Consumer Complaints Tips - read before making complaints!

I’ve some useful ideas which I’ve myself experienced in my life, you can save some of your hassles while you make any consumer complaint.

Rule 1: Don’t be lazy

Act now! Register your complaint immediately. Usually a product breaks down just one day before when the warranty expires!

Rule 2: Get a complaint number

Always get a complaint number and note it at a safe place. You’ll only make a fool of yourself by calling the service centers and company executives unnecessarily if you don’t have one. Since no one will remember your complaint after one goes to one’s home!

Rule3: Talk with the right person

Always raise your complaint with the right person who will most probably be the all India customer care executive at some toll free number. Wait for what he/she says, understand the issue, ask for a complaint number, note down the resolution date and wait patiently till the resolution date. When you escalate your complaint, you see that you talk with the right senior person who has authority.

Remember in big companies all this is required for proper maintenance of consumer complaints, so you should cooperate the company with it’s proper channel for raising & resolution of your complaint.

Rule 4: Never be rude with company personnel

Never be rude with any company executive. You can be rude and talk anything with the service center executive since the service centers are simply on contract and are not rolls of the company. Threaten the company but in “decent way”!

Rule 5: Follow the rules normally

Always do your duty, whatever be your complaints for example even if you’ve been billed wrongly pay the dues on time but at the same time follow up with your company. This is considered good etiquette. If you don’t do this, you not only break their "Terms of Service" but also project yourself as unruly person reducing your chances of winning complaint in your favor. Remember you’re only single person fighting against a possibly very big company.

Moreover in a big company, however good, complaints do occur and some customers always faces hassles. It is not necessary that company had done it against you intentionally.

Rule 6: Keep in mind the time frame and legal procedure

If you ever escalate your complaint always keep in mind the time frame and legal procedure. For example in case of telecom complaints never send a complaint to the nodal officer without first registering with the customer care and waiting till it’s resolution. Similarly if you ever send complaint to the appellate authority do it within 3 months after the expiry of the complaint resolution time limit specified by the nodal officer. Otherwise not only your request will be rejected, most likely you’ll not be ever notified of this rejection.

Also unless you’ve not completed the "proper channel" procedure specified by company for complaint resolution or as mandated by government, don’t waste time thinking of going to consumer forum. You’ll only make a fool of yourself. For example for telecom complaints unless you’ve gone through raising your complaints in this fashion: Customer Care -> Nodal Officer -> Appellate Authority etc don’t go to consumer forum. Your application will be rejected just because you did not follow the specified company procedure.

Rule 7: Roar like a lion

Threaten the company of dire legal action but in decent way. Even if you are not going to pull the company in consumer forum never let the company know this. Pretend that you’re all set to do it. Send a normal and final notice prior to filing complaint in consumer forum( which you’re not!).

Raise hue and cry on media, in internet forums etc. If possible write letters to newspapers and media. Every company is wary of it’s image, this can have serious affect on the company.

Rule 8: Never go to consumer court!

Unless you seriously want to get justice (for example, which caused loss of life), never go for Consumer Forum. You’ll face unlimited court adjournments and court procedures. That is, our own democratic system is to blame. Even if you win the case against company, you’ll not get damages more than the cost of the product! In India you CAN NOT! In USA you can sue for 1 billion dollar! Not in India. At most you’ll get Rs. 1000 for court expenditure, Rs. 500 for mental harassment, plus 8% interest.

Rule 9: Lawyer for the company comes FREE OF COST

A company usually hires a law-firm on contract for a year or so. In short company’s cost to the law firm is fixed whether the law-firm fights company’s single case or 1000 in a year.

Rule 10: Don’t go for a lawyer

If in the worst case you’ve decided to knock the doors of consumer court, then it is most likely that you don’t need a lawyer because you can easily fight the case yourself. Consumer case is all non-technical stuff and you can do it yourself. Actually this is the main objective of consumer courts in India so that an ordinary consumer can represent herself/himself easily without going for any advocates.

Rule 11: Go only for a good lawyer

Always take feedback from some known people before you select a lawyer and better take second opinion of an experienced lawyer regularly during your long legal hassle in Indian courts!

If you’re claiming damages for Rs. 1000 then you may end up paying Rs. 50,000 to your lawyer in 20 years. Also remember that a lawyer for the company is free of cost.

Oh the most important! I hope you’ve kept the purchase receipt of the product. Otherwise forget about the complaint!

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Full & Final Settlements of A/c no. 937494913

Dear Sir,
I have cleared my pending bill as a full and final settlement of A/c No. 937494913 & Del No. 9235447295 wide Book No. 22201 & receipt No. TTL/2011-12/UPE/Jan-12/21404675 to your representative Mr. Anand Kumar Mobile No. 9839822999 & 9044782646 on today 25.01.2012.
with this I confirm that very soon i will get my NOC from your side.

