, Vishal gave the deadline by 6PM for refund. Again it’s not done.
As discussed with Mr. Vishwas on 21st Apr’15 on 09223020000 from Rediff customer care-executive officer. He promised that the amount will be refunded before 3PM positively. Not done. Given 5PM new time…Recalled , again not done. Such a bunch of useless employees.
Again called Rediff CC 22nd apr’15…after 30mins they connect me to Vishwas, again rcvd new time 1.30PM w/o any resolution. These shameless people are enjoying interest on my money. Also not connecting to their managers.
Again called Rediff CC 23rd apr’15…after 30mins they connect me to another executive Diksha, again rcvd new time 6.00PM but same old story. These people have deaf ears.
Pls help to me get refund. Promise will never think to buy anything from Rediff.

NEVER give advance to S. S. Pvt ltd Udaipur you are cheated


just to make others aware for the finance company S. S. pvt ltd (sthenic Solution pvt ltd) they are simply making sales pitch to collect money for assessment and later failed to give loan and grab the money.

pls educate people S. S. pvt ltd is not the company but they are cheaters & if paid money they will stop picking the phone as well.

Issued in public interest pls verify and check live customers who got the money, before you pay any penny to them.

its fraud.


Wrong JD shared while employing

Hi, I have recently joined a company based on the documented job description provided to me. However, after joining I was shocked to find that the actual work is very different from what was in the JD. I have been talking to my manager, the H.R and the consultancy through which I have joined the company. I am completely at loss and feeling as if my career has been ruined by accepting this offer. Please tell me if there is any legal option out for me against the consultancy.

holiday packages

I would like to compliant against pvt ltd company which is located its registered office at Mumbai, and i am living at Gandhingar gujarat. my que is 1. Can i file compliant at consumer forum at Gandhinagar (gujarat) at district forum

Laptop lost

i have lost my laptop 1 and half year ago in PUNE hinjwadi but till now no response from police station .what could i do.Please sugg me .

Sahiba Ltd.- Governance Issue

This is in reference to the issues that we have been facing with Idea since ages.

We were fully convinced to get migrated to another cellular network due to mis-handling of Sahiba's account continuously month after month, and getting irresponsible and ill-behaved replies from your executives. And whenever we wish to take some serious step towards the company, the respective seniors would come into picture all of a sudden, schedule a meeting with us, ask for an apology, assuring that the practices would not be repeated, but the loop is vicious now.

We would want to bring to your notice, that Sahiba Ltd. has been one of the prestigious client for Idea since its inception in Gujarat. We have around 250+ connections with Idea in Gujarat and around 50 connections in Maharashtra circle, which is growing exponentially with each passing month. And after giving such good business to the company, we have been charged wrong amounts quite often, which have been agreed by Idea's designated PR to Sahiba, Mr. Jigar Parmar, and he has always assured that he will get them reversed at the earliest, and has carried forward those amounts like forever. Also, we have been made subject to some unjustified billing as well, which we have been pressurized to pay. And above all this, your executives, Mr. Jigar Parmar, Mr. Bhavin Mehta, and Mr. Rajesh Dhawan have the audacity to give us a warning to say either pay this or we will discontinue the services, and this has not happened once or twice, but quite often on calls and mails too.

We did escalate the matter of this behavior of the executives to seniors, and then they again came for a meeting, wherein Mr. Dharmendra Brahmbhatt agreed that Mr. Bhavin's behavior and attitude towards the company has been wrong and asked for an apology, convincing us to stay with idea and not migrate. Since, then we have been asking for the letter of apology from Idea, not once, twice or thrice, but numerous times on mail as well on calls, and each time Mr. Brahmbhatt assured saying, I will get it done, and that mail has never come.

And adding to it, we receive an outstanding message to each of my numbers, asking them to clear the dues, stating "please pay immediately to enjoy uninterrupted services". I do not understand what kind of work culture do you promote at the organization. When such a practice, has never been done before in Idea why now. And on discussing this with Mr.Dharmendra on who got this done, he bluntly says, I have got it done. This shows highest level discourtesy towards a client. This attitude of the company is just harassing us mentally and blackmailing us with top notch attitude of lack of regard towards its prestigious client.

We request the senior people to look into the matter personally, because I strongly believe that the Idea Cellular would not encourage such work ethics in their systems.

