Consumer Complaints Tips - read before making complaints!

I’ve some useful ideas which I’ve myself experienced in my life, you can save some of your hassles while you make any consumer complaint.

Rule 1: Don’t be lazy

Act now! Register your complaint immediately. Usually a product breaks down just one day before when the warranty expires!

Rule 2: Get a complaint number

Always get a complaint number and note it at a safe place. You’ll only make a fool of yourself by calling the service centers and company executives unnecessarily if you don’t have one. Since no one will remember your complaint after one goes to one’s home!

Rule3: Talk with the right person

Always raise your complaint with the right person who will most probably be the all India customer care executive at some toll free number. Wait for what he/she says, understand the issue, ask for a complaint number, note down the resolution date and wait patiently till the resolution date. When you escalate your complaint, you see that you talk with the right senior person who has authority.

Remember in big companies all this is required for proper maintenance of consumer complaints, so you should cooperate the company with it’s proper channel for raising & resolution of your complaint.

Rule 4: Never be rude with company personnel

Never be rude with any company executive. You can be rude and talk anything with the service center executive since the service centers are simply on contract and are not rolls of the company. Threaten the company but in “decent way”!

Rule 5: Follow the rules normally

Always do your duty, whatever be your complaints for example even if you’ve been billed wrongly pay the dues on time but at the same time follow up with your company. This is considered good etiquette. If you don’t do this, you not only break their "Terms of Service" but also project yourself as unruly person reducing your chances of winning complaint in your favor. Remember you’re only single person fighting against a possibly very big company.

Moreover in a big company, however good, complaints do occur and some customers always faces hassles. It is not necessary that company had done it against you intentionally.

Rule 6: Keep in mind the time frame and legal procedure

If you ever escalate your complaint always keep in mind the time frame and legal procedure. For example in case of telecom complaints never send a complaint to the nodal officer without first registering with the customer care and waiting till it’s resolution. Similarly if you ever send complaint to the appellate authority do it within 3 months after the expiry of the complaint resolution time limit specified by the nodal officer. Otherwise not only your request will be rejected, most likely you’ll not be ever notified of this rejection.

Also unless you’ve not completed the "proper channel" procedure specified by company for complaint resolution or as mandated by government, don’t waste time thinking of going to consumer forum. You’ll only make a fool of yourself. For example for telecom complaints unless you’ve gone through raising your complaints in this fashion: Customer Care -> Nodal Officer -> Appellate Authority etc don’t go to consumer forum. Your application will be rejected just because you did not follow the specified company procedure.

Rule 7: Roar like a lion

Threaten the company of dire legal action but in decent way. Even if you are not going to pull the company in consumer forum never let the company know this. Pretend that you’re all set to do it. Send a normal and final notice prior to filing complaint in consumer forum( which you’re not!).

Raise hue and cry on media, in internet forums etc. If possible write letters to newspapers and media. Every company is wary of it’s image, this can have serious affect on the company.

Rule 8: Never go to consumer court!

Unless you seriously want to get justice (for example, which caused loss of life), never go for Consumer Forum. You’ll face unlimited court adjournments and court procedures. That is, our own democratic system is to blame. Even if you win the case against company, you’ll not get damages more than the cost of the product! In India you CAN NOT! In USA you can sue for 1 billion dollar! Not in India. At most you’ll get Rs. 1000 for court expenditure, Rs. 500 for mental harassment, plus 8% interest.

Rule 9: Lawyer for the company comes FREE OF COST

A company usually hires a law-firm on contract for a year or so. In short company’s cost to the law firm is fixed whether the law-firm fights company’s single case or 1000 in a year.

Rule 10: Don’t go for a lawyer

If in the worst case you’ve decided to knock the doors of consumer court, then it is most likely that you don’t need a lawyer because you can easily fight the case yourself. Consumer case is all non-technical stuff and you can do it yourself. Actually this is the main objective of consumer courts in India so that an ordinary consumer can represent herself/himself easily without going for any advocates.

Rule 11: Go only for a good lawyer

Always take feedback from some known people before you select a lawyer and better take second opinion of an experienced lawyer regularly during your long legal hassle in Indian courts!

If you’re claiming damages for Rs. 1000 then you may end up paying Rs. 50,000 to your lawyer in 20 years. Also remember that a lawyer for the company is free of cost.

Oh the most important! I hope you’ve kept the purchase receipt of the product. Otherwise forget about the complaint!

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Karbonn Mobile poor services (Delay from Feb 2014)

Dear Team,

I want to inform you about Karbonn poor service.
I deposited my Karbonn Mobile (Karbonn S5 Titanium) on 3-02-2014 at Karbonn Service Centre for Repairing Purpose as its jack issue was not functioning Properly for this small issue and this Mobile was send to Delhi Janak puri Service Centre for Repairing purpose now 6 month has passed and still my mobile is at Karbonn center and I am continuously taking follow-up regarding the Status by calling and email . But no response is being given to me about approximate time frame.
It’s very hard to manage work without mobile. I think Karbonn Company doesn't know about time value of customer and even not Customer Friendly.