Thanking you

Anil Kumar Srivastava
19/257, Indira Nagar, Lucknow

Complaint for a refund for reliance digital tv

A executive has taken my money 1490/- cash and went of not yet given my money or dish please take action i have buyied on 12-11-2011.

My ph. no 9000059224

Any help please contact above number

Call logged in LG Service center 2 months before - not repaired

I had one LG Microwave oven model MG 396 WS, purchased 3 yrs back. I had very bitter experience with LG products and service.
Would like to put your kind attention on the above mentioned complaint no on a microoven which I had booked on 12/11/2011. Till date a simple call was not resolved by LG. Most worst thing is I had given several reminders to the service center, their authorized Manager's (Mr. Sapre - 9764440233) but no result. They had sent one service engineer twice who had only note down the model no and committed to replace the front power panel. But till date no body turned up to get the same replaced.
It's quite disappointing and worst correspondence I have seen so far.
Till my purchase the product I faced 2-3 times problem and strongly believe the product itself is having problematic.
Seek your kind intervention to repair the product immediately. You may directly contact in my mobile no - 9922007411

deactivate the magic sms 30 pack

please deactivate the magic sms 30 pack. Due to this my balance is deducted for many times. I already registered for deactivation before 4 days but till now the offer is active in my number..kindly code is MAG30. i trusted your services.

Lazy service of sbicard

I have never received any answer of my email. I am unable to contact sbi customer service by phone. How i can resolve my problem ?

reg. installation of lcd-samsung

I have purchased 32" Lcd Samsung Tv through Vivek & co Tambaram branch on 24.10.2011.No installation engineer attended still now. but the Vivek & co told that the company engineer will attend within 48 hrs after the delivery. we have received the goods 25.10.11 31.10.11.what happened for you.Don't loose good Samsung customers. I am requesting you to do the needful at the earliest.
Kannan -9381016753

My product seril number

I purchase Samsung washing machine and participating in Samsung smart Utsav.
But my product serial number is already registered in this Utsav?

My serial No:W1445ZCB901237E


I have booked an airticket through travelocity on 22nd Aug , due to some technical problem the order was not processed but the MONEY was debited from my account . The transaction are taken care by CCAVENUE and the travel agents are RIYA GROUP , Riya group says that the reversal was done on 26th Aug 2011 itself .

The CCAVENUE people are not responding , also the contact nos. are not working .

How can i get my money back . Pl guide .

Regarding charges access payment by your company


Dated: October 2nd, 2011
Subject: Regarding charges access payment by your company.
Reference: First mail on 28th September, 2011.
Second mail on 2nd, October, 2011.

Dear Sir/madam,
Earlier I have sent a mail on 28th September, 2011, but you have not contacted to me till date regarding my serious matter. My-self Ravi Jain, I have Broad-band connection, my no. is 07514027407 and account no. is 12520449. Already, I have paid all bills on or before due date, but you have charged access payment regarding late fee. I have receipt the entire deposit bill (Bill no. 2273 on dated 18 – 08 – 2011 and Bill no. 3009 on dated 13 – 09 – 2011) deposited at your collection Centre, Aman Communication, 83, Mayur Market, Thatipur, Gwalior – 11 (M.P.). I have visited no. of times at your city head office at city Centre, Gwalior, but no-body has time to short-out this matter.
I inform you, that current bill no. 568331663 on dated19-09-2011 will not pay, when this matter does not short-out. You will be responsible for the same.
Kindly, short-out above matter at the earliest.
Thanking you,
Ravi Jain
Mobile: 9425119030

Forgery by Kotak Insurance Agents and Staff

1. One of the Agent (Nitin) of Kotak Life Insurance called me to briefed me about the Kotak Superadvantage policy and sent one of his executive to my residence for further details. The executive explained me about the policy and told some benefits that were very attractive. The benefits included No premium to be paid after 4 years, 200% bonus at the end of third year.
2. When I asked the executive for the written proof of the above mentioned benefits. I was told that the benefits are special offers for a limited period only and will be printed in the policy documents only. But to my surprise when I received the confirmation call from your insurance call center they denied of any such benefits. To which I instructed them not to forward my documents for further processing.
3. This time as well the executives surprised me by processing the documents further and sending the final policy documents. To which I reacted immediately and called the customer care department and asked them to check their call logs for such conversation and cancel my policy. They arrange a call with the agency who then sent one of their executive (Mr Deepak) for the collection of the documents. The executive then collected all of the documents along with a hand written letter for the cancellation of the policy and never returned back with the receipt. Till date I am struggling with the insurance company to get the policy cancelled and my money back. I have written emails to the customer care and grievance officer but all going to dead ends.
My Details:
Name: Tarun Jindal
Mob: +91-9582942151

Complains not being attanded properly

Dear sir/Madam,
I have procured one double door refrigerator model & details are as under from m/S Ambika Trading, Balco Nagar during Deepawli-2010. Now the refrigerator has started giving problems & subsequent complains are lodged at Korba(CG) Service centre through Ambika trading. Four times technicians have come but problems are solved. Please help me in resolving the issue/replace the peice.