My 3 months salary and company is not giving

I have worked with a real estate company in noida l. My salary was 23000. I joined them on 26-august-2014. From 26- Aug to 31st Aug 2015 they gave me 5000 rupees cash as my salary. After that my September salary was only transfered to my account was 20,000 and they told me remaining will be added in next month salary. In October month they didn't gave my salary and told me we will give you October and November salary in December. But in December they got merged with other real estate and after that I got my salary in January but it was only for December month. Again same happened in February and in march. And still my salary for the month of October and November is on hold and they are not giving and saying we are not having money.. I want my hold salary. What should I do. Please help me

cheated by franchise named Krishnaswamy

Sir I just received a call from the number.+91 97 00 374792. He told about a site named he gave an I'd of 9800 I'd number HM1268 on 23-3-15. which pays daily 100 up to 300 days I saw the same on the site. After that I deposited 9860 on 24th I updated my details in that site. I started receiving daily 100. I request for withdraw on 4th April. I received mail from company mail id happymor [at] happymoreincome [dot] in that no withdraw on Saturday n Sunday. Mean while he called me and told to upgrade my account with 72000 so that I get daily 2200 nd referral income he put 3 ids under my left .I just told I will arrange within a week before I paid he upgraded my I'd I saw 81800 in my I'd n received mail to pay amount within 10th April. I paid 10000 on 6th 30000 on 9th. And received thanks mail from company and if I upgrade to 80000 then they will give 34800 I'd free.. On 10th at 11:15 am I paid 40100. Evening I received msg from franchise that I paid delay so I need to pay 3500. I refused to pay and told to adjust in that amount only. He told by evening I receive a mail after that I can withdraw amount. After 1hr i opened my I'd it was blocked. I received a mail from company that I requested for unknown withdraw so they blocked my i'd to reopen I need to pay 20000. Franchise phone is switch off. How can I get my amount please help me

complaining abt a fraud company

i have been convinced to get registered in their company as I have a Residential Plot of 325 sq yards, HMDA Layout at Thumkunta, before Shameerpet for which the company executives namely Ramya, Priya assured me that they will arrange 10-15 verified clients for a month for which they have sent a person for collecting an amount of Rs.1100/- on March 18, 2015 and till now haven't got any call. I have been trying to the numbers from which I got calls but no one is responding.

Details of the company:

1st Floor, MPR Complex, Uppal X Road, India

Mobile numbers:
Ramya- +91 95-33-472790, +91 80-19522522
Priya: +91 90-14-226460
Kiran: +91 91-77-982887


Thank u.

Beware of Electrotherm (India) Ltd, Ahmedabad

Electrotherm (India) Ltd.
A-1, Skylark Apartment,
Satellite Road,
Satellite, Ahemdabad-380015.
Phone: +91-79-26768844
Fax: +91-79-26768855
Email : ho [at] electrotherm [dot] com

Beware of Electrotherm (India) Ltd. While paying advance against any order. We had paid advance and will regret our whole life. Kindly read their agreement clause by clause, between the lines. Their agreement is like the same of mutual funds. (Mutual funds are subject to market risk and…. The clause is given very less value/less highlight when signing the contract).

We are a medium scale industry, paid advance of Rs.3300000/- vide for order no. OA/1789 dated 23rd December 2008 for order of 7MT industry furnace. Since market suddenly became slow and seemed unfavorable, we were in dilemma whether to proceed for expansion, and in good faith had requested and informed Electrotherm verbally about the probability of delay. Our mistake was that we did not send any written/formal letter. Finally, due to delay in sanction of loan, we decided not to go with expansion and cancelled the order.
After chasing up with Mr. AnandShekhawat (Marketing manager) for years, Company finally replied on 24th march 2012 (after chasing for 3.5 years) to pay sum of Rs.351000/- i.e. less than 10% of advance money paid.

We are businessmen known for reputation & man of commitment since decades. It is a norm that we are optimistic and do business; sign purchase agreements, bank loan agreements mostly on good faith. All good faith reciprocated the same except Electrotherm India Limited. We are thankful to caster company such as Concast India Ltd. and other companies who in time of cancellation have refunded 65-70% of our advance money.

We feel that we have been slapped by this company, whose intention was bad and not to refund any amount. To simply put, they are opportunist – Conscious policy and practice of taking selfish advantage of circumstances-with little regard for principles.

It was the most disgusting transaction and experience of our life. We are not interested to claim the leftover of Rs.351000/- (less than 10% of advance paid). We believe in law of Karma and pray that this incident should never happen with anyone.

Above instance clearly depicts ill intention of the promoters.


Reliable Sponge (P) Ltd.
Corporate & Marketing Office
Dua Complex, Panposh Road,
Mob-91-9437042232 (Arun Dua)
Rourkela-769004,Dist – Sundargarh, Odisha