poojamavar31 [at] gmil [dot] com

Visassimply - - Fake commitment and poor service

My name is Gaurav Garg. I had hired VISASSIMPLY as my consultant for Australia immigration. VISASSIMPLY supposed to provide me PR + job consultancy in Australia, application, and visa process assistance. Below are the grief I underwent with this company/consultant.
1- Changing their managers many times to handle my case- I hired VISASSIMPLY last year on 26th March 2013.- Since then, the company has changed my case managers 5-6 times As a result I had to narrate my whole case myself to all case manager that too every time. Though I requested each case manager to take inputs from previous case managers. This was first incidence VISASSIMPLY quaked my trust level from them.
2- Miscommunication from VISASSIMPLY, resulted application for my wife’s skill assessment (loss of 60 thousands of rupees and 4 months)- Then next step was to give IELTS exam. VISASSIMPLY asked me and my wife to give IELTS exam, and mean while they would process for my skill assessment. They mentioned that I need total score of 7, and my wife needs total score of 6. We scored 6.5 and 6 as total score for me and wife respectively. On this VISASSIMPLY said that since my score is 6.5 and not 7, I shall then either give IELTS again to score 7 or in case If I go for skill assessment for my wife and if it comes out positive, then I would get extra 5 points on behalf of my wife’s positive skill assessment. I recheck this from VISASSIMPLY again and asked if I should give IELTS exam again, VISASSIMPLY suggested that I should go for skill assessment for my wife paying 65 thousands for it. I applied for my wife’s skill assessment and it came out positive.
3- Mistakes in my skill assessment result, observed and communicated by me only, not at all realized by VISASSIMPLY- When my skill assessment result was declared and shared with me by ACS, I understood that in my skill assessment total no. of years of work experience considered in letter were inappropriate. Though on my initiative, I shared this gap from my side with VISASSIMPLY and then they took it into consideration. Then after consulting the authority again on this mistake they got it sorted. However, being my consultant to who I am even paying their fee for their services, I did not find any first attempt from their side but in-fact always found casual approach towards my case
4- Continuation of miscommunication, my wife to give IELTS exam again- But a big shock, VISASSIMPLY said that my wife needs 6.5 score in each band in IELTS to have extra 5 points benefit to me. We had argued and discussed a lot on this with VISASSIMPLY and at last VISASSIMPLY ask sorry for miscommunication towards this in beginning. This miscommunication cost me a loss of 65 thousands rupees spent on my wife’s skill assessment. My wife then gave IELTS exam again. Again an extra cost of 10 thousand rupees I had to suffer from. And more painful I lost many months.
5- Heights of miscommunication, I had to give IELTS exam again- After all these problems, ultimately my wife gave IELTS exam again and she scored 6.5 in each band as asked by VISASSIMPLY. But now again a torturing news from VISASSIMPLY, they mentioned that the EOI points system has been changed recently, and I cannot get any advantage of my wife’ skill assessment and her IELTS score thus is also not important. By this time I had already lost all my hopes from VISASSIMPLY. To reconfirm this, I asked VISASSIMPLY to provide me an update on when this EOI points system has been changed. I followed and asked this thing many timed may be 7-8 times on emails and phone calls, but I haven’t still yet received any information on it from their side. I have given a second IELTS exam in June’14 since I had no other choice left and now awaiting for the results.
6- All follow-ups done by me, no any first information/update from VISASSIMPLY- To add more pain to all these sufferings, it was always me who had to take any latest update on my case from VISASSIMPLY. VISASSIMPLY never provided me any information or update from their side first, I had always chased up them to send me latest information or updates on my case. Even though, I received very few updates from VISASSIMPLY which they sent until I followed with them for not below than 3-4 follow ups.
7- Ignorance towards EOI result, result not even seen on EOI portal – Among the most important service to check the progress with the govt. authorities. My EOI result was out and after one week when I checked and talked to VisasSimply and then they told about some issues with the point system which they are never able to explain.
8- No change in VISASSIMPLY’s behaviour/attitude even after writing emails mentioning I would escalate this with consumer forums.
9- One of Case manager suggested us to not to plan family as it might gave us a negative point.


Dear Sir,
My name is Sanjaya Kr Behera from Delhi I am holding a credit card of HDFC Bank (no. 5520 8810 0064 2150). I would like to inform you the way HDFC bank Credit card customers are being handled by their Collection Dept, they are harassing me and talking so cheap. For the period March 2012 to June 2013 I was jobless and depend on my parents financially. Because I was resided in Delhi for job search on rented house.
That’s why I am not able to pay the minimum amount that period. But, after joined somewhere on July 2014 paid every month settled amount INR 33000 in EMI, but only pending amount is INR11000 out of settled amount & given assured to clear this amount on 2nd July 2014.Because I totally depend on my monthly salary. I belong from a poor family could not able to pay actual billed amount, therefore I requested for settlement. As for information settlement would be complete before 14th April 2014, but as per my requested extended time has given by concern recovery dept. till end of June to clear the settlement amount at any cost.

But, the collection dept for payment. Person’s mob. No. is 9210802123.The agents are so ruthless that they do not listen to what customers are saying. They just know what they have to say or what they are asked to say. He said me that “I want the money till before 20th June 2014 at any cost, borrow from someone or steal it, I don’t care.” When I explain him everything and told him that I will pay the amount in next month on 2nd July 2014, he disagrees and told me “when you don’t afford to pay, then why are you using the card. I want the money at any cost”.

After many calls when I stop picking up his calls, he starts calling at my wife and my 70 years old father, relatives. This is ridiculous and a very rude behaviour to talk with your customers, as I was also jobless for the period March 2012 to June 2013 during that time they mentally harassed me for suicide.

I want to take a necessary action against these kind of agents, that they have no rights to call my family members/ colleagues and abusing them. As I am holding the card.

Please take the necessary action against this matter of abusing people and their family members.

Please help me and suggest what all actions I can take in this regard & requested to i could not able to pay more than settlement amount due to my financial situation is very bad. I am getting salary only 18k & totally my depends upon me. But earlier unfortunately I was jobless, so did not pay credit card amount within time frame.

So, I requested to consider on humanitarian mood for give the clearance certificate after my settlement amount made.

with regards,
Sanjaya Kr Behera mob-+09891701290

personel information expossed

Sir. I am a consumer of airtel telecom company .they exposed my call details through their employee. I also complaint before in police station at that time the employee say sorry and we left at that time .now once again this problem raised .we want register our complaint but we dont know way how we proceed. Cant we go to consumer court...

Mobile Not Receiving Since 50 days


i hv purchased a Xolo Mobile Q1000S in January. In May 14 the mobile became dad and I went to service center by Job card no. 409141 dated 16.5.14 service center told me to wait for 7 days. Since today I am waiting for that mobile but it is under repairing as per Xolo Toll free No.
I contact to Rajasthan Head for this he also no replying properly. I am very much puzzled that no one is giving proper response.
So I request to bring make my mobile back as early as possible and reply me soon for the status.

Prateek Arora

contest amount is not given by hbl global pvt ltd. company

My name is krunal employee no is k07934.i working in hbl global pvt. Ltd. Since last 4 years in ahmedabad dt channel.i have concerned about my contest amount around 20000 rs. Is pending since last 2 decline to give my contest amount which is not fair bcoz its my perfomance money and company announced this contest on mail also so i requested to give my contest money in priority basis.

Regarding not refunding of my paid amount


Complain:Complain regarding compensation because of fake commitment and not refunding my Payment by company name

My name is ASHISH KUMAR. This is my complain about website address out of three product only 1 received and that is through
shopitmarketing which is
four times costlier than displaying on their website or even six times than market rate others orders producrts i did not received even after cancellation mail of
product no response from their side and my
amount is not refunded into my account.This is my complain about website name person namely mr.ramesh ,kritika and siddhart followed me
constantly and managed to take three orders by me
fraudently.In which one I received and two doesn't.I complain about it in their customer care
telephonically but they did not response me properly and asked me to complain it through mail .I complain about it many times but they did not
responsd me as yet .
It look like a well planned scam running
by company they are calling people and making fool using website ,internet and calls to promote their selling.First ramesh call me in the month of
march and tell me our branch has selected you as a lucky customer and you will win a BMW car on 16th of april and that function will organize at GIP mall noida.
You Just need to pay an order of value amount 12999 for this registration against this we will send you our welcome kit of that much value besides of it everytime
you will shop from our website you will get an extra 50 to 60 % discount on every purchasing.I enquire about that website and made payment on 10th of march the
product I received is so inferior in quality and cost is three times more than from their own rate displaying in website when i asked about it they told me not to
worry about products it is just a welcome kit you are not buying something you are just paying a registration amount.After some time once again they call and told me
to pay 20000 RS more because they need to generate an id of value RS one lakh in which branch will pay 80000 because you are participating from branch side firstly
I denied to pay any amount because Ramesh told me that this is the only amount you need to pay but later they managed to make payment by me on 27th of March 2014.