Details of refrigerator-Model-GL-258VE5/2010.
LG internal reference09D04809-FA-4(4301), GL-258VE5, BCBZEBN(IN), Start 0 1909.

Complain- In freezer ice is getting formed may be due to extra cooling. Any material kept in freezer, ice is getting formed over them.

i bought a new LG TV and

i bought a new LG TV and within 2 weeks its gone faulty. it was been repaired 4 times but still its not working. i called several times and they said that on their records its showing its closed though it was not. i asked for a replacement Tv but since then no one picks up my phone. the agents put my call on hold for several times and promised callback from supervisor but no one called. I called the branch head Mr Utsav Kumar but again he was rude and now he is not answering my calls. the Tv is 3.5 months old, repaired 4 times but not able to resolve the issue. please suggest. complaint no-rma110831026842

IRCTC Mobile Pbone Verification Code

I had registered with IRCTC without a problem many years ago while living in the USA. A couple of days back when I tried to purchase e-tickets at the IRCTC web site, I was prompted to update my Login Profile. After I completed updating the profile, I was informed a Mobile Verification Code would be sent to me.

However, I am still waiting to receive the verification code. I have sent the Resend request at the IRCTC web site several times without success. Moreover, I have failed to contact IRCTC's Customer Care by phone despite calling them repeatedly. I receive a "Wecome" message, and then nobody picks up the phone and the connection is lost.

I have read similar horror stories on the Internet about IRCTC. Would someone at IRCTC care to send my Mobile phone verification code to my mobile phone or e-mail address? When I do Netbanking, my banks send a verification code to my mobile phone in less than a minute. Why can't IRCTC show the same kind of courtesy to its customers? Please note the number of netbanking transactions exceeds IRCTC's profile update requests by a wide margin.

32"LCD TV problem , my call was disconnected

I made a complaint(10-Aug-2011) regarding my LG LCD 32" the complaint no. Is rna110810038519. The complaint was attended by Mr.. Nand Lal mob. No. 8108181318. He diagnosed the problem & inform to us planer board( main mother board) problem. Need to be replaced the board. Also inform to us if will tack the 1 week the replacement the part. Now it almost 1 month is over, but problem could not be solved. But again the log complaint to LG toll free number given the all information .That support person given the information & call status. My call was closed & completed.
Again i followup the service center but nobody was given the properly information , but they are all giving false statements. Every time given the false commitment. Part is not coming to office & nobody is in the office, i don`t have the status ext......
Kindly check and arrange the engineer & replies the part.
I am requesting you to do the needful at the earliest.

Milind Hingmire

E Ticket not Recd.

payment recd. from my account not e ticket recd.
pls. tell us ticket is booked or what is status.

Television complaint No. is 8434692018

I made a complaint regarding my television the complaint No. is 8434692018. The complaint was attended by Mr. Prahalad Mob. No. 09654700933. He took Rs. 220/- without giving any receipt and was of the opinion that LOT to be installed in the television. Next day I asked him about installing LOT he told he is having LOT, but he will install it privately. Now I have called Mr. Adam 096547 00911 and Mr. Vickey about installing LOT, but they are all giving false statements. Kindly check and arrange to install LOT IN MY TELEVISION.

Rajender Prasad

repair centre of LG Mr Imran

repair center of LG Mr Imran & party came and repaired the gas leak. They charged Rs 3600/- for gas+pipe. They refused to give receipt .
My complaints are.
1. How can I pay for the problem as it was LG fault.?
2 How LG is encouraging Its personnel to do the work without receipt?

-AC Gas leak reported to LG

-AC Gas leak reported to LG customer care. So far no reply/no rectification.
-LG dealer ( LG Best shope road no 12 Banjara hills, Hyderbad) not replaced faulty voltage stabilizer.

Both split ACs are recently installed.

refund of railway ticket cancellation

I have book a ticket form Surat to Ahmedabad & Ahmedabad to Surat on 01/07/2011 & 02/07/2011 and above two tickets are canceled on 08/07/2011in make my trip under NR.No1204782408 & NR.No251294789952 the have sent a mail your money will refund within 7 to 14 Days but till date i have note received any payment in my A/c

Split ACs

I purchased 4 split ACs in Last week of April from LG bset shop Banjara hills, Hyderabad.These items were installed in June-11.The following problems were not reoslved so far.
1. Voltage stabiliser found faulty and LG best shoppy refused to replace.
2.AC gas leak
Pl remember that both ACs are under warranty.
I am requesting you to do the needful at the earliest.