non cancellation-non refund by country vacations (I) ltd

I, Arti Pandey w/o Vijay Kumar Pandey resident of B-1, Flat No.102, ACC Chowk, Tech Town, Butibori, Nagpur, Maharashtra-441122 would like bring your kind attention that I have been entrapped by M/s Country Vacations having
Branch office at 337, Imperial Court, Opp Kalidas Appartment, Dharampeth, Nagpur-440010 :07126602006
Head Office : 6-3-1219/a, 2nd floor, Country Club Kool,Begumpet, Hyderabad-500016
The companys sales representative Mr. Pankaj,Mobile No.7387593583 has cheated me by swiping hdfc debit card no.5129670502573137 for Rs.15,000/- on 14.03.2015 at Dharampeth Office, Nagpur, After swiping card he came with an agreement on stamp paper of Rs.100, which was neither be allowed to read carefully nor be understood and asked me & my husband to sign so as IF to get our money back after 7 days. Further, reading the documents at our home we have asked them to cancel the agreement and refund he assured us to refund within 10-12 days.
Meanwhile, company have cleverly activated membership No.CVNP1CLUB197072 on 24.03.2015. Now, when I approach to their Head Office regarding my cancellation & refund they have replied they are unable to cancel the membership and refund not possible.
This company is cheating a lot of citizens by non-refund, non-cancellation of membership. I have requested them to cancel my membership and asked for refund for which they denied. Kindly help in this issue to get my hard earned money back as being a housewife I cannot afford such a huge loss. on behalf of the other victims. I request you to look into this so that to stop such malpractice of cheating and fraud.

Arti Pandey

fake promotion run through the amazon website

I would like to inform u that run a fake promotion throughtheir website.march 1st i purchase galaxy s4 frm amaxon site that time mrp shown in site is 41500 and they are running 57% discount. When i recieved the product purchase box it showing mrp only is totallymake fool to 120 cores peoples in india.when i contact with them there are dirtely if u have any queries contact ceo

fake promotion run through the amazon website

I would like to inform u that run a fake promotion throughtheir website.march 1st i purchase galaxy s4 frm amaxon site that time mrp shown in site is 41500 and they are running 57% discount. When i recieved the product purchase box it showing mrp only is totallymake fool to 120 cores peoples in india.when i contact with them there are dirtely if u have any queries contact ceo

cheque bounce by helios and matheson information technology ltd

i have invested fixed deposit with helios and matheson , on maturity the cheque which was issued got bounced due to stop payments from the company. for my letters they are refusing to send response . i am helpless.
the detail of FIXED DEPOSITS ARE
1.TDR NO CDB052751 matured on 19th march 2015.
2.TDR NO CDB048864 matured on 21ST december 2014.
request your intervention.


dear form,
I have purchased one combo offer from DIALYSHOPPINGSS.COM online. their customer care person call me for payment and give some confirmation about the material. when I asked about the delivery of material then he replied that I have to pay for transport charges and insurance of material. I have paid and asked when I will received the material then he replied that I have won Rs.3 laks with the material so I have to pay for legal documentation.
now I m so fed up of this cheat website and their persons.

name of customer care perdon- Mr. Karan Mahlotra (09250093456)
they are cheating with simplw peoples please suggest what I do.

CLC services Karol Bagh cheated me and not refunding my money.

I am Nishant Sinha leaving in Rangpuri Mahiplpur new delhi.Clc services address mentioned below approached me in last year some where in the month of Oct 2014 for the personal loan purpose because of immediate requirement for the treatment of my daughter i accepted they said they will take 8000 Rs initially for helping me in getting loan and rest 20000 Rs after getting loan money in my account after giving them the documents they asked another documents which i am unable to provide so i told them verbally and over email that i am unable to give the documents therefore kindly refund my money after deducting your charges but now i am getting no response from their side later on when i have searched in the internet about their complaints i got to know they are big frauds they have cheated so many peoples infact i have spoken to one of their customer who has logged a complaint in the police station and in consumer court against them .I tried to contact their Head Mr.Rishi he is not at all picking up my call neither responding to my mails only one person name Rohit 9654646497 he received my calls and every time he is bluffing that we refund your money it is in process or your money will refund on 15th like that. Now it is alredy 3-4 months chasing them for the same. Please help me i am deep trouble it was my hard savings which i kept for the treatment.Also suggesting to others not to accept any kind of proposal from CLC services they are frauds.

Address : 16/13, 1st Floor, Joshi Road
Rohtak Road, Karol Bagh
Near Mehta CNG Workshop
New Delhi 110005
Contact No. : +91-9654646497, +91-9212355113
E-mail : ravisonker [at] clcservices [dot] co [dot] in
rishi [dot] s [at] clcservices [dot] co [dot] in
services [dot] clc [at] gmail [dot] com

Harassment on phone call


Today I got a call from a mobile number +917840047779.

When I picked up the call the lady over phone told me "Sir, we are providing a nice insurance plan for you". I replied "sorry not interested and can you please let me know from where you got my official number". The lady answer that there was some data base. So request her to remove my official number from the same. And suddenly her voice changed and she replied in hindi "Kyu tu koi prime minister hai Behen****od jo tera number kat du, teri Maa ki" and then disconnected the call. I called back her to ask why she misbehaved with me. And also 2nd time she replied with slangs and slangs.

Please take necessary action on that number.