But this time i did not get any confirmation mail from their side then i afraid and call to their customer care and complain about it and told
them to refund my amount and cancel my order they told me not to worry siddhart sir will call you
and resolve your issues now siddhart told me why you are worry sir you are now locked at no. three position and apart from your order you will get amount
one lakh sixty thousand and since we have
internal setting with concert so you will definetely get BMW 1-series car on 16 th of april since you are
participating from delhi branch side even your whole taxed amount will be borne by delhi branch only
Your whole arrangement ticketing to staying will be borne by delhi branch because branch will get a contract of value Rs
10crore and branch will get contract only if you win.He provided me a mail Id and password
by which i can avail discount 50 to 60 percent.But he told me to pay once again 5000 more because only 75000 rs is accepted by
branch and from customer side they at least 25000 must be paid I paid this amount on 12th of april
But while making payment I logged in their website through the mail ID that is provided by siddhart but when i logged in g-mail account
through that mail ID I found this ID is already registered to someone else.
Till today I did not received their second and third product also i want to return their first product as I come to know that this all things are fake.
They are making people fool throgh this online marketing.May be they doing it
on large scale and generating crores of amount.They are also asking about debit card /credit card information from people .
I just want my whole amount back plus all those expenses that i made in them calling and using internet
that is thirty eight thousand plus 2000 extra into my account and take their so called welcome
kit back as it has not market value of 4000.Such type of scam bussiness actvity must be stopped and such people must be sentenced to the jail.
I do have thier call record with every explanation.Whenever I making call to their customer care department and complaining about it
they just get back to me with another line to keep me in their touch and makes me busy in their scam.I do have their hundreds of call record ,
mail record,Bank statement everything that is enough to proof them guilty.
THese are the no. From which I got call From their side

The telephone no. are :01409800406,01148289550,01148289450,01148289350,01148289400
The company customer care no. throgh which these perrson are identified by different executive :011-43333334

order ID of value 12999/- is 7479

26th of march of value 19999 - is 100000841

12th of april of 4998 /- is 100001218

Status of first order product received.
Staus of second order product I not received and refunded through same courier as i already complain about cancellation.
Status of third order I received conformation mail about cancellation.

As after process of of first order I have been told by ramesh that I have been locked at no. 6 position and at least my gift hamper of
value 50 to 60 thousand is assured. After process of second order they committed that I locked at now no. 3 position and at least gift
hampher of value 160000 is assured and after placing third order They told me that actually sir now you are leading to all other participant
and will be declared winner on 16th of April 2014.But as company failed to make any promise and provided me a fake mail ID for platinum membership.
Also i asked them if all these events are true then provide me everthing in wriiten but they did not did like that.Now I have left with no option to
complain to you about all these.May be they are calling so many people to raise crores of fund and may declared a winner on any day to person under his influence.

Sir, I would like to request you to stop such type of activity because these are the big threat to online bussiness and trust.
In compensation against it I request you to ask them to make payment at least 3 times more than actually I paid. Total amount I paid that is 37996/-.
Then I request you to ask to pay them at least 1,13,988. Actually I wasted lots of time and money regarding this fraud activity.

They also demanded my pan card ,my mother Voter id card on their registered mail id that is info [at] shopit4me [dot] com to look all these drama real.There is also a breach of commitment
by company in written as in mail that is provided by company to me before ordering it is written in mail that winner will announce in 16th of april 2014 but that doesn't happened.

Now I want my compensation against these fraud commitment throgh you by the campany.If they will get such kind of punishment they may stopped promoting such kind of fraud
commitment.I already cheated by twice by scuh activity.
If there is violation of any rule against online bussiness then court must also fine against such fraud.




ashishjha [dot] 999 [at] gmail [dot] com

not provide service of samsung mobile in warantee


i have purchased a smart mobile phone in August 2013 with 2 year warantee and mobile camera nor working from April 2014, i was go in samsung service center but that refused warantee and asking reparing charges Rs. 1150/-

customer care members are not responding prperly..

Im avinaash,currently from trichy.I'm using tatadocomo sim..two days back i recharged 50 rs...and today after referring my current balance was really shocked after seeing it was only 1 rs...when i asked the customer care member he said me some pack has been sure that i did not activate any pack.he also said me that the money will be refunded in 30 mins...but its been a long since the cal.when i cal back them they are not recieving my call.i forgot to get my complaint number.But this is not the first time sir..ive really lost 300 rs in the past few weeks .im really upset.Does emailing them will hVE ANY IMPACT..???PLS REPLY SIR. my email id is avinaash [dot] s [at] gmail [dot] com

Cheated by Samsung and Khosla Electronics Together

Khosla Electronics supplied me a defaulted Split Ac unit( which costed me 36,000) and since the day I bought I am complaining but this thief company is not even replacing my defaulted unit, all that they do is book a complain, send their mechanics and again the other day I am facing the same problem within 1 month of new unit I have complained 5 times and the unit is not even working anymore.
Such a bad and fraud company who doesn't realize the value of consumers hard earned money.
And neither Khosla Electronics( Nagerbazar, Kolkata) is taking its responsibility of listening to consumer grievances but only interested increasing it sales revenue and we are the one getting troubled
They should be sued in the market and court .
I will never refer Samsung to any one and will spread the wrong that they did to me.
Blue Star is way better then Samsung if you want an AC. I Used it for two years without a single problem.

complain for amount deduction from main balance against reliance

I'm a reliance network user. last month on 1 or 2 april 2014 i recharged with Rs. 16 my college plan for using whatsapp. on reliance website it is mentioned that it is a auto renewal pack. but on 1 may 2014 my whole main balance of 104 Rs. deducted from my account and also i have not received any service message for auto renewal or ending validity of pack. when i talk with customer care representative they told me that your pack is not renewed thats why balance is deducted from your main account, they are not able to give me satisfied reason for balance deduction.

I want to complaint that if the the pack is auto renewal pack then why my pack is not auto renewed, and the amount is deducted from my main balance.
Really very poor and worst service of reliance.


Dear Concern,

My consignment order no CB085941885IN booked
on 28/01/2014 at 2:37 pm and is received my me on 7 Feb 2014 at 3:20 pm
and I am feeling very Regret to inform you that my ARTICLE was not there
and also my Books are "Eaten/Bitten by Rat" as mentioned on the Parcel.