Frauds on mobile for the sake of refund

Somebody called me saying that they are from HDFC credit card division & what transaction I have did in January that was meant to be refunded so they are refunding it for that purpose they asked my credit card details on 07-03-2015 and then I received two messages of amount 2040 each has been spent from my credit card. When I called the number they told it will reflect with in 24hrs but It never happened. From that day I was calling them and today they told by server issues they are unable to refund ans again they asked for details ans deducted some 8084 rs.I have blocked my credit card.please help to track those cheaters. They called me from the below number 7042648787 7042626864.


i want to make you aware about fraud consultancy -XPERTUS SOLUTION ,RAM PLAZA LUCKNOW.This consultancy take rs 1100 as charge from students but dont take care of them after taking the money.I along with my friend visited this consultancy, but we are not serviced yet .they only pick up calls from 12-1pm and make any excuses , they already have in mind and tell students for further dates and this process goes on and on ..IN WHICH 3-5 PERSON WORK THEIR NAME IS CHANDAN SINGH,SATYRATH SINGH,RISHITA MUCKHERJEE,PRIYA,ANKITA,SHREYA....THEY TOLD THEIR WRONG NAME ALSO.....THEY TAKE 50000 RS WITH MY FRIEND ALSO MY....AFTER TAKEN MONEY ...THEY ARE ONLY EXCUES AND SPOIL THE CARRIER OF STUDENTS(THERE NUMBER IS---0522-4103475,8960883856,9506748000)....PLZ FRNDS BEAWARE

sir , its my humble request to take necessary action against such consultancies as soon as possible as they are playing with the emotions of students and youth of the country....

Surat Wholesale Dress dealer cheating

I have got contact with a wholesale dealer in surat (Name : Imran,Surat textiles,Ring Road,Near petrol Bunk,Surat) and done a deal with him.
First he has sent sample material in which only few are good and i have informed the same to him and asked the cost to be paid. He said no need its small amount and i ordered two catalogs of chanderi cotton dresses and transferred whole amount of 20000/- for those .

After recieving money he took three days to send the parcel and the LR.After i got the LR went to transport to get the goods. For my suprise he sent wrong goods that too very bad clothes. When i called him he said may be it got misplace will check and tell. But one week over no reply nor got the goods or money back.

When i asked him he kept on telling will return money..but till now he has not returned. and i am not sure how i can get back my money.

I told i will make complaint but he said do what ever you can.So please can any one suggest what can i do to get back my money.

THEMOBILESTORE selling defective mobiles

I am Suviraj singh chauhan.
THEMOBILESTORE has sold defective mobile to me.
I purchased samsung note 3 neo form the 1st block, kormanagla, bangalore branch of MOBILESTORE on 26th feb 2015.
After 5 days of my purchasse some major problem arises in the mobile –
1. back camera lens got hell lot of dust inside.
2. front camera clearity is also not that good when I compared it with another note 3 neo in other store.
3. for calling, i have to call 3-4 times to make a call, then only it connects
4. i use 3G of vodafone, and it works worse than 2G even. ( I had compared it with other cheaper samsung mobiles like grand2). the speed is very slow.
5. They said they will send the bill on mail id, which also they didn’t. Even for accidental cover and extended warranty also they didn’t provide even a single paper.
Even these mobilestore guys make u sell open seal mobile as well. Though i didn’t took. I made them to get the fresh new mobile.
I want my mobile to be replaced and I want a new one with sealed close packing.
my mobile invoice details-
VATTIN: 29160708121-V Dt. 01.08.2006
CSTTIN: 29160708121-C Dt. 01.08.2006
service tax reg : AACFE1386KST001
INVOICE NO# 21171/12522616
phone numbers of themobilestore – 9742155009 , 8553520149

Royal Indian Holidays - 6 days - air tickets not received

I have made online neft bank payment to Royal Indian Holidays for Bangkok Tour of 5 night - 6 days. They promised me to give air tickets on 2nd March'2015. But then they said they cancelled program due to problem with their suppliers. They sent me faulty cheque of 22nd March 2015 but it has no stamp. So what are the legal remedies available to me. I have their cell phone numbers, email address, bank account no. So what is legal remedies available to me.

Ashish Karnik

frauded by jeevan darpan teleshop

I got I call near about 1st of march 2015 from the following no. 8595119061 said calling from New Delhi and ur no. chosen as lucky no. by samsung co. and u get Samsung grand prime worth rs. 12000 in only 3000 and u have to paid after get product. On 14th march 2015 they called and said that ur mobile is deleverd through postoffice, when I paid 3000 and receive that parcel after opening the parcel I found only glass on it. The parcel came from teleshop named as jeegan darpan teleshopy, haldhar(nanital), uttrakhand. I searched on internet about this, they are cheating peoples in all over India from long time and so many complaint are registered against them but still they working freely, I think no one interested in that. If this site really made for justice then do somthing about this.