I Never Ever expect this very thing from a Govt of India
Enterprise.All my Important Documents and Books have been Destroyed.
Its really a Irresponsible & Shameful Act that Your People has done.
At the time of Booking it was about 3.5Kg but at the time of Delivery it
was about 2.5Kg as mentioned by the Post Officials on the Cover of Parcel
and also mentioned "Recvd Rat Bittten,Weighs 2620 gm"
Who is Responsible for All My Losses ?
I am attaching photos of that Parcel and Stamp of Dalmianagar
(Rohtas,Bihar) pin 821305 who STAPLED it after Taking Out my Article.
I request you to Please Intervene in this matter and Let me know the
Consequence and my Claim.
Hoping a Positive & Earliest Response from your side.

Complaint on 59059 and Activation team of Aircel Chennai for 784


I recieved a message from Aircel on 28/04/2014 23:41:00 stating that my number(7845033446)

portability fromTata Docomo post paid to Aircel post paid is done.

Later i tried 59059 for more than 5 times, the Female person who picked my call on 29/04/2014 at

20:35:00 (appr) gave response in irresponsible manner. Thereafter i am not able to connect to 59059.

It is more than 36 hours, my phone not working.

I lost many important calls during this time.

I am going to file a complaint in the Consumer Court and make sure to take legal action on Aircel.

Venkata Nagendra babu D

Refund Insurance Policy or lower interest on my Home Loan

I had taken a home loan [Rs. 8,49,456/-] from M/s. ICICI Bank vide loan account No. LBHYD00001497513 dt. 16.2.2007 @ 12.75% floating interest per annum. Accordingly, as per their loan agreement my monthly EMI’s for the above said loan were being paid on the 10th day of every month from my savings bank account. Subsequently, I also made a couple of part-payments and acknowledgements obtained. [75,000 + 10,000] Receipts Nos. 006086303041 & 006098922030 dt. 26.8.2008 & 14.9.2009 ] IN order to discourage from such part-payments ICICI bank had launched new insurance policies during this period to tap part-payments customers like me. During one such payment the bank offered me an insurance policy titled “ Jeetey Raho” – Life Time Gold] with an annual premium of Rs.25000/- I was further advised that on payment of 03 such premiums my amount would appreciate up to Rs.1,20,000/- and the policy can be surrendered after 03 years. Further, the bank also promised to slash interest rates by 4% on purchase of the above said policy. As the offer seemed quite attractive and anticipating reduction in interest rates I did take this policy for Rs. 25,000/- [12558971] Subsequently, 02 other premiums were also paid in year 2010 & 2011 respectively. Having issued the above said policy the bank intimated me that, the revised interest rates on my loan account will be 8.75% [12.75-4 = 8.75%] vide their letter dt. 19.9.2009 and the same will be effective from 10.10.2009. . Further, the bank also collected Rs.14,148/- as charges towards float switches [charges levied for change in interest rates] vide receipt No.00609892029 dt. 14.9.2009. Now its nearing 5 years having taken the above said policy neither the sum assured was paid nor the interest rates were practically slashed. A majority of banks lends home loans between 10.15 – 10.25 % per annum whereas I am forced to pay 11.75% which is unfair & un-reasonable. Yet ICICI bank claims to have the lowest interest rates on Home loans. Further, in this IT era a majority of banks places all their business transactions on their website for on line viewing by their customers whereas ICICI bank deprives this facility also to their customers. Other than interest liability certificate [to avail rebate on income tax] no other details are allowed to browse about our loan account. For any further queries we are advised to visit their nearest branch which is un-practicable. I do not understand why ICICI Bank would like to conceal every business transaction & trap the innocent customers. As I am deeply hurt the way it dealt me for the past 07 years I would like to bring it to the notice of their MD for immediate settlement of my grievance.

Non receipt Of ID Card fro Hotel Hibiscus, Udaipur

Dear sir,
Thanks for arranging reservation of hotels/villas at Bharatpur, Puskar, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Mt. Abu, Udaipur & Jaipur during our Rajasthan Trip from 18th -28th Mar,2014
We enjoyed the stay & hospitality at all the hotels & villas during our Rajasthan Trip except the hotel at Udaipur.
On reception at Udaipur hotel Hibiscus (Booking No. 517723370 dated 25th -27th Mar,14 ) they asked my ID Card after entry of all the members eg. B K Roy, Ranjana Roy, TD Mondal & Latika Mondal. Myself (B K Roy) produced my Pensioner Card to the hotel manager & asked him to return it immediately. He promised to return the card at my hotel room after photocopying of the same. We stayed two days but during that period they did’nt return my ID Card. We also did’nt get minimum facility at hotel as you recommended or they claim.
We check out from there on 27th Mar,14 at 06.30hrs. On that time no receptionist was also available at the reception counter.
On way to Jaipur I noticed that they have not returned my ID card & immediately contacted the Hotel owner on Ph. 09782222299 & ask him with SMS message to courier my ID Card at my Home address “BK Roy, 51-C, J&K Pocket, Dilshad Garden, Delhi-110095”.
Till date I have not received the delivery of my ID Card.
Kindly take necessary steps to get back my ID Card from Hibiscus Hotel.
We also we faced lot of difficulties to find the above hotel. After two/three rounds of search with local resident members we could find it. They have displayed Board before hotel gate as “HIBISCUS” only but not “HERITAGE HIBISCUS” as per your e-mail for my booking No.517723370 at Heritage Hibiscus for dated 25th – 26th Mar,14.
I would request you not recommend this hotel for any tourist in future.

B K Roy
51-C, J&K Pocket
Dilshad Garden


I was purchase some goods from Home Shop 18. Due to find not satisfy they return all items to them. In total six items they take action on three but remaining three items no action taking after contact several time on phone & by emails.

ebay not returning by courier bill

This is to acknowledge you that I(Mr bishwarup Ghosh,BOLPUR,WB,PIN -731204,claim id in EBAY is 380602) had purchased a pioneer HTB from ebay on dec …..they sent me the used product.some how I able to return the product and got my money the time of return they told me sent the product by bluedart courier from my side and i will get the courier bill as a coupon as soon as i sent the awt bill to after getting awt bill I sent the bill to them.after few weeks when I am not getting the money from them then I called up them then they told me money received is also I went to head office (Kolkata)and collected the same and sent it.Again after few weeks they inform me letter head information of that courier company is required to encashed your bill.again I went to Kolkata (because write now there is no blue dart service in bolpur))and collect the same (courier company do not have the laser computer so they have written the matter by hand in their letterhead and sign it with their stamp )and sent it.
Now ebay is saying it should be computer print out copy not the hand written copy.MY LAWER is saying hand written document is more valuable then printed one.i explain all these matter that they have only dot matrix printer and in letter head phone number is there if you have any query any time you can call they are stick to their point.
It is known to me that they are internationally delaying the matter .their intention is not to provide money to me. Fortunately, I have recorded last few telephonic communication between me and them.
I am sure that somehow if I will able to provide them computer copy then also they will ask me something more.
Most unfortunate is that some time their executive said that all formalities from my side has done ,i will get your money as coupon with in 7 days.but after 7 days when I called then and asking them about my coupon then another executive said me you require this to get your these days they are taking my phone and hold my line and spending long time then they intentionally disconnect the line.
Do the necessary action so that I will get my money(3780.00)as coupon.

Theft of my Bag

Theft of my Baggage while boarding train from Mangalore Central on 17/04/2014 in general coach.
I found my baggage missing while i boarding a train at Mangalore Central.
Subsequently I logged a complaint with RPF, Mangalore. The baggage is a WIPRO LOGO LAPTOP BAGPACK of BLACK colour. It contained 2 pair of new dresses, Nikon L120 digital camera worth Rs.12,000/-, Nokia mobile, Charger amongst the valuables, besides daily wares. sincerely thank you for the efforts put in to cease the stolen baggage. The memories in it are more valuable than the lost camera.. Pls do the needful..
It can easily be caught if Police take serious actions.

service not given as agreed by tirupati national movers and pack

booked my bike with helmet from pune to hyderabad by tirupati national packers and movers by paying Rs 2400 which is very high as compared to railway. Only because they committed me to move my bike from pune to hyderabad safely in one day and for door delivery. I also paid extra Rs 600 for making insurance of my bike. Total I paid them is Rs 3000. But they took to deliver my bike for 7 full days that to after making several calls. And the commitment which they made of door delivery was not fulfilled. They asked me to come to kukatpalli which is so far from my place (banjara hills) to collect the bike. That to they made me waiting for 3 hours in busy dusty road to give my bike. I got my bike at 11:00 PM and that to with out helmet and insurance paper. if i ask anybody in hyderabad, they are telling to contact the person from whom i took service even though they are part of same company. Now they are not receiving my call. Considering safety i purchased a new helmet. obviously one person will get angry. With angry when i scrolled them, they told me to take what ever action i could take. They are not going to give back my insurance and helmet. I need your help to take some strong action against this company so that like me others will not face similar problem.
about company :
Tirupati national movers and packers
Sector-23. AB Building, Siddhi Vinayak,
Nagri Road, Samarth Nigri,
Pune 44
Contact Person: Mr. Pawan
Mobile: 09326942387, 9326686770
Hyd: 9394441844
E-mail : info [at] tirupatinationalpackersmovers [dot] in

carbon Mobile

Dear Sir
My Mobile Karbonn A35
Biggest Problem My Mind This Mobile 3 Month Continue Karbonn Sevise Center But Not Problem Sall. So Please Help Me
Handset Name Karbonn A35
IMEI No 911342700142163,71
Job Sheet No kjaspmh100314k
contect No 9730417408

Complaint against B Lab

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had taken the distributorship of , in the year 2012. When I refused to continue with them, the company is not settling my amount which is near abot Rs 20,000 /-. I had followed with them several times but there is no response from there side . Please take some action so that the company settles my amount. I have been following up from more than 1 year . Kindly take some necessary action.

Pritam Guha-9861070264.

Delay in giving the T C and original document by college - Reg

After sending a letter to The Registrar/Vice Chancellor, Pondichery University, Kalapet and copy to the Sri Ganesh College of Engeenering and Technology, Mullodai, Puducherry I had got the Transfer certificate, mark list, PIC certificate Health Card and the waiver of school fees on 31/01/2014. But I have not got the refund of excess amount of Rs.10000/- paid by me which was promised to be refunded by Sri Ganesh College of Engineering and Technology, Mulloudai, Pondicherry after they receive that amount from CENTAC. The College said that they have not received the amount from the Government/CENTAC. My son K.SURAJ KUMAR’S University Registration No. 12 TE 2229 & Admission No. 121198 at Sri Ganesh College of Engeenering and Technology, Mullodai, Puducherry

1) What action had been taken in this matter from my side against the college for holding the TC and other documents with college so long (nearly five months) and not giving the TC and the other documents even after repeated request both orally and written?
sent by registered letter dated 07/09/2013 and the receipt No.
C RT221034889IN.
2) is it a fit case for consumer court.Kinsly let me know

complaint about mobile phone

Sir I have purchased my sony ericson mobile around one and half years back from sony ericson showroom warranty period 1 yr. I have faced a problem with that phone. The moment I insert the sim card the phone gets blackout.
I went to the service centre to repair it. However the technical people say that the issue is with the motherboard, and they are asking me to change the mother board by paying the costs. The people in the service centre said that I should repair it outside in the market. I showed my cell to the unauthorised service center and they diagnosed that the problem is with the sim tray.
Now I want to sue the company in the consumers court. , as they are not taking responsibility to repair my phone.

Kindly revert with the best suggestions.

Mobile still lying with company after 1.5 months after submition

Dear Sir/Madam,

Complaint number is MMX1802141473
Refer--- Service center Request no- E040160-0214-7943562 dated on 4th Feb-2014 Request no- E049160-0214-8108678 dated on 12th Feb-2014

As per service center's advice, I had already handed over my mobile to M/S- S.S. Telecom service center , Ist floor, Shop no-102, Patna on 4th Feb-2014 for trouble shooting and after a week, service center has returned my mobile without any resolution and said it has been resolved. While cross checked the status of error resolution and i found not been resolved and the representative said i don't know why its not working , and being asked by service center for resubmit the mobile to service center , we will send it to Company. I have already kept my mobile to service center for last 45 days ( Which is beyond the conveyed time of 30 days by service center ) for repairing, which is very long. While following with customer care, all the time being told about another 10 more days but not able to tell the confirmed dates of delivery. Can you pls. look into this matter on urgent basis, because due to unavailability of my mobile, its very difficult for me to manage my jobs.
Request you kindly do the solution as early as possible and give me the exact date of delivery of my mobile.

Ganesh Kumar

Mobile still lying with company after 1.5 months after submition

Dear Sir/Madam,

Complaint number is MMX1802141473

Refer--- Service center Request no- E040160-0214-7943562 dated on 4th Feb-2014 Request no- E049160-0214-8108678 dated on 12th Feb-2014

As per service center's advice, I had already handed over my mobile to M/S- S.S. Telecom service center , Ist floor, Shop no-102, on 4th Feb-2014 for
trouble shooting and after a week, service center has returned my mobile without any resolution and said it has been resolved. while cross checked the status of error resolution and i found not been resolved and the representative said i don't know why its not working , and being asked by service center for resubmit the mobile to service center , we will send it to Company.

I have already kept my mobile to service center for last 45 days (Which is beyond the conveyed time of 30 days by service center ) for
repairing, which is very long. While following with customer care, all the time being told about another 10 more days but not able to tell the confirmed dates of delivery. Can you pls. look into this matter on urgent basis, because due to unavailability of my mobile, its very difficult for me to manage my jobs.

Request you kindly do the solution as early as possible and give me the exact date of delivery of my mobile.