Satyendra Vishwakarma
From Nashik Maharashtra
Satya007vish [at] gmail [dot] com
9011562646 Fraud Fraud

Rajinder Kumar, with phone number +91 7503366259 & company MOBILE PHONE TEAM, Registered Office 84, Meadowcroft Radcliffe, Manchester M26 4JQ UK.....


Sells iphones and other others for unbelivable price and asks for half amount of initially and contacts only through Whatspp...


Agent is not transfering the RC of bike to my name

I have bouhgt an Honda Activa from an agent in VV Puram on 07-01-15 and paid him entire amount. but still i have not get my RC, whenever i call him, he says next week, after two days.
And he gives me a number that it's RTO Office Jayanagar number, I tried that number but dint get any positive responce.

I dont know what to do, please guide me.
mr [dot] amitsingh777 [at] yahoo [dot] com

School fee refund

I had sought my kid's admission in one of the schools in month of Feb-14 (by paying the admission fees, facility fees & term fee) and subsequently asked for cancellation of admission in month of March. The school rule says they cannot refund the fees due to their policy which was written in the admission form "Admission fees is non-refundable". I had cancelled the admission well before start of their academic session (in April/May). My child did not even attend the orientation session or any class.

Can you please advice that i can file a complaint in consumer court?

+++Complaint against Annamali University+++

Respected Sir,

I took admission for MBA Information Systems, in Annamali University Distant Education Program in September 2014. The admission was taken from Annamali University Study Centre Trivandrum, Kerala. It was informed by the admission manager that, I will be receiving my books within 15 days of admission via India Post.

Now, its Feb 2015 ( six months after taking admission). I didn't receive a single response from the University, regarding study materials. I did make hundreds of calls to admission centre and University Office. The officers are saying that, printing papers are over and they are in doubt that, whether I will get books or not.

I also did sent a FAX, mails to university but still no response. I never saw such an irresponsible University.

My exams are scheduled on May 2015 ( 2 months from now). Right now, the situations is that, I have to study 1 year course in 2 months. I don't know, whom to contact, the university is cheating student by taking money from us.

Please help us....

My enrollment number is 2691405005.

please please help....

Best Regards,


SNAPDEAL are PROFESSIONAL CHEATERS, I ordered a 10 inch tab, which turned out to be very low quality and also missing many features, so I immediately returned it with explicit instructions not to send a replacement of the same item, they can send anything else or a refund.

They ignored my instructions and sent the same item. I still have not opened the package.

After OVER 100 E-MAILS and TWO MONTHS, they are still giving excuses like "we tried to call you", keeping me waiting with LIES, and with e-mails like "we would like to talk to you", but THEY WILL NOT COME AND TAKE THE ITEM AND GIVE REFUND!!!


Now, I have to spend more money hiring lawyers to get satisfaction, which is promised by lies on their website!!!

1year&6 months hold the salary

ennaku English theriyathu.

na aadhar card edukura oru center la work pandren.

antha company name tera software nu oru company undertaking la work pannunen .

ana enaku avanga salary tharala avangaluku keela oru customer srivice center

nu iruku avanga than salary tharanu solliruthanga ana intha date la work panna salary (01.11.2013-

30.12.2013) tharala avanga address ithan

Common Service Centre, Main Road, 5, Main Road, Thennangudi
Karaikal Taluk, Karaikal, Pondicherry - 609607

mob no:9442131018
ivanga than csc center vachirukanga

plz help me sir

Buildmann Aaroha under litigation check ebhoomi &

Per request of RTI, Buildmann Aaroha realty firm run by son ,father & daughter-in-law (ashwin, his wife & father bala) launched aaroha in bangalore supposedly located @ whitefield is under litigation.. its clearly listed on ebhoomi karnataka property site... They have sold & raking in 1.3cr + per villa or condo.. Suggestion: Avoid buildmann Aaroha & internal reselling of property also happening.

9920497004 cheating in mobile

There is guy from navi mumbai..his consultancy name "Pride

Immigration and Visa Consultancy Services"

<consultant [dot] pride [at] gmail [dot] com> and phone number is

9920497004.he has sent me the process details for abroad

canada,.he has told me to pay 17500 for embassy and medical fees.i

have paid that.after 3 days he has told me to pay 50 percent of the

flight ticket.totally i have paid 48000 to him.but he is not responding

my call.but he is using the mobile number 9920497004 till now.

He has told me to deposit in the below account details .i have deposited

the account

name = rahul jadhav
ac no= 024410400006844
bank idbi bank

Fraud calls reg. CARD

Mrs. Susma had called me in the no. +911164700554 & trickly told that the reward point scheme in credit card/debit card has been withdrawn & replace by a discount card. Lastly she asked me the Exipry Date of the CARD.

Kindly take action agan. these otherwise some other good people will be cheated & after all I can't expect from a lady & taking the advantage of her gender she may have done many frauds. PLZ give her a good lesson.

salary problem

naaptol very bad company , company not pay a salary , and very bad product and thrid class product , my self Deepak singh , i am sr cce .