Ganesh Kumar

failed to provide internet connectively

hi on 07-03-2014 i have given money to nellipudi rajesh 3000 rs & he told that by next day i will get my connection and he deposited money of 2807 and rest of 193 rs ? he didt gave me and when i asked the same he is replying that it is transporation fee ,service charge and telling silly answers for me , and from that i been waiting for my connection till date no body has called me nor no body responded for my connection , till now i didnt got any connection please help me out


Extraordinary Delay by Karbonn Company in repair of my Tab A37

I have purchased Karbonn Tab A37 in June 2013 but after 3 months only it srarted hanging. I have given it to Karbon company for repair in Jan 2014 but till today they have not despatched it even agtet my 10 reminders. My imei no is


Non refund of WL/ partially conf. IRCTC ticket PNR 4458326132

Consumer complaint on IRCTC:

Reference PNR No:4458326132 and MCR110114V58565,

A TDR was filed for refund of money, which was regretted. Again a request was made to IRCTC, who requested the authorities to re-open the case as the passenger had not traveled and refund was not received. The amount has not been refunded till date after more than two months.

Case summary:
There were FOUR 2-AC tickets booked from SOLAPUR TO MUMBAI, as only one got confirmed and all THREE other wait-listed tickets remained W/L; HENCE, me and my family had to travel alternately by another mode from Solapur to mumbai and catch the flight to Delhi. So I filed a TDR on the same day.

Till date not even the wait listed passengers money has been refunded, which normally comes back, directly into the account as soon as the ticket is cancelled, even IRCTC care team has failed to address and complete the customer complaint, which is still pending.

Kindly look into the matter and refund the amount for 3 passengers whose tickets were not confirmed, secondly, for the single confirmed ticket, , since the TDR was filed before boarding the train, there should have been nominal deductions for this.

Expecting your kind co-operation,
Dr. CS Jawalkar.
Asst. Professor,
PEC, Chandigarh.

Ph: 9417495715
Mail: csjawalkar [at] gmail [dot] com

Xolo's Quick and extreme service.

I have purchased xolo q1000s on 25 jan 2014 from the day one i face the problem with the display somehow i managed to work with that after few days i noticed a dot on display then i submitted my phone in Cell Point communication located in viman nagar pune they commited me to give the phone after 15 days then after almost a month today i recieved the phone back and when i turned on the phone i was amazed with the repair of the phone the phone was only formatted not repaired then once again the service centre guy told me to submit it once again and it will get repaired but m damm sure that once again after a month when i will recieve my phone it will be the same unrepaired Xolo really rocks i just cant believe their service if they cant repair the phone then what is the use of keeping the phone for months the customer support is just fabulous they just tell the sentences which they have learnt while their training they never know what is the real status of the phone they just assure you that they are trying hard to give the phone back to you but they never mention that the phone will be unrepaired. It is the most pathetic service i have ever seen in my life i spend almost 15000 for the crap like xolo q1000s which i think will never get repaired .They just have a single service centre at mumbai the mumbai service centre never know what is to be done to the phone they cant even rectify the issue they just format the phone and they take time of 1 month to do that.. REALLY HATTS OFF FOR THE XOLO THEY ARE TREMENDOUS CANT EXPLAIN IN WORDS. GUYS ITS MY HUMBLE REQUEST FOR YOU PLEASE DON'T BUY ANY XOLO PRODUCT.

Phone -xolo q1000s
work order number -310000250061
location -Pune

Higher Rate and No Bill

Recently I purchased paint worth 20,000/Rs for painting my home. I now see that the vendor has supplied me higher than other shops. Moreover, he has not given me bill only estimate copy is the proof. Can I make case in consumer court? give me some advice...!

as online data entry works - cheating

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am a house wife. I want to make money from home, by data entry works. In this regards, I have contacted with saying outsourcing company and paid an amount of Rs. 2,500/-. they responded and allotted a member ID and one project of offline data entry. I have completed the project and submitted. They said that, they will inform the project report after 15 working days. but, there is no response from their end. I try to call the telephone no, they will picking. Please make a punish such kind of people, who is cheating people like online data entry jobs like.

As like me, so many people facing problems and losing money.

please make a one rule to punish such kind of people.

Thanks & Regards,

Replacement not received from 100bestbuy

I have received broken Aaksah tablet & Belmonte watch on 21-Jan-14. Returned those via courier & they have received it on 27-Jan-14. till date I'm asking for the replaced products in workable & new condition. but yet to receive.

i have paid 5598/- for those & received nothing. Apart from this money I have spend courier fees my time to send mails & calling them.

Please let us know what should I do? are not delivering product and not refunding money

I have placed two order in shopclues with reference to order # 8036799 dated 27 Oct 2013, 05:37 PM. This order is not delivered to till date. As per DTDC this order is pending and being attempted to deliver at Jabalpur in place of correct address Rewa. Another order 7959537 dated 26 Oct 2013 as per DTDC this order is delivered at Raigarh in place of correct address Rewa. These matters have been conveyed to customer care several time but they are not responding. I have requested for refund or delivery of order but couldn’t get anything more than harassment.

Redington India Ltd -- Cheated in name of Paid Service

Respected Sir,
I had given my Toshiba Satellite L300 (Laptop ) for Paid Service with Redignton (India) Limited,3-B,Villanur Road,Naresan Nagar,Pondicherry – 605 005.Phone :0413 – 2200314.They told that I have to pay Rs.6799.00.

My Problem with Laptop was Display goes Different Color while using the Charger.

I agreed to pay and gave my Laptop with Work Order No. : PO/13/00975 Dated on 12-08-2013.On 31-08-2013 they returned my Laptop by getting the above said amount for Service. At that time when I gave for service itself , I had asked to return the old spare to return to me as it was charged 6799.00.But they failed to do that .

With next few Days , the same Color Problem happened to my Laptop .So I had retured back to them for same service.They had my Laptop for 2 weeks and then returned to me stating that “problem was resolved”.

During this time when they return my Laptop , I had noticed that DVD Drive was not working , I asked about this issue,.They did not respond me anything. I again asked for the old spare to return.Now also they told will get the Spare from Chennai and return soon.But no Reply.

Again on 29-10-13 I had the same problem .They took my Laptop and told me that they was some problem in service . So they told will rectify all the problems and give it back with work order No.:PO/13/01602 dated 29/10/13.

Multiple problems reported : DVD not working ,Fan sometimes not RUN (Over Heat),Display goes Different Color,RGB Color Coming.

They Again sent my laptop to Chennai for problem solving .

On 22-11-13,they returned my laptop at the same time same issue was noticed at their office itself. They tried to connect my laptop with their spare Charger.It was not getting charged.

Another main problem , When I connect my adaptor for Laptop for Charging , it does not work. When I asked about that issue , they replied that “they forgot to connect the Power Socket inside the laptop”.

Today 06-12-13 , I called to them asking about my laptop, they told me that “we got your laptop,but it was with the same problem.,”

After 5 months of time , I did not get any proper response or my Laptop returned back from service.Instead,those service people were Learning how to repair a laptop by Creating multiple problems in a single laptop.

They are simply telling that we had sent that from Pondicherry Redington to Chennai Redington. Fedup with their Foolish Replies.

I asked for some manager contact no. or asked for Some Senior person Contact,but they refused to respond me properly.

Now,After 5 months of time , I don’t want to run behind these service people asking for my Laptop. I am going to file a case with Consumer Court .

Paying my money before 5 months and following the Redington india Limited.

Still no use.

I had made around 50 to 60 calls to get my Laptop Status. But Very Very Worst Response.

After this many issues created by Redington (India) Limited,Pondicherry by doing all trail research on my laptop. I don’t want to take this error laptop with me .

Redington (India) Limited Pondicherry had to give me New Laptop with Same Brand with Same Configuration.

So please accept this Consumer Complaint and File a case against:
Service Center:

Redington (India) Limited.

3-B,Villianur Road,

Natesan Nagar,

Pondicherry – 605 005.

Ph:0413-2200314 , 2200315.

Consumer Details : (out of Warrenty )

Paid bill amount : Rs.6799.00 with Work Order :PO/13/00975 Dated 12/08/2013

Mobile no : 90037 68111 , 9487050413.

Toshiba Satellite L300

Serial no : X8720421Q.

Work order no : PO/13/01602.

TATASKY Services Charging extra Money, False Activation Fee

Complain against subscription ID 1028901179
without my permission/ activation request message how Tata sky activated HD channel & Multi TV connection and deducted amount from my TATASKY Account,
Available Proof with me
•TATA SKY Monthly Statement
•Not Send any confirmation Email, Message and voice records available with TATASKY database

I got an email that I have to recharge 400 rs on my subscription ID 1028901179 on 28-11-2013, I recharged 250.00 rs for Dhamal mix on 14th November 2013, so my next recharge will be more than 16th Dec 2013, because Dhamal Mix Monthly charges cost is 220 rs, Many times I told that, I want Only Dhamal Mix 220 rs pack monthly, no other pack, same I informed by email and clarify when got call from Tata sky customer care.

I already informed to NDTC consumer complain,than also no corrctive reply from TATA Sky

Repeated Complain against subscription ID 1028901179:-
Same case repeated on 16-May-2013 on my recharge of 200.00 rs, I recharged for Movie and Tata Sky used without my permission for HD pack, which was in in active condition as per my last communication, Money not returned by Tata Sky after many complained to customer care

Nirmal Sinha

complain of site now does not exists)

I was a registered user (vigil) mob:9995282665 of the website were the user has to buy bids called bid packs in order to participate in auctions on this site.
1 bid cost 20 INR and I had about 50 bids remaining that is about 1000 INR.
now the site does not even load. that means they have cheated me and 100's of other registered users across the country.
now guide me or please have a check yourself about this website in order to confirm, and give justice to all who have lost their money in this fraud.
the company address:
Company Address:
Paisabids Retail Services (P) Ltd.
TBiC-18, Thejaswini
Technopark Campus
Trivandrum, Kerala - 695581
Tel : +91471 4060305
Website: www paisabids com



This Regarding my CIBIL status "Post Written Off Settled" against vehicle loan with BAJAJ Finance.

I have taken Vehicle loan in 2008 from Bajaj finance As per this loan account there was some pending amount pending due to last check bounce. and these guys never informed me about this.
But now when i applied for another load, i found this entry in CIBIL.

So in order to remove this. I have paid full pending amount including interest and penalty to Bajaj Finance.

i asked to remove Remark in CIBIL status. theya changed it to "Post Written Off Settled".

With this CIBIL status banks are not approving my loan. As per CIBIL rule if someone has paid full pending amount including penalty and interest loan account status should be [Blank] or [Close].

I called many times to Bajaj costumer care and sent mail. every time they say your request is in pending. But now they are saying they will not change status without any reason.

Please suggest if this is a valid Complaint for Consumer forum.

I have all communication mails. account settlement documents and statements as a proof.

Please advise...

Raise the complaint to your

Raise the complaint to your area Banking Ombudman with all the details. Your issue will be resolved.

Migration to Post Paid without my consent

I had a pre-paid Reliance Net connect No.9372953692 which was migrated to post paid connection without my consent which came to my notice upon receipt of a Post Paid Bill. I objected to the same and asked Relianc Comm. to revert it back to pre-paid but till today nothing has happened and I am unable to use the net connection. Reliance has done nothing expect for mails and calls that it will be done within 5 days.

Migration to Post Paid without my consent

I had a pre-paid Reliance Net connect No.9372953692 which was migrated to post paid connection without my consent which came to my notice upon receipt of a Post Paid Bill. I objected to the same and asked Relianc Comm. to revert it back to pre-paid but till today nothing has happened and I am unable to use the net connection. Reliance has done nothing expect for mails and calls that it will be done within 5 days.

Stupid Airtel Matter

I'm Prince Bhowmick from mumbai, my Airtel number : 9987003377. Date 27/9/2013 evening time about 5 pm i see my talk time balance 294 & 3G internet balance 297 mb, that time im calling 121 (customer care) reporting i'm not receive proper net speed, he say it solve after sometime, after 10 min i'm try to call someone but i see my balance is 0.00 & internet balance is 1.22 mb, from that days i'm calling continue customer care this matter, someone say's yes sir we are check, it's our fault then your amount will be return within 2 day's, i'm waiting ... this is my ref. no : RCRCB40927373111 & RMOAC40928230703 & CLTNM30928187228. but today 30/9/2013 evening 6.11 pm calling me from airtel customer care number : 9987608903, she say's we can't refund your amount, because here no record your deducted amount... sorry & cut my call, this is stupid Airtel matter & now i want to take action through consumer court........

Karbonn Mobile poor services (Delay in service and poor response

Dear Team

I want to inform you about Karbonn poor service.

I deposited my Karbonn Mobile (Karbonn A9 Plus) on 17-08-2013 at Karbonn Service Centre for Repairing Purpose as its On Off switch was not functioning Properly for this small issue and this Mobile was send to Delhi by Service Centre for Repairing purpose now 38 days has passed and still my mobile is at Karbonn and I am continuously taking follow-up regarding the Status by calling and email . But no response is being given to me about approximate time frame.

It’s very hard to manage work without mobile. I think Karbonn Company doesn't know about time value of customer and even not Customer Friendly.

At last I sent them official notice (courier detail below mentioned) to their Delhi and respective locations by registered speed post to respond on issue within 5 days of notice periods.

I have sent it via Speed Post (Indian Post) (, and attached acknowledgement (AD) slip.