Online shopping fraud by eShop12 with

I purchased online Apple Mac book through In fact of Amazone directed me to this web site of eshop12. I paid Rs. 53999/- on 01-01-2015 and till today no response from the site.
When I wrote to Amazone they just said they are our supplier and we can not help you. The eShop12 site server is run by Amazone.

My order no is : 2454843. The detail of the eShop12 is as below:
Owner: Jyoti Prakash Sharma
Organisation: jyoti
Country: India
Telephone: 919986879481
Phone Type: mobile : Karnataka Vodafone Essar Ltd
Email: sharmajyotiprakash3 [at] gmail [dot] com

Ip Address:
Hosting Service: "Amazon Data Services Ireland Ltd"
Hosting City:
Hosting Region:
Hosting Postal:
Hosting Country: United States
Domain Created: 2012-11-27T05:24:22Z
Domain Expires: 2015-11-27T05:24:22Z
Domain Life: 1095



Flip Kart charged me nearly 25% extra for an e-learning course, which is available in the vendor's website" Edukart" at the less price(75% of the purchased price).

On top of it, they are now delaying in providing the "Activation Code", which ideally should come to me immediately after purchase of the product along with invoice copy via email. When I had contacted them they are giving me a standard reply that I need to wait for a week's time to get a resolution on the same. They just emailed me the invoice copy.

This is the 2nd instants, when FLIPKART after order execution failed to deliver the product to me,. In the 1st case after billing me a Lenovo Laptop for Rs.62,000+, they failed to deliver the product and finally refunded the money after 45days time.

So my impression is that, they are billing the product, without having physical stock at their end.

my Order # ​ OD202170338144546400
Product details # ​EduKart Certificate Course in Programming Languages - Certified by CSI Certification Course
Amount Billed : Rs.6449.00
Exact Rate at Edukart/vendor Website : Rs.5159.00

I have been in contact with both the reseller and the vendor, still no response from both of them.

Thanks and need help from everybody so that these ecomm guys should behave properly to their customers.

Many Thanks,

maine apni bike 22 feb ko

maine apni bike 22 feb ko service k liye service station ko di thi
jab main use bapus lene gaya to wo damage thi uska margaret tuta huya tha
or wo use change karne k liye mana kar rhe hai
bike ab bhi service station par hai or slip mere pass hai
kya main is case ko consumer court me daal sakta hu
agar haa to kaise
please send me answer hurry

Samsung Note 4 returned with dent/impact mark on bezel by servic


I was purchased the Samsung Note 4 on 26th Jan''15, in under 3 weeks it started giving me the display issue, It was displaying a green vertical line on the display, So, I went to the Samsung Plaza, Vileparle on20th Feb''15 for necessary repairs/replacement, Service person told me to solve this issue he needs to replace the display,
Bill No for this repair was- 4189884015,
I given my Note 4 to service person with clear instructions that _quotI''m giving my Note 4 in scrachless condition, no scratches will be tolerated by me after your repairs_quot, I got my Note 4 on the same day at around 5:30 PM, I checked the display it was working fine, The mobile had some type of very fine sticky chemical liquid on it,
I was taken my Note 4 back with faith on service person, But, when I wipe that chemical layer with a cloth I find that there were a dent/impact mark on front side of the bezel &amp also the backside of the phone was looking yellowish like it was changed, I was using Samsung s-view cover from the first day of use of my Note 4, before the repairs It was looks like I was just opened a sealed pack phone, I will not tolerate this type of mistake/fraud, We don''t by 52K+ smartphones to get this type of careless service.

I need a replacement against my Note 4 ASAP

Product not Delivered-Refund Also Not Done- 45 Days

45 Days - Till now no refund received.
Ordered Panasonic P61 – Order ID 4287189495 dated 04/01/2015-(On line payment done)
Promised Delivery Date -09/01/2015
Cancelled on 19/01/2015 due to non -delivery of product
Complaint No.14601511
Refund initiated on 24/01/2015.

Deduction of money

I have been using reliance GSM service for more than 4 months and recently 5rs got deducted from my account 3 times. One time they refunded but another two times they are not refunding. They are activating some packs from their side and they will deduct money for it. When the customer ask for refunds they say like the pack has been activated from customer side. It's not the first time I'm facing this issue ! Please suggest me what to do ?


FAshion and you most untrusted & Fraud website

This is for order id 120487712, woodland jacket for(Rs.2474.25) was ordered which was of sub-standard quality (may be fake) so i made return request, within 2 days it was reverse picked up by courier and now its almost 20 days has past and atleast 10 mails sent to them but in every mail their unprofessional CC made lame excuse of technical difficulties n blah blah… which clearly seems false. I went through many complaints on this website and can make it out that is not trustworthy site and never make expensive order or order more than Rs.500 because in expensive they intentionally sends sub standard product and upon return they dont give the money back. I can clearly say this is fraud site. Other site take only 1 or 2 days for store credits and 4 days for bank return..but FnY take unlimited time for refund and more over they give expiry date of our money in terms of credit

sbi Net banking complaint

I have a saving a/c holder in sbi with net banking.i am angry with your service bcoz now I can't using I. N.b.thats reason is not have a transaction right allowed.regularly I touched with u r customer care I registered over 25 times complain but we are not give me any solution.always say please u go to home branch.we touched with B.M in our home branch he said u r letter is in process.about what and where is my solution.

Your faithfully
Nurul Hoda Ansari
Sbi a/c - 30466326735
Mob- 9608312380

Refund Money -

Dear Team,

I have purchased from Combo Pack of 5 Polo Assorted T-Shirts at Rs. 699 and Shipping Charges: Rs. 200.00 on dated 21st Oct'2014 and then i received T-Shirt after 04 Weeks. Due to poor quality of products, i have cancel the order and return them products via Reversee Logistics ('s own Courier) on dated 25th.Nov'2014. But after receiving products, i did not get any call from Even i have called them almost 100 times from last 3 months. i did not get any satisfactory answer from them or them call center no. 08067536400 is not working lots of time.

Order Ref # 32672934
Compliant no. : 7881407

Kindly help me to refund my money Rs. 899/- as soon as possible and do the needful.

Thanks and Regards
Sushant S Salunke

dont purchase any products from 100 best buy even i lost like th


Dont purchase any products from 100 best buy .. I lost also i given complaint in cyber police and cbi cyber crime cell.. cyber police not taken any action but cbi forwarded my complaint to cyber police .. before given complaint i wait 2 to 3 months 100 best buy people not responded properly after given complaint in 1 day they called me and given some other product to that money .. then they are managing local police also .. sp was angry on me because improper complaint .. he said i need to give the complaint in consumer court .. I think he managed by 100 best buy people .i got the money so i with draw complaint ..

This 100 best buy people putting some attractive fake 420 schemes in their website and trapping unknown people through out india while surfing in internet through some marketing adds.. so thats the reason i given complaint to cyber cell for cbi and cyber cell of CID .. but CBI taken my complaint and proceed right way .. but local cid police managed by 100 best people ..

So i request you first give complaint in local district consumer course with all the order details ( no need to arrange advocate ) . if you didnt get result then approach cyber crime department ..


Dear Sir,
This is to inform that NR Switch N radio Pvt Ltd,Kotta Rajasthan for ZTE Telecommunication india Pvt Ltd is doing fraud with the employees.
My name is senthilkumar resident of Tamilnadu. NR serve switch N radio pvt ltd company is based in kotta Rajasthan.My Emp ID:M0565 - Designation-Sr.BSS Engineer Project:TTSL ROTN work for ZTE Telecommunication India pvt ltd

I has been work with NR Serv Switch N Radio Pvt for ZTE Telecom india pvt ltd .
they without information terminated to all the employees for TATA project at ROTN.i left the organization more than 4 months but not yet given salary and PF. I continuesly follow the Both of NR Serve /ZTE but all are vain..they did nt responsible for last month salary. As we heard that cheat all employee for same way.

I have all evidence for the to take legally get to my pending salary&PF.

I request you to kindly seal and lock this company forever so that others cannot be cheated again and again and cry over their

Awaiting for strict and necessary action against this offensive company.

Pay roll company NR serv Company details:

Head Office:

E-17, RIICO Electronic Complex IPIA, Road No. 1,
Kota-324005 Rajasthan, India.
Phone : 0744-2423309, 91-9414184010
Fax : 0744-2423671.
Email:hrd [at] nrserv [dot] com

Corporate Office:

401/402, Navkriti Arcade, Sushant Lok,
Phase II Sector-55 Gurgaon-122001,
Haryana, India.

Work for ZTE Company details:

ZTE Telecommunication india co.pvt ltd.
Building No.10,Tower B,6th Floor,DLF Cybercity, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002
0124 432 3000.


ZTE Telecommunication india co.pvt ltd.
India office

Millennium Business Park, A/8, Sector-1,2nd Floor,
A-Wing, Mahape,Navi Mumbai, India-400710

Complain against Job Consultancy in Hyderabad

Subject: Complain against Job Consultancy in Hyderabad

Value: 72, 000 INR

This is to inform you all that I have been cheated by Elide Services, Hyderabad. I got calls from Ms. Muskaan Tabassum, Ms. Archana, Ms. Sushmita & Mr. Rohit Kumar (Picture tagged here) for job openings in Canada.I even travelled all the way from Kolkata to Hyderabad to meet them physically and they met me at their office which was at Kukatpally. I even got international call from Canada for the interview. I paid around Seventy Two Thousand rupees (Rs. 72,000) for the job a year back. But then after they started delaying the process with various issues. Rohit Kumar who claimed to be the HR of the company forwarded me the details of the company I was supposed to work with in Canada. He even gave me Skype ID of a person named Ugoccioni Martin of Canada to talk with and I even spoke to him. Now it's ben around 4-5 months none of them respond to my phone calls and recently they switched off their numbers even. I had to borrow the money from someone to pay them but never imagined they fraud jobseekers in this way. I am going to take a legal step against them and will put them behind the bars so anyone having any information on Elide Services or any of the related person please revert back to - Sayan Banerjee @ 09836521682 & 09038427137 or mail me- swayan [dot] thesenator [at] gmail [dot] com