( Speed post detail:-
1. EI545504191IN
2. EI545504069IN
3. EI545504072IN

Dear Team - Kindly help me to resolve this issue as earliest. (

New Delhi office :
Address:Karbonn Mobiles
D-170, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1
New Delhi - 110020
Email:info [at] karbonnmobiles [dot] com
Phone:011 46604660

Service Center Detail:-
Name- Shri Krishna Mobile
Address- Julelal Mandir, Madhoganj , Lashkar , Gwalior
Contact No.- Sanjay- 9329544333, 0751-4029750
Job Sheet No.- KJASPMP088813K90
Model – Karbonn A9 Plus

Corporate office :
Address:Karbonn Mobiles
#39/13, off 7th main, HAL 2nd stage
Appareddy Palya, Indiranagar, Bangalore - 560038
Email:info [at] karbonnmobiles [dot] com
Phone:080 40894888

Thanks & Regards,
Naveen Ahuja
Email - mr [dot] naveen [dot] ahuja [at] gmail [dot] com
Mob- 9300009888


Is your issue resolved?


Dear Sir,
This is to inform that ZNET LIVE (ZNETLIVE.COM) is doing fraud with the people.
My name is Charanjeet Singh resident of New Delhi. ZNETLIVE.COM Company is based in Jaipur.
I have taken the services from them to send bulk emails to my clients for my marketing purpose.At that time their sales executive told me that you send 2 lakh emails per day to your client and he agreed with my requirement of 2 Lakh emails.
Later on when I paid Rs 8179 to them on 23rd August 2013, ZENTLIVE.COM support team starting saying the reality of their services. They told me sir you cannot send 2 Lakh email for your marketing work if you send you service will get block which the did not told me before while selling their service to me.
After buying their service they have disturbed me too much and harassed me like anything that I cannot say. This company is befooling innocent people while selling something and giving something else. They may go up to any extent to sell their product and run their company. Be it to cheat any innocent person across the globe.
ZNETLIVE.COM CONTACT NUMBERS: 1-800-102-9638 | +91-141- 4070666
I request you to kindly seal and lock this company forever so that others cannot be cheated again and again and cry over their money invested with them.
For your good knowledge you may search in google about ZNET COMPLAINTS you will come to know about the fact how they deal with their clients.
Awaiting for strict and necessary action against this offensive company.
Thanking you
Charanjeet Singh
+91 9560728263
Vishnu Garden,New Delhi

Cheating by your Service Technician

Dear Sir,

Mr. Shehzan from the Customer Care Centre refused to provide me with the requisite request i.e. the contact number of the Zonal Head of the LG.

Dear Sir,

As per my complaint bearing No.RNA No.130816047031, your Technician visited my house and before attending to the machine he inquired into my complaint and I informed him that the power is not coming on.

After checking the air-conditioner, he informed that the mother board needs to be replaced with a new one.

Though he had the mother board in his bag, as he was boosting by saying that "he has attended to 10 complaint in the whole day with regard to mother boards" and he went on to say there are so many motherboards in my bag and showed me only 2 of the motherboards.

I asked him if the motherboard can be repaired and he stated in the negative, further stating that it cannot be repaired as there was some leakage in one of the parts.

I asked him the cost if he repairs the same and of a new one and he stated that if you repair it will cost you around 3 thousand and a new would cost around 4 to 4.5 thousand. Realising that there is not much of a difference in the prices that was quoted by your technician, I asked him to fit the new motherboard. He stated that he will have to go and fetch the part from his showroom.

I was surprised cause he returned to my house in 10 minutes with the motherboard and he fitted it.

After fitting the motherboard, when the air-conditioner was switched on, though the air-conditioner started, the display lights of "comfort", "cool" and "jet cool" were all on at the same time. Similarly, the display lights of "low fan" and "high fan" were coming on.

In short 5 display lights were glowing on whenever the air-conditioner was being switched on and off (being checked).

We informed your technician that one display light on each column should glow and not 3 display lights on one column and 2 on the other column, your technician, after switching on and off, looked at the remote and tried to put the fault on the remote by saying that we are using the wrong remote.

We informed him that we have been using the remote since we installed the air-conditioner i.e. for the past 7 years, when we informed your technician of 7 years, he was adamant and kept on saying "NO" your remote is not proper. He then used a remote which he was in possession of but again the 5 display lights were still glowing.

Finally, he stated that the fault is in the display board and that the display board needs to be replaced with a new one or repaired and that repaired and new will cost the same i.e. around 2.5 to 3 thousand.

Sensing that there was something fishy about your technician, I called some of my friends who were familiar with a local technician and finally called the local technician who has repaired the original motherboard and the air-conditioner along the display board is working in perfect condition as it was working for the last 7 years.

This is the first time that my air-conditioner stopped working and in order to be on a safer side I called LG Service Centre for repairing rather than a local technician only to be informed by the local technician that the motherboard was not a new one but a repaired motherboard and that there was nothing wrong with the display board.

The local technician charged me only Rs.1250/- for the services whereas with your technician I would have ended up paying another Rs.2.5 thousand for a repaired display board.

Your technician has charged me approximately Rs.4,750/- and I hereby call upon you to forthwith send your technician and take away the duplicate motherboard which was replaced by your technician and to repay all the amounts charged to me. Failing which I shall be constrained to act in accordance with law.

I shall send you the receipt issued by your technician the moment I get the email id of LG.

Request to contact me at the earliest.

Complaint against StateBank of India

I want have my complaint published against State Bank of India for cheating me by opening of ficticious account in the name of sunil ramesh patwa,propriter,Sai Enterprises of Chembur bearing current account No.31978707857 in SBi,Chembur,Branch Code No.00533 where chgeting money amounting to 352000 was deposited by me online and in the account of Ms.Ngaiching bearing SB.Account No,31894676401 in SBI,Vhurachandpur,Manipur,Branch Code No.06182 where cheating money of 93,600 was deposited by me online at Cuttack during nov and Dec,2011.I want that SBI should returnback my money alongwith uptodate interest or else I shall sue SBI for realisation of money with all costs.Thanks


Dear Sir,
I want know real owner of mobile no. 9718337533 can U tell me Plz ?

My a/C no. Is 31873981782 in SBI. I got a message like rs 18000

My a/C no. Is 31873981782 in SBI. I got a message like rs 18000 is on Hold. . After login into internet banking it is showing lien amount of 18000. in my account and my account balance become negative.
But there is no entry in transaction details where is that 18,000.
I need reason why SBI GANDHI MAIDAN has set hold on my a/C without any reason.
I hope you will solve my matter as soon as possible


Aakash tablet not received after payment made

I booked UbiSlate 7C+(EDGE) through web site on 21-june-2013 Booking with order ID "PM4D66A0806". Payment done through Credit Card. Same day I received a confirmation mail from datawind. But, still I am not received the product. My Contact No. 9972046356 Pl. Help Kind Regards Ranganatha K T

Servicing of water purifier under service contract

I have done comprehensive contract for 2 years and 6 montghly servicing is due..... requested for 24th April 2013 vide no. 0071096831..... after that everyday I following up for the same......... but nobody has come for servicing till date, only assurance on every day.....
This is ridiculus....