Fruad Company Seem Coders Tecnologia

Hello sir,
This company in India is Fraud. It run with Seem Coders Tecnologia Pvt,NOIDA.
I hire his team from Freelancer website.
He complete half code,and when we ask for final code,he threat us,to publish our app with his name.
What should we do so he will not launch our Idea of app?
Never do business with him.
Incomplete work.

my original documents and my money not refunded by university


I was working as a lecturer in mechanical engineering deptt. in Main campus of Jaipur National University, Jaipur.-302017, dist.Jaipur, Rajasthan from 14/11/2011 to 18/09/2014. Due to Jaundice (on last stage) I was admitted in the hospital and I was informed to the university and my department by telephonic. When I have completed my treatment then I was joined to the university but not consider me for joining. Upto ten days I have to go to university for my joining but university was not take any action for my joining.

After few days, I meet to Deputy registrar (Mr. Vinay) of university who told me University chairman Mr. Sandeep Bakshi want your resignation from the post of lecturer. The Deputy registrar told me your security money, experience letter, and money of working day and my original documents will be handed over to me by university after your resignation.

The university told me your money and all original documents will be handed over to me within maximum three months. But till today (31/01/2015) I have not received my original documents and my money. When I call to university number 01413081574 then Mr. Arun talk to me and told me within two weeks, one week, five days etc. your money and original documents handed over to me. Whenever I talk to university no. 01413081574 then Mr. Arun talk to me and told me within few days your money and original documents handed over. Sir, Please help me.

This is a fake university (JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, JAIPUR) because not record maintain of students. This university provide degrees without attend any classes in all streams and take illegal admissions in university courses. So, I am requesting to you Please verify this university against fake degree and employees working. and take action immediately.

Amit Gaurav
JNU Main campus
Mo no- 8233714481
Email- amit_gaurav2008 [at] yahoo [dot] in

complaint against apple iphone....


I'm a user of your IPhone 4s.
The details of my handset are:
Purchase Date: 15 Nov 2014
Warranty upto: 15 Nov 2015
Model No: Iphone 4S Black 8GB GSM
Within a week time the following problems have been experienced many times:

1. Hanging problem is there in the phone while accessing different application.
2. Network signal lost anytime while there are other phones with me having full network range (eg Samsung Nokia handsets)
3. The Profile modes for Volume is also not working. For eg: while I set vibration it goes to volume, when I set to volume it goes to vibration.
Now I have visited to see the Customer care Views about all above mention problems but the same thing happened what I have listem and read about the Customer Care Service of Apple.

The main negligence lies at your door step......
Here is the customer service center detail:
Zenica Lifestyle Pvt Ltd, Showroom No:11,12, Ground Floor, Wave Mall, sector 18 Noida
Gautam Budh Nagr Up India, telephone No: 01204922222
Email-id: service [dot] noida [at] zenica [dot] in
Job Number: IZN1001153617

I will explain the whole scenario to you what happens and how your people play with its customer time, money and above all trust:
1. The person at service center took my hand set and ask o check for the issue.
2. He came back after 30 min and kept me waiting without any information as what is going on.
3. Then the person from the customer care center said- your issue is resolved and its done.
4. I reinserted the sim and same problem persist not even one of them is resolved.
5. I again asked the person to have a look as the issue is not resolved.
6. The the reply from the customer care centre person is like-
Ma’am you have to give your handset to us for few days, and 99% you will be getting a replaced new handset as this is the hardware issue.
7. I was satisfied and felt that its genuine and people who says apple service is not good are not correct.
I have received the invoice that the service centre provided me for the further processing(above mention the Job No for reference) and I deposited my handset to the service centre.
Now, On 2015-Jan-12- I got a call from the concern person and she told that handset is further diagnosed and its found that liquid is there in the set.
My Question to the person:
1. When I have reported my problem there was no such issue of liquid as per the person in service center, then how its possible now?
Now the Game started of APPLE SERVICE CENTRE:
They refused to replace or repair the phone and were insistent on us buying a replacement phone for INR 12,500
Sir we have trusted the product and the brand name of your company. And you prove that its not worth for you.

We are unhappy.

Please do something as I am not able to pay this much amount when there is no guilty found on my side.

NOTE: I want my handset replaced or I want my money back.